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  1. Cheers Dave, Here's an interior pic. I'm waiting for my provenance certificate from Andy so will see whether the spec is 100% as it left the factory. I have a portfolio of history which I've skimmed through and it doesn't look like there was a wheel change, although I do have an instruction sheet (blue paper) which is from Compomotive) on caring for split rim wheels. Will send you a PM. Ben
  2. Thanks Mike! Not yet on the road - going through Australian compliance....
  3. Hi all, Can you add mine to the register too? 1981 April build, August registered Turbo Esprit dry sump on bbs, with roof stereo, full leather, air con, copper fire metallic. Original UK reg was TRE90X. VIN ends 1068. Currently in Australia, exported in 1989 from the UK.
  4. Just a question on VASS certificates. I've used a guy that specialised in VWs previously, but is there an engineer in Vic that knows Lotus's?
  5. Thanks Bibs! Looking to import but not necessarily from the UK!
  6. Thanks Michael! I hope I get a good one too. There's one I'm looking at and have had an inspection done. Came through with a reasonably good bill of health considering it's more than 35 years old!
  7. Hi all, I'm living in Melbourne and have always been a bit of a car nut. Currently I have a mk1 Golf GTI but I'm looking to add a Lotus Turbo Esprit! I'm looking to import one - biggest concern at the moment is side intrusion beams and potential difficulty and cost to fit. Anyone had any experience with fitting these to a G series? It's likely to be a UK import probably 1981. TIA for any assistance! Ben
  8. Hi all, My name's Ben, from Melbourne, Australia. I've been a car evangelist since I can remember. I'm in the process of getting a Turbo Esprit, just going through the hassle of understanding what I need to look out for when buying! Hopefully I can join the owners club soon! Ben
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