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    GRP Rear Lights, Plack (Style) Exhaust, Minor Tweaks & Upgrades!
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  1. Do we want to put 22nd in the diary then? @KennyN and @Zippster does that work with you two?
  2. Same here, 8th or 22nd work fine with me too!
  3. Likewise, really great to catch up with you all down there - definitely up for doing same pub again (not just because it's on my doorstep!) The Race Centre sounds good to me, just to throw a date in the mix do we fancy same time next month (Say Tuesday 15th October?) just to get the ball rolling!
  4. Just a quick reminder, looking forward to seeing everyone at the Goat in Romsey (Previously the Malthouse) for 7-7.30pm this evening! See you all there
  5. 17th sounds good to me, Will let my lot know and see who’s in!!
  6. Great to catch up with some as well as meet a few new faces tonight, thanks to all for letting me join along! So as discussed earlier, the next meet point will be The Goat (previously the Malthouse) on The A3057 just out of Romsey - huge car park and just been refurbished! Dates TBC, I was thinking roughly a month from today - possibly 16/17th Sept? Whichever suits everybody, how does everyone’s diary look?? Thanks again
  7. Sorry to jump on an old thread, I’m looking to get a Plack style exhaust for my Launch Edition N/A - anyone know where I can get one made up? Don’t wanna go ordering one from Plack themselves and pay nearly £700 after import duties to find I don’t like it but it’s something I’ve gotta try! @Hedgehogfromhell From your message it sounded like you made the straight pipe yourself? If so what are the chances of you selling that to me or making me one up? Cheers
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