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  1. Thanks @Simon Gooding for correcting me, turns out I got my weeks mixed up and messaged the group without reading the earlier chat 😂 looks like I will be seeing you guys at The Cromwell Arms in Romsey this week - Tuesday 17th!
  2. Hi all, hope you had a great time on Wednesday! Sorry I couldn’t make it, was planning on dropping in but had to stay on at work later than planned unfortunately. Definitely up to join you on the next one, just to check have you decided when and where you’ll be meeting? Many thanks, Michael
  3. Hi Guys, as Simon knows from yesterday I have some sad news - I'm afraid to say the Evora is going up for sale! I'm moving on to something slightly more daily driveable (not a Lotus i'm afraid), that still gives me some driving fun when I want to go for a weekend blast! If you guys are happy I would love to still be able to join you to meets and events when I can, if I can still join you all to the Race Centre next month that'd be great!
  4. I'm not about for next month's meet up i'm afraid, hope to see you all soon though!
  5. All the best Dean, keep me updated! I can't make tonight either i'm afraid, will see you guys at the next one!
  6. I'm happy to give tonight a miss if everyone feels the same, i'm currently still at the dealership so only down the road too! Can always re arrange for another week?
  7. See you all tomorrow night at the Horse & Jockey!
  8. I have spoken to Scotty and unfortunately he isn't about, I'm not sure who else would be best to invite!
  9. I'll be in forthe Party, and will see you all tomorrow night!
  10. Hi Paul, looking forward to it! How many people have you booked in? or is it for as many people as want to join? As Scott (Purple Exige) wwould like to join, but isn't on here! Cheers
  11. Do we want to put 22nd in the diary then? @KennyN and @Zippster does that work with you two?
  12. Same here, 8th or 22nd work fine with me too!
  13. Likewise, really great to catch up with you all down there - definitely up for doing same pub again (not just because it's on my doorstep!) The Race Centre sounds good to me, just to throw a date in the mix do we fancy same time next month (Say Tuesday 15th October?) just to get the ball rolling!
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