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  1. There is a very good video on Youtube - Lotus elan Restoration series by Toby
  2. Hi Bibs Thanks for that, didn’t think of using that facility doh
  3. The time has come for me to reluctantly put the Elan up for sale It is currently in Autotrader. New hood fitted last month MOT due 30th August so will have a years MOT when sold
  4. Thank you It does polish up nicely
  5. Hi Damien I about about to put my Elan M100 up for for sale but I thought I should let you know first in case you were still interested in it. Please see attached photos that show how nice it still looks Andy
  6. I would have liked to have done but I was at my stepdaughters wedding in Greece The Elan just passed its first MOT with me. Had to get the brake proportioning valves changed as one had a vey slight weep on it. Probably there since I bought it. Fitted the modified version from SJ Sportscars, seems to have improved the braking.
  7. I like your wife's thoughts My wife is not overly happy with me at the moment I bought the Elan to replace a Triumph Stag but I can't bring myself to sell the Stag yet. I have used the Lotus much more though already put 2000 miles on it. It's a brilliant car to drive, and water proof unbelievably. I have had the power steering overhauled as it was extremely heavy, still quite heavy but apparently they can be like that. It does still have the Magnecor leads and ventilated discs although I think they have been replaced again in in 2011 according to the box file of receipts I have. I am not sure about the Bailey dump although it does make a slight discrete noise when changing gear. A previous owner in 1997 had a BBR phase one reboot conversion fitted, would that have been removed when you had dump valve fitted? If the S2 cables are for the gear change I can confirm they make gearchanges very smooth. From reading on the Forum I believe the originals weren't very good. I am loving the car at the moment so don't see myself selling it anytime soon but I will certainly remember you if the time comes. Unfotunately I am going to my stepdaughters wedding in Greece the week of the Lotus weekend so won't be able to go. Nice to be in touch with a previous owner, I did wonder what RBD stood for I suppose I should have checked the old receipts
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  9. I bought it last August Its still in pretty good condition Have just had it resprayed as some of the lacquer was peeling and the paint had faded
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