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  1. Elise/Exige/Europa picture thread

    Now I have owned my car for over 6 months and actually got some photos I thought I would add some.
  2. Transforged Afterburner Rear Lights

    Might be better if we went back to the good old days when it was $2 to the £.
  3. Transforged Afterburner Rear Lights

    Doesn't add up to me so would of asked the same question. I really want a set for my Cup but the reason I wont buy them is because they aren't legal in the UK. I know adding a reflector does away with the biggest issue but i'm pretty sure all light units need the E mark approved for this country. The problem is when you have a crash and someone is seriously injured or killed and they carry out a full investigation on the cars.
  4. help with elise purchase ??

    If you click on the link on this website Allon White will send you a buyers guide on what to look out for on Elise. Its a pretty good start.
  5. Taking my Elise S-Cup to the Nurburgring !

    Nice, this is on my bucket list!! Car looks fantastic in the pic and performed well on track too.
  6. My missus. I'm only allowed to have 1.
  7. Anyone here getting any parts for the car as Xmas presents? I asked Santa for a set of Spitfires for my Cup. They seem to have turned up a bit early.
  8. New owner intro

    Welcome Gareth. nice choice of car and colour. Are you from the area? MK / Bedford? If you are you may see me floating around in my bright green Cup at some point. I also plan to get up to Bedford when the weather gets a bit warmer as it only a few miles from me. Matt
  9. What made you happy today?

    Oh I'm sure that worktopwill look quite battered in the following months. This is the whole garage. It's a nice size for working in an Elise.
  10. What made you happy today?

    Got my garage sorted out finally after 2 years of it being a dumping ground. Also made a feature out of the new units. Happy man now I have a usable man cave.
  11. Speccing a 250 Cup

    I think most are on here anyway Bibs so it goes both ways. Strangely there are a few that don't use forums and only facebook so I have been pointing them in this direction.
  12. Speccing a 250 Cup

    Not long now Neal. Don't forget if you used Facebook to join up to the Elise Cup Owners Group on there. There are quite a few active members including myself where we discuss all sorts of Cup related topics.
  13. 250 to a 260 cup should I do it?

    I think you should stick with what you have Scott. The original Cup kit is far better looking than the non existent 260 version. The larger diffuser and shaped wing sold it for me. My personal opinion is that the straight wing does not suit the curved back end of the Elise like it does the flatter Exige back end so looks like an aftermarket job so put me off liking it straight away. Your car is still quite rare as is my 220 Cup so the values are going to hold fairly well compared to a standard Elise. I'm going to stick with mine as I find that getting into this game of always having the best version is only going to cost you more than holding the potential future value in it. Just my 2p worth.
  14. Show us your Garage

    Just finished oainting the walls, tiling the floor and generally sorting the place so it's a useable workspace. Its not a showroom but functional.
  15. Who’s attending PH meet this weekend at Silverstone ?

    Nice to meet you Dave. Loved the sound of the Exige. Had to be one of the best sounding cars there on track.