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  1. I’m going too with my 220 Cup. Booked in for the Saturday.
  2. I agree. I work in F1 and refuse to pay for Sky. It is on constantly on at work and they just regurgitate the same stuff over and over again just to keep the channel alive. I just follow online and watch the highlights. As soon as people stop subscribing to Sky then that's when it will come back to terrestrial TV again I reckon.
  3. I'm not complaining. Honda are doing a great job.
  4. Don't worry, we at RB are trying our best to knock Merc off the top spot. Just need to get the Honda engine a few more horses.
  5. I just sat in the pre production prototype of the Valkyrie. Best day ever!!!
  6. Hotel and tunnel all booked up. Was a great event last year. Cant wait for this years!!
  7. I think you maybe missing the point of AP. Dire TV presenting is his specialty. I did prefer the radio station episodes though. More real life content to laugh at.
  8. Doh, what an idiot!!! I read the heading wrong!! Sorry.
  9. I found the link again.
  10. Strange. I just went back through the history on the feed. I can't find it now but maybe it was for sat or sunday only. I didn't read the terms.
  11. Use Code CARLOVER to get tickets for £14. Just seen it on Facebook.
  12. Get a Carcoon. It’s a bit of cash to start with but will pay dividends afterwards.
  13. I did the maths and worked out buying a Carcoon was the best option. Costs a penny a day to run and keeps the car nice and dry.
  14. You don't need the aim controller but it makes the game so much more realistic. Try CEX or Music Magpie for a secondhand one if you don't want to buy new.
  15. There is talk of more coming. It’s just a taster for the moment to get interest. Have you played Firewall. You need that. It’s epic!!!
  16. Its really good. Took a vid whist playing it over the weekend. This is what VR was made for. It's insane realism.
  17. Heavy braking on corners? Clearly this bloke has no idea.
  18. Sounds good to me Heiner. What's your PS name?
  19. Yes, its on the 30th May this year from what I'm told.
  20. I have one and am currently obsessing about Firewall Zero Hour. Its a first person co op game and its soooo good. As for the system, I love it. GT sport is great fun although the content is small. Don't pay anymore than £200 for the starter pack. I waited ages for the price to come down to a reasonable level on the V2. I have Ace Combat on order which is released on the 18th. Flying a plane in VR has got to be one of the best ways to experience it. Go for it, its brilliant immersive action.
  21. This is what happens to the aero pods on an Elise Cup. They get shot blasted and the paint does nothing to stop it. I repainted mine, covered them with satin PPF and put a rubber U channel around the edge. They are bulletproof now.
  22. I researched trying to buy some of this paint for my 220 Cup but Sonnebornne and Reick told me to use a different paint that was meant to be used on exterior surfaces. This paint is supposed to be only used on interior parts. The guy I emailed said they told Lotus they wouldn't warranty the paint if it was used on exterior surfaces. Next time around I'm going to paint satin Black and use Xpel Stealth PPF. I think Lotus intended it to be like a stonechip proof paint as its slightly rubberized. It doesn't work. My Diffuser is covered in stonechip marks. They should of R&D'ed it first.
  23. It will be far safer using a hairdryer on the hot setting than a proper heat gun.
  24. You should have a connector cable with the unit with crocodile clips on it. Just clip to the battery terminals. Make sure you connect the minus first though.
  25. I think it looks meaner with a black roof. Bit like how the NSX looked back in the 90’s. The NSX that had the roof painted the same colour never looked right imo.
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