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  1. Will do. I often go for a drive out north Bedford way.
  2. Yeah I’m in Great Denham.
  3. This. Best thing I ever did. My garage condensation can get bad in the winter. This sorted the problem.
  4. Welcome Adam, I'm really close as you know.
  5. I'm paying around £400 with Aviva for my 220 Cup.
  6. Welcome to Club Cup. They are great car, especially the big aero kitted ones. Enjoy.
  7. I bought a nice Volvo V40 last year. Love it. Such a nice car to drive. Loads of kit too. Not as exciting as the Elise though.
  8. Don't pay £144 for a disposable air filter. A few of the guys on the FB Cup page paid for that upgrade as were very disappointed on what they actually got. They thought for that price it was the TRD Box. Buy the TRD Box with the cleanable K&N Element from Dave @ Seriously Lotus for £135.
  9. If that is the TRD airbox fitted then that's not a bad price. Its a bit of a pig to fit. Bending the bracket to fit is the worst bit.
  10. I think the document i linked is an older design. The holes he shows appear not to be on the air box anymore. They have been replaced by the metal hooks instead. Probably for that very reason that they sometimes don’t engage without you knowing.
  11. Mine is exactly the same as yours. I’ve pulled on it and it does move slightly but the filter interface is only rubber so is not going to be rock solid. Those metal clips are doing what they are supposed to be doing.
  12. Have a read through this. See if there is anything you have overlooked. I used the official Lotus instructions but this one is a bit more detailed.
  13. I'll be there on Saturday. Looking forward to it.
  14. I’m going too with my 220 Cup. Booked in for the Saturday.
  15. I agree. I work in F1 and refuse to pay for Sky. It is on constantly on at work and they just regurgitate the same stuff over and over again just to keep the channel alive. I just follow online and watch the highlights. As soon as people stop subscribing to Sky then that's when it will come back to terrestrial TV again I reckon.
  16. I'm not complaining. Honda are doing a great job.
  17. Don't worry, we at RB are trying our best to knock Merc off the top spot. Just need to get the Honda engine a few more horses.
  18. I just sat in the pre production prototype of the Valkyrie. Best day ever!!!
  19. Hotel and tunnel all booked up. Was a great event last year. Cant wait for this years!!
  20. I think you maybe missing the point of AP. Dire TV presenting is his specialty. I did prefer the radio station episodes though. More real life content to laugh at.
  21. Doh, what an idiot!!! I read the heading wrong!! Sorry.
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