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  1. Ha, yes there are 2. There is a register which is just fir actually owners and there is a Cup Page for general chat and for people who are interested in the cars. This is the one I meant. This is the register page.
  2. Welcome to the Cup club. Nice choice. We have a nice little Cup owners page on FB. If you are on FB then come past and say hi. That car has been discussed on there recently. Matt
  3. Hi Paul, I used matte PPF only. That’s all it needs. I use special stuff made for Red Bull but Xpel does do a matte Stealth PPF now which I’m sure you can buy in sheets. Mibe has been on for over a year now and is still working a treat. Matt
  4. Hey Paul, Good for you. Was it my car that persuaded you when we were in Ypres? Looking forward to seeing it. If you are on Facebook don't forget to join the Cup Owners Group & Register. Matt
  5. I’ve just put mine in one tonight. Its a small Carcoon Veloce. Nice bit of kit. Thoroughly recommend.
  6. I just found this pic of my car with Hazel & Clive in it. 😎😁
  7. Nice to have a pic of my car with Clive and Hazel in it. May I ask for an original please Jerry?
  8. i fully agree with that. I have a mate that is just about to buy a Ferrari. He loves driving cars hard but just cant see Lotus as an option. I tried getting him to buy a GT430 but his reply was "It is too much money for what it is. Most buy for the badge on the front and what others think rather than what engineering is underneath.
  9. I think you missed the date of this thread. It was for Brooklands last year.
  10. So @Bibs anyone with a Red badge is in the area with Classic Team Lotus?
  11. Hi John, The missus and I are staying at Caistor Hall so will need to do this too. If you could stick our name down to please. I message you my details
  12. We'll see you there Mark. We decided to make the weekend of it and rough it in Caistor Hall. Got my car on the stand so need an early start to get it cleaned up.
  13. No ticket , no entry. Tickets sold out (but free) after about 5 hours. Dealers have been given an allocation to give to potential customers but I suppose they have all gone now too.
  14. Whoops. Forgot that. 😂 Yes, I’m going from Bedford on Friday from about 4pm. Matt
  15. I'm there. I'll be in my V40 though as I will be 3 up.
  16. I didn't realise that Caistor had rooms as I looked on and said it was sold out so booked a B&B near Spooners Row. Then I clicked the link to the actual hotel and still has rooms available. Managed to cancel the B&B fortunately. See you there Friday night.
  17. So many boring performance cars on the market with too many toys to help with driving I thought this was the only option other than a Caterham. I have loved my first year of ownership. Looking forward to many more.
  18. Welcome Dirk. Get some pics up. Love the seats in the CR.
  19. Nice choice. As much as French cars are normally not anywhere near the top of my want list, this car does take my fancy. My Elise Cup featured alongside this car in July's Car Magazine and the journalist writing the article did say it was the closest car to driving a Lotus. The article featured the TTRS and the Cayman 718 too. Strangely the porker came out top but I suppose that was the overall package. Enjoy, its a great looking car.
  20. Ok so I'm not lucky enough to own a 430 but if you want a nice little Toxic Green Elise Cup on the stand then i'm in.
  21. One of mine from Julys Car Magazine Group Test photoshoot.
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