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  1. I'll be there. I'm interested in a deal on Hotel too @Bibs Cheers Matt
  2. I had mine done last week under warranty. Worked a treat. No more rocking!!!
  3. A big thanks to Bibbs for setting this up. About 3 weeks ago the opportunity to get my car in Car Magazine appeared on here. I took up the offer and attended the photo shoot. It was a great day and interesting to see how they go about doing these photo shoots. Got to have a close look at the new Alpine too. Here are the magazine shots. We all know what car should of won but it wasn’t about that. I just think the average joe now wants a sportscar nowadays needs all the creature comforts and woolley steering feel. 😁
  4. I would love one but cant justify £160 for it. I noticed they are based on the IOW. I'm visiting the parents this weekend. Could drop in and reconsider.
  5. Hi Neal, That Cup was bought by a guy called Nigel down near the south coast. He did have the only purple 250 Cup until a deer ran out in front of it, made him lose control and write it off. He's on the Cup owners page on Facebook.
  6. Good luck on your search Nigel. I was on the Ypres run too and stayed until Sunday. I couldn't believe it when I heard about it. Glad you are ok Matt
  7. Welcome to Club Toxic. Great car in a great colour. Enjoy. Matt
  8. My Toxic Green attracts the bugs. They love it.
  9. I've just had an email to say my copy has been posted. I only signed up last week so I'm probably one of the last on the list to get sent out.
  10. See you all there on Thursday then. Just for everyone's info. Pascal has said there is a meeting at the Menin Gate for the last post at 8pm on Wed and then going for a drink afterwards. Matt
  11. My car is going into Allon White to have the inserts fitted next month. Will be glad to see the wobble gone!!
  12. Yes I'm pretty sure its something in that area. Its just hard replicating it whilst not driving.
  13. Hi, I have a 220 Cup and have noticed it has developed a metallic buzz when hot. This happens more so when I have been sitting in traffic for a few mins so I'm sure its heatshield related. Its just been serviced at Allon White yesterday and they checked all the heatshields and said one did have a loose bolt and retightened it. To no avail its still there. One other thing is it seems to do it more when turning left and between 2500 & 3500 rpm. It defo seems resonance related. Anyone here ever had a similar issue and found out what it could be? I do have a 2ubular backbox but the noise seems to come from the drivers side behind the seat. Not trim related though. Cheers Matt
  14. Yeah I’m going. Going out on the Tunnel on Weds morning and coming back Sunday.
  15. Now I have owned my car for over 6 months and actually got some photos I thought I would add some.
  16. Might be better if we went back to the good old days when it was $2 to the £.
  17. Doesn't add up to me so would of asked the same question. I really want a set for my Cup but the reason I wont buy them is because they aren't legal in the UK. I know adding a reflector does away with the biggest issue but i'm pretty sure all light units need the E mark approved for this country. The problem is when you have a crash and someone is seriously injured or killed and they carry out a full investigation on the cars.
  18. If you click on the link on this website Allon White will send you a buyers guide on what to look out for on Elise. Its a pretty good start.
  19. Nice, this is on my bucket list!! Car looks fantastic in the pic and performed well on track too.
  20. Anyone here getting any parts for the car as Xmas presents? I asked Santa for a set of Spitfires for my Cup. They seem to have turned up a bit early.
  21. Welcome Gareth. nice choice of car and colour. Are you from the area? MK / Bedford? If you are you may see me floating around in my bright green Cup at some point. I also plan to get up to Bedford when the weather gets a bit warmer as it only a few miles from me. Matt
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