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  1. I have 2 tickets available if anyone needs them. No parking pass though. £20 the pair. Can collect at he circuit as I am still going. Cheers Matt
  2. No problem. Just make sure they use a matte version as the normal glossy version doesn't look very good.
  3. Just a word of warning. If you want to keep the bodykit looking good then seriously consider having the front splitter and rear arch aero pods stonechip protected with tape. I bought a year old 220 Cup with 4500 miles on the clock and the pods were knackered. I had to repaint them and apply a matte stonechip tape. I also edged them in a small gauge rubber edging too. They went from this... To this.... Also so consider having the front end and Sills Armourfended too. This car had been done but not the upper part of the front end. I have managed to touch in the 5 stonechips I had and have got the cut section of tape to cover it. Should be bulletproof after that.
  4. I'm planning a trip to this one as I've never been before. See you there Chris.
  5. That's Paul from the Club Lotus Cambs group. They were there with a stand at the weekend.
  6. Welcome Paul. I look forward to meeting up with you at some point. I think we have a few people around the MK/ Bedford area to get a proper meet going.
  7. Thought I would update with my car as others have. 1. Martyn Esprit SE 2. Dave Eds 3. Comp G Elise 220 Cup 4. Dan E (TE) 5. Jo C Copper Fire Giugiaro Turbo 6. Konstantin 7. Neil Reed - Elise S2 8. Lee Cross - Elise S1 9. Bibs - Evora 10. Sven v.d. Wal, Lotus Elise SCR (3-XGG-36) 11, Markw996 - Esprit S4 12. Luyvalizzy - Elise S2 111s 13. Benja - Exige S1
  8. What time does the track open please? Any particular time we have to get there for? Cheers Matt
  9. Very nice. Look forward to seeing it closer at the Festival.
  10. Same here. They look absolutely stunning but would only buy if legal for the UK roads.
  11. Thanks. I ended up buying the original Lotus Boss from Seriously which was the best option as I fitted the same parts as fitted in the factory as an option. Cost about £450 in total but well worth it. Also reduced the wheel size to 280mm which I really like.
  12. See you there Dave. Will be good to chat. ?
  13. Hi, I have a 2016 220 Cup and want to fit a B-G to it. It has airbag deletion btw. Having surfed the net it doesn't seem to be a straightforward fit unless you buy the £200 Lotus Boss from Seriously. Has anyone successfully fitted a B-G on an S3 Elise without the need of the Lotus Boss? Regards Matt
  14. I'll stick my name down. 1. Martyn Esprit SE 2. Dave Eds 3. Matt Comp G
  15. Ok so I flew to Aberdeen to collect my new car from Montrose on Friday and drive back down to Bedford on the Saturday. Had an awesome drive back through the Northumbrian National park. Got a picture of the new car with the hills behind on the England Scottish border. Looking forward to LitP, Silverstone Classic and Lotus Fest.
  16. Thanks Chris. I'll do that. Also will speak to him about the Beaulieu meet too as discussed on LDC.
  17. Hi Alan, I'm sure I could be persuaded. I'll take a look at the benefits. I'll contact Club Lotus and see if they still have any places on the stand. I would of bought earlier but I hadn't made my mind up on buying a car until last week. Fingers crossed. Thanks
  18. Thanks Alan, I've just joined Club Lotus. Which code is that? Will I get access to the Club Lotus parking area? Cheers, Matt
  19. Hi, I am new here and would like to bring my 220 Cup along. Is it too late to get tickets and infield passes? Thanks Matt
  20. Will do Dave. I'll tap him up to get it out soon.
  21. That's why I'm buying it. It's going to be with me for a while.
  22. Thanks for the welcomes. Scotty, I think you replied to my thread on MLOC as I recognise that pic.
  23. Hi, I'm Matt. Although I don't actually own a Lotus yet I am potentially collecting an Elise 220 Cup in Toxic Green in a few weeks. Just posting to get to know people before ownership. I have already bought my tickets to Lotus Fest and am looking forward to going and meeting like minded owners. Matt
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