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  1. 18 hours ago, Zippster said:

    Thanks for the quick responses guys, 


    It’s a sport (red) version of the std one (part 3) it’s not the sports filter for trd box .. they came back and said lotus have recommended against fitting the TRD on my car (2019 cup 250) as they have seen a few engine management issues after fitting them. 

    They have offered a sports red one for 15% off so £144 fitted . I assume it’s a pig to fit anyways due to wheel liner out and the air box clips ? 


    Attached is what he sent to indicate part





    Don't pay £144 for a disposable air filter. A few of the guys on the FB Cup page paid for that upgrade as were very disappointed on what they actually got. They thought for that price it was the TRD Box.

     Buy the TRD Box with the cleanable K&N Element from Dave @ Seriously Lotus for £135.

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  2. 35 minutes ago, Mattb130 said:


    ok good to know. I assumed rightly or wrongly that they would snap shut.  

    I think the document i linked is an older design. The holes he shows appear not to be on the air box anymore. They have been replaced by the metal hooks instead. Probably for that very reason that they sometimes don’t engage without you knowing. 

  3. 48 minutes ago, Mattb130 said:

    I hadn't found that guide (found similar).  So the issue I have is, if you look at 5.3 it shows correct incorrect in the two images mine is lined up correctly but there is a gap between the metal clip and it isn't firmly closed so its not really doing much.


    Mine is exactly the same as yours. I’ve pulled on it and it does move slightly but the filter interface is only rubber so is not going to be rock solid. 

    Those metal clips are doing what they are supposed to be doing. 

  4. 14 hours ago, Mark Blanchard said:

    The problem with Bernie’s deal is it’s cutting out the casual viewers of F1 that used to watch it.  And with the reduction in viewers this could mean a lack of interest or relevance for the younger generation.  My Son’s a car nut but we don’t have Sky, so he never see’s F1 races and consequently doesn’t seem interested.  Very different to when I was a kid.

    Bernie’s deal is a short term monetary gain for the F1 business but long term they’re shooting themselves in the foot.

    I agree. I work in F1 and refuse to pay for Sky.

    It is on constantly on at work and they just regurgitate the same stuff over and over again just to keep the channel alive. I just follow online and watch the highlights.

    As soon as people stop subscribing to Sky then that's when it will come back to terrestrial TV again I reckon.



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  5. 22 minutes ago, LotusLeftLotusRight said:

    Blimey that didn't take long. An RB guy complaining about their engine supplier after just 1 race: Horner casts a long shadow over Milton Keynes! Verstappen's Honda engine had no problem overtaking Vettel's Ferrari, whereas the Renault in Sainz' McLaren went up in flames.

    I'm not complaining. Honda are doing a great job.

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