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  1. 4 hours ago, Bravo73 said:

    Although, I’ve just found out that the VR element of the game is quite limited. Only 3 missions and a couple of other bits. 


    There is talk of more coming. It’s just a taster for the moment to get interest. 

    Have you played Firewall. You need that. It’s epic!!! 

  2. 3 hours ago, hml_xy said:

    Hi guys!

    I can also confirm, got PS VR and it is worth the money. I am not playing that much, but Firewall Zero Hour is really good (besides the waiting times between the rounds).

    If we find two more, we could form a team! 😬



    Sounds good to me Heiner. What's your PS name? :thumbup:

  3. I have one and am currently obsessing about Firewall Zero Hour. Its a first person co op game and its soooo good.

    As for the system, I love it. GT sport is great fun although the content is small.

    Don't pay anymore than £200 for the starter pack. I waited ages for the price to come down to a reasonable level on the V2.

    I have Ace Combat on order which is released on the 18th. Flying a plane in VR has got to be one of the best ways to experience it.

    Go for it, its brilliant immersive action.


  4. I researched trying to buy some of this paint for my 220 Cup but Sonnebornne and Reick told me to use a different paint that was meant to be used on exterior surfaces. This paint is supposed to be only used on interior parts.

    The guy I emailed said they told Lotus they wouldn't warranty the paint if it was used on exterior surfaces.

    Next time around I'm going to paint satin Black and use Xpel Stealth PPF.

    I think Lotus intended it to be like a stonechip proof paint as its slightly rubberized. It doesn't work. My Diffuser is covered in stonechip marks. They should of R&D'ed it first.

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  5. 11 hours ago, Phlissy said:

    😬 That's just the kind of thing I'm somewhat cynically afraid of! I'll man-up and give it a go... 🤞

    I haven't got a heat gun. Do you think a decent hairdryer be sufficient? I have a hairdryer (can't believe I just admitted that) that gets pretty darn hot. I'm sure it'll deliver enough heat for the job and might even be better in terms of not overheating the job. 🤔

    It will be far safer using a hairdryer on the hot setting than a proper heat gun.

  6. 2 hours ago, duncx said:

    I really don't like the Matt black but agree with some that breaking up a REALLY bright colour helps. So, I'm genuinely thinking of painting the bonnet/boot/back panel in gloss black. I've got as far as getting a quote to do the work and identifying a metallic black that suits the carbon spoiler in all lighting conditions. Now I'm just lacking the bravery to take the last step, mainly worried that it could actually devalue the car :lol:

    Yes I agree. I wouldn’t want a full Toxic Green Cup. I like the black parts breaking it up. 





  7. 3 hours ago, Gashead1105 said:

    You're the expert but in my humble opinion I think the recent elise cups look value compared to S2 exiges. I look at the price you are advertising my old sprint at (which I paid 27k for 20,000 miles and 7 years ago) and I think the newer elises are a bit of a no brainer when making the comparison. 

    This is why I ended up with a 220 Cup. I was originally looking at S2 Exige at the top end of the market then decided to spend a bit more and go with a year old car instead. Bonus was it still had 2 year warranty outstanding.

    Saying that, I still love the S2 Exige. I just had man maths to deal with. :P

  8. I'm an ex Aircraft Maintenance Technician now Composite Production Engineer for Red Bull Racing. Been in F1 for 20 years doing composites so owning a Lotus is a natural environment for me. :thumbup:

    Out of work I seem to take a barrage of flak from people asking why we keep giving Danny Ric a rubbish car over Max. :P

    I can offer a bit of knowledge on composite repairs etc but that's probably about it. :stuart:


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