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  1. 44 minutes ago, Mark Blanchard said:

    Now you need to make it a working garage and add some character, screw drivers and oily rags etc.

    Oh I'm sure that worktopwill look quite battered in the following months. :P

    6 hours ago, molemot said:

    Looks magnificent. My cave is bigger than that....and one can scarcely see the floor......(!)

    This is the whole garage. It's a nice size for working in an Elise. B-)



  2. 2 minutes ago, Bibs said:

    You are welcome to invite the facebook gang to TLF, where their thoughts will be retained for future owners/potential owners to benefit from their wisdom. Facebook is more 'in the instant' and not so good at that. :)

    I think most are on here anyway Bibs so it goes both ways.

    Strangely there are a few that don't use forums and only facebook so I have been pointing them in this direction. :)

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  3. 2 minutes ago, Neal H said:

    It's due to roll off the production line during week commencing 27th November. Silverstone will need to do some work to it - fitting harnesses, painting calipers, gtech paint treatment and ppf, adding stripes, so hopefully ready for me to collect first week of December.

    In the past I've always bought cars from stock, so this is the first that I've actually sat down and worked out the spec for myself. I'm genuinely excited :)


    Not long now Neal.

    Don't forget if you used Facebook to join up to the Elise Cup Owners Group on there. There are quite a few active members including myself where we discuss all sorts of Cup related topics. B-)

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  4. I think you should stick with what you have Scott. The original Cup kit is far better looking than the non existent 260 version. The larger diffuser and shaped wing sold it for me.

    My personal opinion is that the straight wing does not suit the curved back end of the Elise like it does the flatter Exige back end so looks like an aftermarket job so put me off liking it straight away.

    Your car is still quite rare as is my 220 Cup so the values are going to hold fairly well compared to a standard Elise.

    I'm going to stick with mine as I find that getting into this game of always having the best version is only going to cost you more than holding the potential future value in it.

    Just my 2p worth. :)

  5. 2 hours ago, SFO said:

    I like that there are no side barge boards as it retains the clean shape

    Just noticed metallic paint now at £825 compared to £750 earlier this year. 

    That was the point of the Cup though. It's just a standard looking Elise with a big wing on it now. 

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  6. 18 minutes ago, andyj007 said:

    wouldn't buy yours then.... your trying to fob an elise s off as a cup....  :sofa:

    being serious tho imagine 10 years down the line......   also must come up as an elise s on the insurance data base, ? cheaper insurance or are they all the same?



    Yes it does make a difference as when I noticed it was coming up with Elise S  and I said it was a Cup they changed the details and it went up by £20. 

    If I had turned a blind eye would I be insured if I had and accident? 

    Its a bit naughty really. 

  7. I own an Elise 220 Cup and when I went to check, my car is included in all the other Elise S car that have ever been made.

    I looked on the V5 and its listed as an Elise S and not a 220 Cup.

    I checked with a few other owners of these cars and they are all the same so this website will never give me an accurate amount of Cups that are still on the road in the future.

  8. My car is due for its 2nd year service next April and will probably only have covered 6k miles so i was wondering the same thing.

    I plan to take it to Allon White and on their website it says every 2 years. Seems a bit excessive for a belt although I do know it sees more action due to the running of the supercharger.I will be asking if it does really need to be changed if still in good condition.

    I do know that they can start to squeal when they are on the way out but that sometimes can be the tensioner not tensioned properly?


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