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  1. 5 minutes ago, Neal H said:

    That's a top tip, thanks :thumbup:

    The dealer is adding paint protection film on the front clam for me so I'll get the splitter and rear arch parts done as well.

    No problem. Just make sure they use a matte version as the normal glossy version doesn't look very good.

  2. On 27/07/2017 at 05:13, pgn340r said:

    No, you will need the extended Steering Wheel Spacer. 

    It will mean however that your indicator stalk is more than a fingertip away


    I ended up buying the original Lotus Boss from Seriously which was the best option as I fitted the same parts as fitted in the factory as an option. 

    Cost about £450 in total but well worth it. Also reduced the wheel size to 280mm which I really like. :driving:




  3. Ok so I flew to Aberdeen to collect my new car from Montrose on Friday and drive back down to Bedford on the Saturday.

    Had an awesome drive back through the Northumbrian National park. 

    Got a picture of the new car with the hills behind on the England Scottish border.


    Looking forward to LitP, Silverstone Classic and Lotus Fest. 




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  4. 1 hour ago, swindon_alan said:

    Heh, would you like to be a Full Forum Member on here as well?

    Oooops, I've just had a look and Club admission ticket purchases expired on 31st May. Really sorry. You have to buy General Admission tickets now I'm afraid. You could have a word with Club Lotus and see if there is some way of getting an infield pass anyway? They're pretty helpful folks.

    Hi Alan,

    I'm sure I could be persuaded. I'll take a look at the benefits. :)

    I'll contact Club Lotus and see if they still have any places on the stand. I would of bought earlier but I hadn't made my mind up on buying a car until last week.

    Fingers crossed.


  5. 3 hours ago, swindon_alan said:

    It is a Club Lotus organised infield gathering Ian and Matt. You've missed the Early Bird tickets but if you are a member you can still buy them with a code, see link above.

    If not then you can be Joe Public and then yep, it's cattle car park..! Don't think that TLF are doing anything specific.

    Thanks Alan,

    I've just joined Club Lotus. Which code is that? Will I get access to the Club Lotus parking area?



  6. 11 hours ago, Dave Eds said:

    Hallo again Matt. 

    Can't wait to see you and the car 

    Give Josler a nudge and get him out in that Elan. Be great to see you both for a pint sometime, I pass through your neck of the woods quite often mate.

    Will do Dave. I'll tap him up to get it out soon.

  7. Hi, I'm Matt. 

    Although I don't actually own a Lotus yet I am potentially collecting an Elise 220 Cup in Toxic Green in a few weeks. 

    Just posting to get to know people before ownership. 

    I have already bought my tickets to Lotus Fest and am looking forward to going and meeting  like minded owners. 


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