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  1. I updated my profile. Now if I can only get my AC working. It's freakin hot here for the next few weeks. I hate electrical. The compressor did engage when my service guy applied power directly to the unit so he could test the pressure. I checked all the fuses and they are all good. The fans do engage when I turn on the AC. But no compressor engage.
  2. I have one of the limited edition 1988 models. #32 of 88. The paperwork when it was imported in the US back in 1989 has it listed as a SE. I had always wondered if that was correct. The silver number plate says limited edition.
  3. Thanks. I was thinking it may be the A/C relay. When I turn on the cold I don't hear the compressor engage at all. No engine lag either. Can I swap out another relay to see it that will start the compressor?
  4. I had my A/C checked while my vacuum pump was being replaced. They said the pressure was all good. It was never warm enough to test it but it was 30C yesterday so I took it for a drive and no cool air could be felt. On a good side note the engine ran well with no over heat issues so I know my fans are working. Any ideas where to start?
  5. Thanks all. Yes it is one of the commutative pearl white. Number 32 of 88. The noise started a few days ago. I read somewhere that a bad vaccum pump will also affect the engine temp and the other day on a very short run the engine temp got high. That's why I assumed it was the actual pump. I will try these suggestions and advise.
  6. Does anyone have a how to guide to replace my vaccum pump on a 88 Esprit turbo. The engine has an air compressor whoop whoop sound (best way I can describe it) and I am sure it is due to either a vaccum leak or failed vaccum pump. Thanks. Carl the Canadian.
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