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  1. I have been told by a dealer and by Lotus Customer Care that the cruise control on the FE is assisted. So do we know how much of that package described above as ADAS is included in the FE and how much is not? There is nothing on the web site. I have everything listed above on my 2019 Jaguar so it’s not bleeding edge technology.
  2. Saw this at the week end. Does the red look like this?
  3. Looks similar to the Green that all Lotus Carltons came in.
  4. Just to add……..I asked the Lotus Customer Care about the cruise control and if it was radar assisted. I was told no but the cruise control is assisted using cameras.
  5. The Lotus Silverstone session for deposit holders is an afternoon, early evening and later evening slot. There is also a separate day session the next day as you describe which was open to all (who booked) and are one hour slots throughout the day starting in the morning.
  6. I am expecting them to be a sort of bowl shape. If you have been to a Mazda Dealer recently you will know what I mean. Shows the flat and curves, and you can take them outside in the day light if you wish.
  7. I believe the dealers will all have bowl shaped objects sprayed in the colours available, for those wanting to see the colours in the flesh so to speak. Each dealer will have their own set, so (my speculation) they may be at the dealers before the road show date in which case it might be possible to see the colours prior to the dealer roadshow date (which we understand from earlier posts will probably feature the blue one).
  8. Once I confirmed I was in the V6 camp, I have been sent an email with another link to enter my chosen configuration.
  9. Well that was quick. Just had Lotus on the phone talking me through the order process. Looks like they are working through the order that the deposits were placed and the first question I was asked was V6 or i4. For those interested, the cruise control is camera assisted.
  10. Booked into Silverstone on Nov 1. The evening slot.
  11. Looks like that car is back with Paul Matty for sale
  12. Just a carbon fibre hand brake grip to match the one in my Caterham.
  13. 283 cm or thereabouts. Nose (number plate) to rear of door.
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