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  1. Very nice. I did something very similar by acquiring an S1 Sport 160 shortly after I sold my Evora end of last year. I plan to keep mine along with the Emira.
  2. I also tested a A110 last year to help me understand what the DCT flappy paddle experience was like. It’s a great car, no doubt, but it confirmed that DCT is not for me. Like you, I could see it defaulting to auto most of the time. Manual for me. Oh, and this doesn’t help your man maths but factor in three years running costs.
  3. Looks like £4k difference to V6.
  4. Anyone heard anything about the factory doing PPF?
  5. That’s the one I ordered. Looks like they are getting it ready for me!
  6. It’s a great effort to show how the cars will look under different lighting conditions. I have played with all the colours this morning and they all look fantastic. I’m still with Magma but having another think now about caliper colours. They look very different in California compared to UK daylight!
  7. Makes complete sense. Working through Emira “influencers” is a good way to get the message out. It also reinforces for me the transparency that Lotus would like to achieve when they are working under the pressure of a product which has probably exceeded their expectations. Every interaction I have had with Lotus staff from Goodwood through to Hethel they have always shown extreme pride in what they have produced and delight that it seems to have gone down so well. Really looking forward to June. Be nice to see one in the flesh beforehand!
  8. To do factory collections they will need a team on site doing the Pre Delivery Inspections (PDI) and registrations and handover that the dealers usually do.
  10. I was told at Goodwood the Magma Red is a three layer paint (same approach Mazda uses for Soul Red). Not sure Fire Red is. If you look at the photos of the production line in this weeks Autocar, there are white bodies and some red ones that look brighter than than the reds we have seen so far (to my aging eyeballs at least).
  11. Colin, I feel for you having SORed my Evora with Aimee before Xmas who quickly found it a new home. However, I did as Bibs has mentioned and added a cheeky Elise S1 to the garage!
  12. I’m fairly early on the list and had the same conversation and an identical email.
  13. Magma outside under dull drizzly daylight conditions. All pictures taken at the same time. See how the light plays on the surfaces.
  14. I could be up for this. Could you send more details please Tom.
  15. I think this is all I have in green.
  16. 7 hours in the car today for me. Unfortunately there was a serious RTA at Royston involving a motorbike which closed the road adding nearly an hour to the trip. Still worth going though.
  17. Here is an indoor red from me. To be honest the variation does not surprise me on red. I think it’s a three layer paint so will react very differently under different light conditions.
  18. As promised. The “cars” parked on the grass outside Hethel HQ. It was overcast (usual British weather). I have more photos and from different angles so if anyone has any specific requests let me know. And a big thanks to Scott and the entire Lotus team for an informative and enjoyable session.
  19. I am there tomorrow afternoon. Will see if I can get a few pics. Weather not looking so good for sunny outdoor shots.
  20. I have been told by a dealer and by Lotus Customer Care that the cruise control on the FE is assisted. So do we know how much of that package described above as ADAS is included in the FE and how much is not? There is nothing on the web site. I have everything listed above on my 2019 Jaguar so it’s not bleeding edge technology.
  21. Saw this at the week end. Does the red look like this?
  22. Looks similar to the Green that all Lotus Carltons came in.
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