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  1. Phone him up and have a chat with Jim - he's a lovely chap who will tell you EVERYTHING about exhaust systems (and more). I did warn you about how long you will have to wait for your exhaust though. Real quality product, (probably) worth the wait but I'd almost given up all hope of getting mine
  2. Hi Dave, It was a different day, though I don't remember if I'd tripped it on the day you were there too - the marshals usually give you a warning first and then take you off the track for the rest of the day if you do it again - which I did, but another time. The microphone I tripped both times was somewhere around the paddock hill bend The pipe separation issue was a bit annoying but easily fixed and nothing to do with any of the above - whenever those would come apart it was hard not to know right away
  3. The Hangar111 is actually quite a bit quieter than the 2bular and is good enough for places like Silverstone or Snetterton. What makes a real difference are the silencing pointed add-ons for the 2bular (not road-legal so for track use only) - you can relatively easily put them on whenever you need and they make your car quiet. You can also point these away from the mikes if you know how to locate them. The Hangar system got me kicked out of Brands for tripping the drive-by while the 2bular stayed consistently below the limit The 2bular exhaust note sounds a little better than the Hangar's but both are crap compared to the stock pipes in that respect
  4. I tried both the Hangar111 and 2bular exhausts to reduce the dB on my 380. The latter is strictly superior. My only problem with 2bular is how long you have to wait to get your shipment but if you can afford to wait a few months, I say go for it. I don't now much about the Komotec, would be interested to hear someone's thoughts
  5. Jump starting an acid battery should not cause any issues if done properly. Li-Ion batteries are a different story...
  6. @Cristiano S2 Exige is a different car altogether and has more in common with Elise than the V6 generation of Exige. I've spoken to 3 different Lotus mechanics, including one working at Hethel, and the only practical suggestion anyone has given me was to smash the glass. Saying this, if you find a solution then please let us know! I'd really like to keep my windows intact. @DanR Frankly, I don't know. The manual supplement says that Li Ion battery should be jump started only as a last resort and should otherwise be avoided. A few engineers I've spoken to said it's a big no-no. My guess would be it's something to do with the risk of either frying the ECU or the battery exploding, but I'd be curious to know the exact reason. I wish there was some kind of portable trickle charger....
  7. Hey Cristiano. Sure you can, just run the cable a little further up, under the dark plastic (or carbon fibre, depending on your spec) bit of the boot. There's enough space there even for a pretty thick cable. The electronic central locking system and manual locks are not connected, which is a really bizarre design decision but oh well, Lotus must have had reasons.
  8. NW76 mine's the standard stainless steel exhaust (i.e. the "quiet" one)
  9. @Hangar 111 sure, thanks, but I was wondering if anything can be done about it mechanically
  10. Went to Brands Hatch last night and got the noise level measured. 101-109db between 5k and 6k RPM. The requirement is 105db or less at 5.25k RPM so I'd probably pass on the day but more than likely would be kicked out because of the drive-by tests (92db at 20m). Makes me think I should be OK at Silverstone (105 static, 102 drive-by), which I'm happy-ish with. Still, will check with Lotus, maybe they can recommend something... @Hangar 111 any advice?
  11. @Hangar 111 won't mention the source but I trust you know better. One way to find out
  12. That doesn't sound right... Could it be something wrong with the battery / electric cabling?.. Can't help but wonder how my > 5 year old VW can stay parked outside for weeks at a time with the alarm and the immobiliser on and never go flat. As in, how is it possible?
  13. @The Pits Ok, that gives hope The bypass valve automatically opens at 4.5k RPM even in Tour mode so I would probably need to learn the location of every microphone around the circuit and take it easy around those points. Not ideal, but I can live with that. A slightly bigger problem is that they still might perform a static test on it (read here: Would be ideal to get it down to just below 105 static, with an aftermarket exhaust. I should have an update on a few weeks
  14. Apparently, hangar111 have a way of almost completely silencing a V6S/350. Unfortunately, this comes at the expense of reducing the power output. They don't have anything for 380 yet, but even if they did, the idea of losing power does not appeal, to say the least. Also, spoke to a very lovely chap from 2bular, he reckons they can help reducing the noise to at least below 105db which means I'll be able to take it to circuits like Brands Hatch and Silverstone (bit of a dream of mine). Fingers crossed. Anyone had any experience with them? I don't mind my issues with the Li-Ion battery (see my long post in the Exige/Elise sub) or the barely passable sound system or the lack of sound deadening in my car. After all, all these issues have the upside of "less weight, more speed", which is exactly what you want from an Exige. But having Nitron adjustable dampers, AP Racing breaks, adaptive suspension, Eibach anti-roll bar, front wing, rear splitters, that massive wing at the back and not being able to take the car to the track (or 99% of them anyway) is a bit of a low blow, almost offensive. Sorry for the rant, I feel better now
  15. I'm surprised their other days have lower limits, given they host the biggest metal festival in the UK every year
  16. ouch! If that's true then, afraid to ask, how do I take it to a track? Pretty much all track days in the UK have noise requirements at < 105 db
  17. Does anyone know the noise level at 5,000 RPM of a 380 with a non-titanium exhaust?
  18. First, wanted to tell a little story that happened to me a few weeks back. Scroll to the bottom of this post for TL;DR, I won't blame you Earlier this year bought a new Exige specced with a lightweight Li-Ion battery. As a weight saving NCO (compared to £1350 in previous models) it seemed attractive enough and only made sense to have it fitted instead of a regular battery. These batteries actually give a pretty solid output for the size. However, as I found out later, the problem with these is that they have a lot less capacity than standard acid batteries. The owner's manual supplement states that, depending on various factors, they can go from fully charged to flat in about 10 days. The reasons for that are some electronics which continue to drain the battery even when the car is off on the one hand and self-discharge (aka ambient discharge) on the other. So, with that in mind, a few weeks ago I went on a trip for seven days hoping it wouldn't be enough for the battery to go completely flat. Obviously that was not the case, otherwise, I wouldn't have had much to write about - the car was completely dead when I came back! Immobiliser off, turning the key does nothing - dead. Luckily enough and somewhat anticipating the turn of events, I hadn't armed the alarm and instead locked the car mechanically before I left. Have to mention, if your battery goes flat and you'd locked your car with the fob you're extra eff'ed, as the only way to get inside and open the boot is through smashing a window (words of a Lotus engineer). So at least getting inside was an easy job; figuring out what to do next wasn't. First thought: these batteries come with a protection device that cuts out at low battery voltage to protect from dropping the charge too low. The device has a reset button that can give you a little power if there's any left. Press. Press again. Nope. Next: jump starting. Forget about it, that's a big NO, you cannot jump-start a Li-Ion. Next option: trickle charge using a battery conditioner (mine's Optimate Lithium). See, I keep the car in an underground car park which is a very secure place but has exactly zero electric sockets anywhere on the premises. The conditioner is AC-powered. Baws. Out of ideas at this point, opening my contacts on the phone and calling Phil from Bell&Colvill (huge shout out, many thanks to Phil for guiding me through!). He suggests calling Lotus Assist. LOL, I didn't even realise I had 2-year breakdown cover. OK, so I give them a call, they put it through to AA and soon tell me that a rescue vehicle is on its way. Not even an hour later, a fella in a patrol minivan arrives and I take him to the car park. I give Phil another call and let him speak to the rescuing guy to figure something out. Surely AA would have the necessary equipment to bring a dead Lotus back to life. Maybe a generator? No? No. Day 2: calling AA again, this time asking for a towing vehicle. They enquire about the car park entrance dimensions, I measure and tell them, we're good! Slightly over an hour later, it arrives. A truck, a big truck! No idea why they asked about the dimensions because that thing was never gonna fit The gentleman who came with the truck suggested we push the car out of the car park, to which I said "no way! There's like a 10° lengthy-ish uphill slope leading to the exit gate. Lotus make light cars but not that light!". In hindsight, we could have done it. Hell, they guy could have done it even without my help - that dude was mighty strong! In any case, I had my second vehicle parked nearby so I suggested we use that to tow the Lotus out of the car park. Exige Series 3 (all V6 models) have a tow bar hidden behind the front number plate and the radiator grille. Unscrew a bunch of screws, take both off and that's how you get to it - a little bit of work but nothing too hard. My other car had a tow eye and a little niche at the back where you screw it in. The rest was an easy job of towing the Lotus out, made even easier by the unassisted steering. Once the Lotus was loaded on the truck I kindly asked the driver to drop it off near my place so I could stretch a 50m extension reel, connect the Optimate to the mains and give the car a good charge. That's how the story ends. Some lessons learned: Unlike with most other cars, the Lotus driver's manual, as well as any supplements, are required reading New Lotus cars come with a free 2-year breakdown cover, at least in the UK Li-Ion batteries can be a real PITA. No jump starting. The only way to bring it back to life once flat is by trickle charging (AC power required) Can't rely on recharging by driving unless you're using it every day, best to give it a full charge once a week Never close the car with the key fob if leaving the car for a lengthy period of time (> week) Wish Lotus had made it easier to remove the battery so you could charge it at home if needed In general, very pleased with AA, great and reasonably fast service! Questions: A bit surprised there are no DC-powered trickle charges for Li-Ion car batteries. Logically, Li-Ion batteries (e.g. in mobile phones) can be charged with portable sources of energy (e.g. power banks) - why not car batteries then? I remember reading somewhere that someone had a setup using a secondary battery (slave) connected to the main one (master) for longer life while parked. Anyone done / heard of anything like that? Replacing the Li-Ion battery with a regular one is a tricky job; installing a dead switch seems like a good solution for the time being. Does anyone have any other suggestions for how to prevent full battery discharge while parked?
  19. Konstantin


  20. Had to insure mine yesterday. No claims, no convictions, no accidents etc. but not very old, have only had my driving license for just about 3 years and never owned a super/sports car before (all insurance companies I spoke to asked about this) so the best quotes I could get through mainstream insurance search engines - confused, moneysupermarket etc. were in the £3k range. However, I also wanted track day cover so started calling specialist insurance companies I found through this forum (thanks a lot!). Some highlights: Manning straight out refused to insure me while CCI quoted a whopping £12k premium! Spoke to a few other companies with equally disappointing results so in the end I figured I'd just go for a "normal" insurance and get track cover on a day by day basis. And then I heard back from Classicline - "due to bla bla and not having previously driven a car of that type your premium will be rather high", "*sigh*, so what is it?", "£2095". Holy shit! And that comes with track days as well. This should also hopefully go way down next year once I've clocked at least a few thousand miles in my Exige
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