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  1. Going back to the aircon , still not fitted will put up pic on my dryer which I will replace as not sure whether it contains a dale valve. . Confusion on how vacuum operates with ac controls as I took out all the reservoirs when I replace heaflights with electric . Someone said replace with wires but I would like to reinstall or connect vacuum controls for air on heater . any ideas of the circuit / how the controls work . Perhaps I need to find an old 503 sitcom heater unit box to play with .
  2. I know it’s been a while, replacing hinge as per you. Really worried about removing the alloy strip on the window any guide. Also the outer weather window wipe strip is really rusted did you replace or repair yours any guide or source for these . Appreciate they contribute a lot to letting water run from outside of window to door beam if not in good nick. Thanks rob
  3. If still going 5 for lotus elite 1979, cost nice to know,. If not proceeding please update post
  4. Thanks Ben mines original and has been on the road unusually in this country for last 3 years, .I sourced a new chrome waist strip in preparation for a respray but below the chrome waist strip the paint is lovely lagoon blue and very shiny. Above the strip is a different story faded and few chips. The original electric mirrors are good and chrome finishers in excellent condition. The top is original twin sunroofs and a blue padded roof covering all good. Only thing I did was electric Mazda risers for headlights. I think theirr is a picture on my profile. My thoughts are get the top masked off below the chrome finishers and also masked below the chrome waist strip. Then prepare and get the top half sprayed from waist strip up to but not including the window chrome. Then refitting the new waist chrome. Idoubt I can get the original fantastic finish for the bit I will have resprayed but if is close, two two slightly shades I think would look nice. When I got the car first I thought the paint was two different shades above and below the chrome waist strip. You have given me inspiration a part respray will not completely ruin the originality even if the top half is never as good a quality.
  5. Really smart. With regard to the respray do you recall what the final rub down was grit, paste etc. Also what did you use in order to get to the final finish ie base coat through to top coat finish and type of paint , any heating etc. Some background on methodology will help my understanding what works on these grade of glass fibre cars
  6. Sorry all's finished on car bar respray, foolishly sent log book to dlva to register as historic. Did not send recorded and now say it's lost need apply for new log book. Engine plate on hood says 78 071260a not sure if this is just the car make identifier and chassis number is elsewhere. Any guidance on where to look for chassis number on a 78 lotus elite 503. I have no other docs. And dlva form needs chassis number although there records must have it ...thanks rob
  7. Thanks Richard been busy checking and renewing , once I understood the rear brakes they were quite easy to access and rebuild , thankfully the handbrake cable didn't require messing with. The front calipers are getting rare and I managed to snap off a bleed nipple but sourced a new caliper for $85 which was a one off miracle. Engine and geaboxx are running sweet, the tyre replacement is a bummer but mine are OK for now. Alls well and will be on road this week. Everything works and have all parts to get air conditioning restored. Paint is an issue and bonnet is so crazed may be better to source a cleaner one. Will investigate a simple respray as sourced a new chrome strip and as the roof is vinsyl covered with twin sunroofsarea to spray is not too big. We have some boat restorers down here may speak with them they are much cheaper per hour.!! Not interested in concourse just 40 year old smart drivability.
  8. Re post 10th august can anyone remember where the handbrake lever sits in relation to the cylinder. Above photo post shows lever pins which stick out each side in front of cylinder prongs. If I pull the leaver out further I can get the pins to sit on top of the cylinder prongs. Neither feel right and I suspect the cylinder needs to be reseated or the lever is bent. However just knowing pins on top of prongs of cylinder or in front would help. The cylinder does slide to and throu and has some lateral movement. The cable adjusters I know are difficult to access but on the off chance is there any further release of overall tension at the handbrake lever (in car) ratchet even when off ,which could reset tension to allow work on drums I know some some cars can. Thanks rob.
  9. Struggling to refit the handbrake arms , I have the manuals pic as posted here . do the pins on the handbrake adjuster arms sit against the backplate in which case the cylinder front prongs rest in front of them , or the pins sit on top of the cylinder prongs or between them . trying to reposition with diff on as only servicing cylinder. Do not want to strip other side for info. Anyone got a close up of how handbrake adjuster arms sit, cable is still attached but able to move position of adjuster arms in backplate but dont want to reassemble until in correct position.
  10. Brake shoes fit easily if you put retaining pin in one side first . Hopefully final problem to solve , Does the lever pins sit in front of the cylinder two prongs or slide on top of it . Pic attached showing pins in front of cylinder prongs .If only had taken a pic beforehand.
  11. Thanks John , more by luck than judgement could easily have lost it. Putting shoes on they spring outwards then slipping right out of position , then i start again. Obviously the pins / spring retainers will hold them if I can keep shoes from falling down. Havnt succeeded yet in getting them seated in place first. Is this just a tricky business or is there a correct order of fitting shoes. Mind you havnt tried with the H part in the shoe that may help stopping shoes springing outwards.
  12. Just about to put back brake shoes luckily I put a sheet of paper under the work area, something dropped a small H shape piece of metal. I think it comes from brakeshoe and I have inserted it, pic attached. Workshop manual not clear assume it strengthens contact to lever evenly. Anyone confirm thanks
  13. Cannot source the oversize wheel cylinders assume people are fitting those with smaller pistons . My pistons just had some surface rust on the stainless and some 600 grit sandpaper lightly on it and inside cylinder has meant it moves freely. Have cleaned thoroughly with brake fluid . Sj rtscars had new seals which i will fit and reassemble. Avoids removing cylinder potential diff etc. Worth a try , seems like this was a common repair method in the old garage days. If it doesn’t work i will see the leak and just be out time some brake fluid and £8 for the seals. I will update
  14. Re the photo of rear drum the cylinder look exactly like the ones i have bought . The dimensions are the same and look like they will fit including the brake adjuster wheel . However as I have the old unit piston I see it is larger diameter. Has anyone found different piston Sizes In these cylinders.
  15. Good photo shows the position of the adjuster and before I reassemble which is some time away I would like to see a slight pull on the handbrake turning the wheel ie I position it right . Ordered some cylinders. Thanks all I’m sure I will update as this is all put in place .
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