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  1. Hi anybody have success with the centre consul pinlight. Is an E10 12 v led the answer with the resistor bypassed. I bypassed the resistor as the pinlight bulb was too dull and blew it. Realised bulb was low voltages probably as stated here 2.5 volt.. Anyone had any success with bulb, resistor combo to actually light the panel ???. Further point as never seen another elite pinlight working can you see the instrument panel effectively lit by the original bulb. I can replace a 2.5 volt but unless the resistor is overworking through age and needs replacing I'm pretty good sure light will be poor.

  2. Believe I have all parts, the interior parts are still in car.  I have the condenser ,pump and dryer unit and all pipes, but not installed. Before installing I would like to confirm nothing is missing and then try to understand where the parts are fitted in the elite. I have a manual which is instructive but my dryer unit looks different to pic it is bigger and their is no dale unit (8) .I do not   know how the drive belt attaches to the pump . Finally I will not install unless someone has managed to operate a working aircon, if you have pics of where the units in engine bay reside and how the belt to pump operates that would be helpful, also whether your dryer is as per manual pic. Thanks rob1501478787085942651582.thumb.jpg.183f786ef2dda9b42b4134d8b55f3fe5.jpg

  3. Starting refurb on elite 503 1979. Still has power steering.

    I wish to re-install the air conditioning. Heater unit and pipes to installed dryer are already fitted. The compressor is ready to reinstall as is the a pipe from the dryer to compressor. I am missing and seeking the condensor and two pipes running back to I believe to the dryer and compressor.

    Unfortunately I only have a series 2 elite éclat workshop manual which is different to a series one.

    Do I need a pulley adjuster for the compressor belt.
    Is that it for the air con system as series two workshop show a dale valve and only one pipe in one out on the dryer , Mine has two pipes in one out .

    Anyone with air con elite 503 able to help .
    Also where does the condensor go ,any brackets i,n front or behind radiater , after or before fans .

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  4. Taken a 1979 on board addressing work required. First stop the interior are front and rear seat removal easy any guidance.

    Second the front door cards need removing any guidance. Can I buy the sealing strips for the Windows which are perished. 


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