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  1. Cheers. No - not sure I could justify the cost of one of those! Mine's an obscure model they only made 9 of; a SV 750. I also have a project 1931 OVH 680 too which is in bits, the engine of which Sam Lovegrove is rebuilding for me, but that's a longer term project...
  2. Hello mate, Thanks for this. I will for sure - right now I'm working through lists of what the car needs / is missing before I do anything else... Lots of bits to source! Cheers! Thank you! They're mainly projects though, many yet to be restored. I had around 30 by the end of last year and sold around a dozen or so off this year as I was tired of having a garden full of £10k cars. I feel better now I've whittled it down to a core 15 or so more valuable ones that I can justify having work done on... 👍
  3. Returning to this tread after some 4 years... I ended up basically mothballing the S2 I bought back in 2017 for various reasons - spent the following year in hospital, then got married and had two kids, moved house and bought another 15 or so cars in the interim... Basically squeezed a lot into 4 years, and coupled with my disgust at how the previous owner had bull****ted about the condition and incompleteness of the car I wasn't overly inspired to touch it. Anyway, having recently strongly toyed with the notion of selling it (this time with a much more honest description of what it lacks and requires) and buying a running, tidy S3 that I can just get in and enjoy, I'm starting to thaw towards the car and am leaning towards restoring it. Likely starting with getting the obviously missing bits (carbs, inlet, suspension flange) from LotusBits, and hopefully buying a couple of bits (binnacle, wing mirrors) from @Matt-wattswho's given me some v helpful insight. Unlikely to start a resto thread, simply because other people on here do it far better than I would, but will probably share bits and pieces of any progress I make, and to ask any advice (having spent a couple of days immersing myself in this forum, I gotta say that it seems to be a hell of a friendly, helpful place!) Cheers
  4. Hey - sorry, been away from this place for a while now; life does get in the way doesn't it?! I'm almost insulted that you'd think I'd got my Esprits mixed up - of course I know Bond had an S1 and a Turbo haha. Those things were my obsession when I was a nipper - I even wrote to Jim'll Fix It when I was 10 to try to get to sit in the Turbo! (In hindsight it's probably best he didn't reply) But project S1s are sadly thin on the ground, so when I saw this S2 I snapped it up. Next best thing and all that, though nothing can really touch the pure lines of the S1... Sadly though, when I do get round to having it fixed up, it'll be whiter than snow. When it comes to Esprits, I'm a white supremacist. It'll be all white on the night etc. I'm not even a fan of the current blue to be honest, as it looks a bit harsh mid-80s to me... But it's more than that - we're all enthusiasts, we're all doing this out of passion, and how we arrived at that passion varies from individual to individual. In my case, it was the result of sitting goggle-eyed as a very young boy, watching my hero evade a gorgeous helicopter pilot's machine guns in his white, low slung rocket ship. I loved that car like I loved my next breath. To just 'keep it original' would be to let that young boy down, to settle for something less than he wished he could have, and I don't feel like doing that. Plus, they just look fucking cooler in white haha By the way, that sounds like a great idea re getting the car's back story by being a Gold Member. I shall look into that! I tried getting Bristol to have a hunt through their famed archives last month for info on my 401 but got sadly nowhere. V disappointing.
  5. Hi mate, Thanks - will get round to some pics when I next visit the car in storage. I spoke to the seller about the issue and he reckons the bolts holding the gearbox to the suspension are missing - something I'll have to track down I guess. Including transport the car stands me at £12,900 - which I and evidently others here found to be a good deal. But oddly I've just seen a local S2 advertised in good condition, with an MOT and apparently only needing a respray and some glass, at just £14k It'll take thousands to get my car to even the level of this one (and doesn't pretty much everyone want to respray their Esprits white anyway lol). Then again, it's stated as being a 1986 S2, when we all know the S3 had come along years earlier. Not sure what that's all about... still, if legit then I should've got that car instead...
  6. Ha who me? Never. Esprit was delivered this morning actually. More work than I thought / was described. The left rear wheel is at a funny angle and there's a ratchet strap threaded between / around the rear suspension and axle. Never a good sign. Not overly impressed that neither the descriptions, the pics nor my chat with the seller highlighted this to be honest. Still, hey ho and all that. I suppose the definition of a First World Problem is moaning that the project Esprit you bought needs a bit more work than you'd hoped. That's up there with 'I can't bloody decide what colour to have my E-Type painted!' in the 'Nice Problems To Have' category.
  7. Hey, no problem - I'm in Ireland anyway til next week so just wanted to make sure I didn't lose touch. Good luck with the race!
  8. Hi Matt, Dropped you a line a while back about those bits. Let me know if you're still interested in selling them. Cheers!
  9. Ha nice one. Lake Como? Garda? But I'd still do it in a coupe. And that Jag may as well be a hardtop, in the same way that a Fiat X/19 isn't really a convertible. Plus its arse resembles a platypus' bill, though that's not the fault of its lack of roof...
  10. No chance. Funnily enough, I was having this conversation with two mechanics the other day - one of whom had had his own company in the 90s manufacturing Cobra replicas, and the other who works on various rich guys' cars, including various AC 428s. My position was that I can't stand Cobras - they do nothing for me, except perhaps the very earliest ones that were just slim sports cars with no beefy add-ons. The AC 428 however - my god, there is a glorious, sublime car. See a fat Cobra with bloated tyres, naff stripes and silly scoops on the road and odds are the bloke driving it will be pub owner from Chelmsford with a sunburnt bonce and a gut. See a 428 (unlikely I know) and the dude driving it will probably be some Italian count or Swiss industrialist, on his way to an assignation with a former Miss France in a chic bistro a couple of miles outside Monte Carlo. So, er, that's a no to Cobras...
  11. Reviving this old post... Great work on saving these moulds! I'm resolutely NOT a convertible man - I don't mind a targa like the X/19, but I literally cannot think of a single roofless car which I like, or which remotely compares to the coupe version. Daytonas, DB5s, E-Types, you name it - they all look comparatively crap in droptop form. Except the Esprit! There was one of these conversions in blue that was parked for years beside Royal Docks in East London, and I always thought it looked fantastic. So purposeful and dangerous, like a 4-wheeled weapon. From some angles it conveyed the same sense of utter drama as a Countach, and is probably the only convertible I think I could be persuaded to motor about in. I'd never countenance cutting up a decent Esprit to make one of course, but to instead create the body from scratch if you had a chassis and engine would result in an amazing looking automobile...
  12. Cheers Danny - yeah, it's found its 'forever home' now, make no mistake. And I reckon it'll likely be up for a 2018 restoration, when the E-Type's done, so it shouldn't have to wait too much longer before cutting a dash and turning heads again. I'll be spraying it white of course - not sure if that offends the purists but hell, I haven't waited nearly 35 years since falling in love with the car when my dad played a VHS of The Spy Who Loved Me for us one Sunday afternoon in order to drive around now in a dark blue one!
  13. Ha George. Conversely, "dude, I'm not buying a small pack of king sized prawns for £4.99 when I can get large cod and chips for £7 on the way home. And I don't even have to cook it!" But yeah, fair point. I'm going for a couple more projects first, then I'll reckon I'll take a long pause and start to gather bits. But I've got plenty of cars and bikes to enjoy in the meantime, and I'm getting one a year restored. For now I'm equally focused on the investment values, not because I want to sit like an idiot and gloat over their rising values, but because these are cars I NEED to have in my life, and I need to box clever if I'm to afford them all. Thus it makes total sense to stockpile ever rarer cars while their values are inexorably rising, because 10 years ago the market was littered with cheap cars that will never be cheap again. In 2007 - Alfa Romeo Montreal? £7k. Citroen SM? £3k. DeLorean? £8K. Ferrari 308 GT4? £7k. Aston DBS? £12k. Fiat Dino Coupe? £6k. 10 years before that? Try DB6... under £20k. DB5... Under £50k. Various 60s Ferraris... Under £20k. And on and on. I'd much rather have all those cars now in project form and need various spares, than have bought maybe just one or two of them and spent the rest of my cash on the parts they needed... Anyway, horses for courses and all that. And yup, at a little classic car show in Northern Ireland I spied an extremely clean black X/19, rust free, tidy interior, lusty engine, long MOT and pretty decent paintwork for a grand, which ended up at £750 after a short haggle. Gave it to my dad. I could sell it in London tomorrow for £3-4k all day long. Which is a better return on a pair of bumpers haha Cheers for Lotusbits tip. Hi Matt, Cheers for that! Yeah, I'd be interested in those parts for sure. It's cool that you've held on to them for half a decade - I have a garage full of spares from various cars and bikes I've bought that came with extra bits at the time, which I never throw out either. Now I'm seriously thinking 'damn, I need to get me an S2 engine cover!' I'll message you with my number.
  14. George, Daniel, Mike... Many thanks. Good idea re parts, though it's hard to be that disciplined sometimes! For example, my Interceptor needs a pair of bumpers, and there's a pair out there for around £750. Great, except two years ago I bought a very tidy little black Fiat X/19 in Northern Ireland for... £750. So like the gentleman above who chose to try for my car over his replacement gearbox, it's often difficult to justify the economics of stockpiling parts to hedge against future scarcity when actual entire cars can often be bought for similar outlay. Hopefully some of these models will go the way of E-Types, where everything mine needs (floorpans, windscreen, starter motor, exhaust) is all available new! I think I was dimly aware of the Esprit / SM transaxle overlap - that's a slightly more glamorous parts bin theft than the humble Marina door handles! And yeah, I seem to recall being anxious as the last few seconds of the auction counted down, and I think I ended up clicking 'confirm' with maybe 2 or 3 seconds to go... All good fun though! On the parts note actually, I know mine is missing its carbs. On some exotics that could represent a couple of grand, but on this site they seem to cost a pittance... Anyone know if this site is a good source of bits, or of a better one? Ta
  15. Thanks. I only ever bid with less than 7 seconds to go. (It's only failed me when I've been anywhere with crap wifi.)
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