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  1. October 15th sounds good for Tommy and I as well!
  2. Yep, 17th good for me too, see you all at the Goat
  3. Chaps, either 16 or 17th fine with me also, but, if pushed, I would prefer 17th. As for a recce, I am sure I can find an excuse for a trip out there over the long weekend, there is a lovely farm shop and cafe (Kimbridge Barn) near by! regards to all
  4. That’s a shame, I’m going again after last nights lonely outing! I think Michael from Snows is coming out and might have a couple of other Lotus owners attending as well!??
  5. Chaps have I got the wrong night, or the wrong pub, or both??
  6. The general feeling from the recovery team and at Snows was it was the car that saved us!! Anything other than forged Alloy wheels would have broken up and we would have had no control, as it was, the tyre took the hit and the alloy whilst scuffed, held its shape and allowed me to continue to steer. In the words of Mr Bond, I'm shaken but no stirred!
  7. Tommy was a bit shaken! Did make a Big Bang when it happened but it was really nice that Dean was with us! Other than tyre and wheel in obvious bodywork damage, but will get Snows to check suspension etc!
  8. Well, that was an interesting trip home, hit a big pothole, completely blew out front tyre, damaged Alloy but luckily Dean was on hand to help out! Thanks mate! Lotus assistance were first class, and eventually Tommy the car and I were recovered home at 2 am! AA back in the morning to take car to Snows
  9. Tommy and I will be there, hoping for some sunny weather, aiming to get there for about 7.30 See you all later
  10. Hey Pete, Thanks for popping into the Wonston Arms, that must have been difficult for you!! 20th June is good for Tommy and I, we will be setting off up to the Lotus in the Peaks event the following morning, so the Wonston Arms will be a nice send off! Regards to all
  11. Afternoon Chaps, just checking in that those that can, are still planning on meeting up tonight. Tommy and I will be, although not sure if I'll have the Lotus, just finishing off the 1000 miles service and the fitting of it's 2bular full exhaust system. from memory, we are heading for the Chilworth Arms tonight?? regards to all
  12. Hey Chaps, just wanted to echo Kenny's comment, most I've laughed in a long time! really enjoyable evening, hopefully we can do that again and, if we do, we will have to think of some sort of handicap for Tommy! Best regards to all
  13. Yep, Tommy and I are looking forward to it.
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