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  1. Morning Chaps and lovely to see all the messages popping up. Tony, really pleased to hear you are up and about again, we did miss you at the end of last year/beginning of this year. Like Kenny, I did manage a couple of spirited drives, including a nice trip via Midhurst to Goodwood, all before everything was closed down. With no College, it does appear that Tommy has been spending a little too much time on his laptop, every time I go in to chat with him, he says he is doing his''project'', but, he can never explain why he needs his steering wheel plugged in! I'm thinking that when life does return to normal, he will need some sort of handicap if we go back to Chandler's Ford! Anyway, stay safe everyone, Tommy and I will look forward to seeing you all again soon.
  2. Hi Paul, That's a shame although not a total surprise. So I guess that is it for a little while then. I would always be happy to support our local pub's, but I do get the current situation might say otherwise! Take care one and all!
  3. Chaps, Tommy and I can do the 31st to, so looking good!
  4. Afternoon Chaps, just checking all is well for this evening? Otterbourne - White Horse?
  5. Morning All, great chat last night, I'm booked onto the Castle Coombe track day on the 23rd May (via Club Lotus), so looking forward to that. As for my phone, all I can say is, bloody waste of money, so much easier on my laptop at work!! Kenny, I'm sending an email off to your contact at Lotus this morning, so, will be interesting to see response, I will share when received. Regards to all
  6. Chaps, what sort of time are you aiming to get to Stockbridge his evening?
  7. Oh No Dean, what a shame! especially after just getting your exhaust! if you fancy selling that separately, and replacing the original unit to the car, I could be persuaded, assuming it would fit my Exige!! As for the Cups at Stockbridge, that is fine with me!
  8. So maximum of 3 tonight, so far, shall we postpone to next month?
  9. Chaps, I am still happy to meet up, although the pub is on my door step, so I don't have to worry about the weather, many have to travel for some distance, so is it more sensible to take a 'rain' check!!! due to the weather? Thoughts???
  10. Wow, it does look cool Kenny, I would definitely like to have a look at it once installed. Fingers crossed for Jan 2020. All the best, Simon
  11. Hey Dean and Kenny, I saw that video, it looks like an amazing, if expensive upgrade. I met him when i was up at Caffeine and Machine back in the summer! The digital Dash does look cool, is it something that can be fitted to our Exige's? If so, what is the price, do either of you know? All the best, Simon
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