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  1. Yep, same for me! Either is fine for me too! any suggestions for location?
  2. Chaps, really enjoyed last night, especially seeing Paul's new Land Rover, not quite built on the Lotus format but impressive none the less! Hope we can sort another meet up in October, I am fairly flexible, just not a Wednesday for me please!
  3. Evening chaps, should we have a show of hands as to those able to make it tomorrow? think we need to be mindful of the rule of 6! I‘m a yes
  4. Morning chaps! Good turn out last night, and a warm welcome to Terry! 22nd September is fine with me
  5. Thanks guys, see as many as possible next Wednesday!
  6. Chaps, I have my daughters football training tomorrow, so I will have to pass, please go with the majority if tomorrow works go for it!
  7. Sounds sensible, at least if the weather is nicer next week we have a chance to sit outside. Lets go with 26th!
  8. Hey Kevin, not sure, but Michael made a good point the other day when I was speaking to him. Tonight is the final day of the eat out to help out promotion, so car park likely to be busy as is the pub itself, especially as this is mainly an eating pub! Just a thought!
  9. He said he managed to get next to you, but he was sat up too high!! I was more concerned that he was driving with his phone in hand, how the hell did he work it one handed? I still have trouble with both hands!!!
  10. Evening Kevin, Tommy spotted you out at the weekend In his Waitrose Van! you ignored him apparently!!
  11. Chaps, just checking in that we are good to go for tomorrow evening? Meeting at the same place as last time, at the cricket pitch on the Fordingbridge road, just outside Brook?
  12. Yep, I think the 15th is OK with me too. Thank you for the offer Kevin, I have messaged you directly. Hope to see you all soon.
  13. Hi Chaps, Sorry, I appear to have missed sooo much recently! ADF has only just tipped me off that this tread was live!! You know me and technology!! Not a good mix!! Looks like too much has gone on to try and catch up, I will need to get Tommy to sort out my notifications. We are both well, and so far have avoided the virus successfully. Tommy has finished his college course, and did very well with a Distinction grade, unfortunately the aviation industry is in tatters, so any form of apprenticeship is just a no go! He has however got himself a great job at Waitrose, so all
  14. Morning Chaps and lovely to see all the messages popping up. Tony, really pleased to hear you are up and about again, we did miss you at the end of last year/beginning of this year. Like Kenny, I did manage a couple of spirited drives, including a nice trip via Midhurst to Goodwood, all before everything was closed down. With no College, it does appear that Tommy has been spending a little too much time on his laptop, every time I go in to chat with him, he says he is doing his''project'', but, he can never explain why he needs his steering wheel plugged in! I'm thinking that when li
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