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  1. Yep, 22nd is good for me, just a bit confused about location, is it the 3 cups Stockbridge?
  2. 25th @ the Goat is good with me! looking forward to the catch up
  3. Hey Paul, Tommy and I are booked on as well, so will hope to see you up there
  4. Chaps, sorry to have missed last night, it sounds like an interesting evening of entertainment!! Catch you next time.
  5. Chaps, William Walker at Christmas sounds good to me! Unfortunately, I can't do Wednesday's (girls footie training), so I will have to wait to hear how Kenny is getting on re Emira! Enjoy next week, and I'll hope to catch up with you in October.
  6. 16th looks fine for me too! And a thumbs up for the Mayfly!!
  7. Tuesday 10th looks fine with me
  8. Cool, i expect to be there for about 6.15 ish
  9. Evening Boys, did we decide on a start time for tomorrow at the Wonston Arms??
  10. Yep, 25th April all good for me too!
  11. Would be great to see you guys again! I’m away next week but other than that happy to go anywhere for a drink!! just need to avoid Wednesday’s as that is my daughter’s footie training night!
  12. Chaps, Sorry I missed the last meet up, was anything agreed/set up for March?
  13. Chaps, the 22nd of Feb is in half term and we are away in Somerset, so sorry but I’ll have to pass! hope to see you in March!
  14. Oh yeah, I remember now, we had a meet there last year! hope to see all next week
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