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  1. Sounds like a plan to me, how is next Tuesday looking for everyone? 19th?
  2. Kenny & Kevin, sorry to let you down this evening, but I have a last minute commitment this evening now, so will have to pass on tonight's meeting, sorry for the late notice!
  3. Hey Kevin, that sounds fine with me!
  4. Chaps, the guys at Hendy Performance in Eastleigh are running a TLF cars and coffee morning on Sunday! Kenny and I went last time and it was well supported and you could get a decent brew as well! I know it’s not our usual but I’m going to pop over on Sunday morning again, might be a good place to Catch up
  5. Yep, good for me! see you all on the 17th
  6. 17th August looks good for me, thanks again Kevin for Tuesday evening. Hope to see you all there on the 17th
  7. Is the plan still to meet up at the Bush in Ovington? I’ll come along although probably not in the Lotus, not sure what the flooding is like out there, I think it’s quite close to the river???
  8. Evening Chaps, I know this sounds daft, but can I check that the original 6 of us are still aiming for Xmas dinner celebrations this Friday (25th) at William Walker, Winchester Assuming all is still on schedule, please remind me of the time we agreed to meet up! Sorry to be so dim!
  9. Oh that sounds lovely, unfortunately I am taking a couple of days off and heading down to Somerset until Friday, so i will not be able to join you this time. Hope you all have a good time and i'll see you all at the Xmas do at the end of the month, fingers crossed!!
  10. Morning Kenny, I'm setting off at 9.30, so will be at Hendy's for about 9.45. Looking forwarding to seeing you there. Great day yesterday! So nice to see evening one, really looking forward to our Xmas lunch at the end of the June
  11. Morning Chaps, weather is looking promising for tomorrow at Castle Coombe! Just checking that Kevin, Dean and Kenny are all still good to meet up in the lay-by just before Ludgershall @ 7.15? On a wider topic, I see that Hendy Performance (Eastleigh) has a Lotus only coffee morning on the Sunday, are any of you thinking of going? Regards to all, Simon
  12. Brilliant, thanks Kenny. I did look on Google maps and found the Lay-by OK. Looks quite straight forward! Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Simon
  13. Kevin, I think I’m following the Xmas chat now!!!
  14. I can make that too, won’t have the Lotus though as it’s having some TLC at the moment!!
  15. Morning gents, great get together last night, thanks again Dave for the Drink. Any news this morning from Kenny? How are you feeling this morning? And, any ideas on our next meet? How do the rules changes from 17th of May?
  16. Hey Kenny, I was thinking the same thing about the Mayfly, they appeared to have extended their parking, so we should be good from that perspective. I guess the issue will be whether we can book a table just to have a drink? Anyone aware of any other pubs that have extended their outdoor areas?
  17. Other than Wednesday's (which is my daughters football training night) I am flexible on evenings!
  18. That sounds encouraging Chaps. The Landlord at the Wonston Arms has done a lot of work on his garden, and Pete will like the beer there, so that might be a good place to start?? What do you think??
  19. Morning chaps, hope you all had a good Easter? With Pubs opening up again from next week, all be it outside only, does anyone fancy a meet up later this month? or are we holding off until May, when we are allowed back inside? I have also just spoken with Club Lotus, and as it stands the Track Day at Castle Coombe is still set to go ahead, I think that a few of us were looking at going last year, before the Lurgy struck!! Warmest regards to all
  20. Afternoon Chaps, glad to hear all appears well in Lotus Land! All good at this end, had my Lotus serviced by Hendy Performance Eastleigh last week, all appeared to be fine!! They have a Lotus only coffee morning at the end of May, a Sunday I think, so that might be fun to attend as a group?? Also signed up with LDC for their Veterans Day on the 28th of June. Lastly, I have signed on with Bell and Colvill for their trackday in September it’s the 23rd I think 🤔. Regards to all.
  21. Thanks Guys. I have swapped a couple of messages with Michael from Snows and he has mentioned Hendy's in Eastleigh as well. He seemed to think that they have, or will have, a service center for Lotus @ Eastleigh. Would be useful to get some first hand Intel from Paul after he's been out for his Covid walk!! regards to you all, and stay safe.
  22. Afternoon Chaps, sorry not to respond sooner, I was hoping for better news on the lock-down front, but clearly we are stuck indoors for a few months yet! Just had an interesting email from Snows Lotus (Hedge End), w.e.f tomorrow, they will no longer be Lotus dealers!! Shame from my point of view, as it was so easy to have the car serviced etc!, now looks like a trip to either Bell and Colvill or Hendy Lotus in Poole! I have been up to B&C before, but was wondering if anyone had any contact with Lotus in Poole, is this a new dealership/franchise? Looking forward to our next meet up and seeing you all again, which unfortunately does look like it will be sometime away yet. Warmest regards to you all.
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