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  1. jeroen i sent you a message
  2. yeah i was over there the day after he posted, he was flooded with calls and not very tech savy. Thats good to know, i detail boats part time, t's definitely original gelcoat. the full vin is 77010126H if it helps at all. Im guessing interior type and AC are not part of vin? I will probably not alter the fiberglass mods for now, im sure itd be best to source a front clip from a rusted overseas car, but i agree i wish it was original. i did get the engine cover, cargo cover and original front splitter/spoiler from the previous owner yesterday though. thanks i will do that!
  3. I have a lot of early S1 documents and neat publications i can scan and post if people are interested. I have an orange s1 # 126H with AC sold in florida originally i think. Does federal just mean US spec?
  4. seems they were used on 80s construction equipment hahah, no not yet! i know it would be better if original, but at least the parts are all there! thanks! i read that only like 7-9 orange esprits came over, cant confirm that though I'm thinking the same thing, ill paint the vents black, i think the front end would be a pain to convert to orginal. im just going to improve upon the mods done. maybe megasquirt and fuel injection later? who knows well im glad it didnt snap during the test, trying to source one now. I rebuilt the original carb already but im going wi
  5. Just added engine room pic to main post. To give more context on this ill explain backstory I purchased this from the 2nd owner, who's had it since 1980, he bought it with about 25 or 26k miles on it from lotus in south FL, i have the receipts. Currently its at 27 something k. He then put on about a 1000 miles before deciding it was too slow. So then he made an adapter for a weber carb, and then he decided to turbo it. It appears he made a custom manifold and then had some 3 inch stainless welded for downpiping. This connected to a Callaway Systems turbo he bought in 1981, i have the
  6. Hi my names Braddock im an engineering student at UCF and i recently got this esprit (1977 in factory orange with tartan interior and AC, chassis 126H) project. Its been sitting since the 80s and as many of you will notice, it has some mods circa the 80s.
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