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  1. Ok, I thought others may of had the same issue and so would be able to point me in the direction of a replacement, it seems fairly common in the US and apparently a s4s/8 led is what they use, can't find those over here and the US supplier won't ship to the UK. it's Friday, I'm tired so to be continued another day......
  2. That's the part, without a part number for the LED I'm not even sure where to start....🤔
  3. Hi all, looking to replace the failed lamp in my Engine Start button with an LED, anyone know of a UK supplier? Thanks in advance.
  4. No chance, the daughter has absolutely no interest and would let that be known, so for that reason a weekend in hell would be more appealing!
  5. I really want to go but not sure if I can, my son has his Duke of Edinburgh that weekend and I've not been told where/when he needs to be taken/collected.....bugger! ☚ī¸ I'll have to see what I can do. Update : As my son will be away Friday and Saturday nights I've been told we can't leave our daughter on her own, fair enough as she's only 14! Maybe I'll get a weekend pass from the wife and go alone????
  6. That was a good afternoon, good weather, beer/cider, burgers and the Chillbillies to listen to. Good to meet man!
  7. running late, kitchen man is here.....will turn up though
  8. Hi, my wife's family are from Ryarsh, her ancestors owned the Duke of Wellington 😁 I'm not that familiar though so assume there is a village green and it will be easy to find....
  9. Nice Exige in Tunbridge Wells this morning 😎
  10. Spotted this red Elise approaching the A20 from Leeds village near Maidstone
  11. Spotted this little beauty yesterday in Headcorn near Maidstone.
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