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  1. My 380 Cup!

    Quite possible but I'm mentally prepared for that this time 🤣
  2. My 380 Cup!

    That's the major appeal for me of the 430 vs 380. I was thinking of doing the ex460 kit mostly because of the cooler (power of course as well). Since I never got around to registering the car I upgraded to the 430 and just paid the difference towards it (plus a little more). Hopefully I won't need to upgrade power-wise from the 430. However, if I do it will be much easier since I already have a chargecooler.
  3. My 380 Cup!

    @The Pits I cannot disagree. The 380 cup looks much more aggressive and better overall. @mark248am more weight. Would totally defeat the purpose of a cup car. You will thank me for this when you install your harness bar.
  4. My 380 Cup!

    Haha! Beautifully specced (ahem ahem). Congratulations once again buddy! 😍
  5. If I had to guess it sounds like the exhaust is rattling. Definitely doesn't sound normal
  6. Give me the money and I will! I know for sure you lose the radio if you go for the fire extinguisher as the controls replace the radio deck
  7. I'm finalizing my order on the 430 and wondering if someone can help me with the following: Can I order the battery isolater option without the fire extinguisher option? When I specced the 380 cup they were both listed as separate options on the website, but when it came to the final order spec sheet they had to be ordered together. Wondering if the 430 is the same. As the website lists them as separate options and the order spec sheet lists them individually. Anyone know? Thanks!
  8. Congrats! What colour and specs if u don't mind me asking
  9. Where did you buy the camera from? Was it easy to install?
  10. Anyone order the 430 cup? Just curious
  11. Cat in my engine!

  12. Lotus Exige Cup 380

    @Swiss380Cup Might have missed it, but can you tel me what it is that you did at Komotec? Was it just a tune?
  13. Anyone noticed that the Cup 430 utilizes new seat runners? From the press release: The composite concept continues into the Cup’s cabin with visible-weave, handmade sections including a new lightweight carbon fibre binnacle surround, Lotus’ bespoke carbon race seats, with new lightweight seat runners Possibly this fixes the seat movement issue?
  14. Also at 1k rpm earlier 4k (430cup vs 5k rpm (380cup)