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  1. @razad for sharing! I've sent your specs to my dealer and they're going to attempt to do this tomorrow.
  2. Do you mind sharing your full geo settings? Also, were you able to get that on stock components?
  3. BAS

    alexthewheelman’s Exige Cup 430

    You can have them in either leather or alcantara (no additional cost) Mine are alcantara
  4. BAS

    Lotus Exige Cup 430

    I just took my 430 on track and it was quite annoying not being able to hear the exhaust when most needed. Blipping the throttle for heel n toe was a silent affair and with so many noisy cars around you I had to look at my rpm gauge just to make sure I actually blipped the throttle. I tried this mod on my second session, and for some reason it threw the rpm way off. It would read 9k rpm when I'm actually at 4k. I pulled in the pits again and reattached the hose again. On my last session I decided to try it again and for some reason this time it worked perfectly. Thank you for the tip!
  5. BAS

    Newbie questions

    Congrats on the ride! In regards to the rubber under the front lip, i have it on my 430 cup. I noticed it's not there on the 410 for some reason (at least on the press photos they did) - not sure why. It is quite lower than that of the 380 cup though, it scrapes everywhere. I feel the same way about radio 😀
  6. BAS

    Driving on track in 38 Celsius

    My issue was more or less the same I guess. I was told my coolant reservoir was slowly leaking - causing higher water temps in stop go traffic and very poor a/c performance. Had I taken it to track I would have probably gone into limp mode as well. Lotus sent a replacement and all is good now.
  7. BAS

    Lotus Exige Cup 430

    I never owned a 380 so I can't relate. However, there is definitely no pops and bangs that are noticeable. OEM exhaust switch as others have mentioned only works in normal mode (which is a shame, but better than nothing I guess).
  8. BAS

    Lotus Exige Cup 430

    @AlphaZ Hi. The dealer needs to run the lotus software to "enable" the flap. A dealer visit is a must. Also, my dealer has confirmed to me that the exhaust button only works on normal mode. On sport and race mode, it is back to original ecu controlled even though the button is pressed. I'm collecting the car tomorrow and will see for myself.
  9. BAS

    Lotus Exige Cup 430

    I haven't picked up my car yet after the 1000km service+another issue I had, but they installed my exhaust button. Once I get it sometime next week I'll report on the sound (pops) + if it works on all modes. For now they sent me this: VID-20180718-WA0034.mp4
  10. BAS

    Lotus Exige Cup 430

    Interesting you say it doesn't work on all modes @Tex. I'm getting mine installed sometime next week so I'll update on my part. Question about the towing eye - I assume from the new placement of the plates on the 430 that you can't have it on while the plate is there. Is that correct?
  11. BAS

    Driving on track in 38 Celsius

    Dont know why that's happening but hope u get it resolved soon! No check engine light? On a side note, I'm curious what water temps you are seeing on track. I will be taking my car on track in a few months and the ambient temperatures should be similar to yours now (33-38c)
  12. BAS

    Exige picture & video thread

    @Tex out of curiosity what was wrong with the a/c? I'm waiting to hear back from my dealer as my a/c keeps switching between cold and hot air.
  13. Found this on YouTube 0-270km/h cup 430
  14. BAS

    Exige Cup 430 Type 25 Collector's Piece

    @Tex was thinking the same.