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  1. GT430 - exhaust button

    Can you provide me with the link to that pls? For what car is this manual?
  2. GT430 - exhaust button

    @The Pits thanks for the video. It certainly sounds louder than the standard exhaust with the value closed. I'm wondering if lotus will install the button for me if I ask nicely. I really would like to have the button on my exige cup 430. It's not a deal breaker, as it's not totally quiet and the exhaust opening up after 4.5k rpm is slightly progressive.
  3. New Exige 380 ordered

    Congrats! Looking ?
  4. The press car did have. On the website there is a picture of the left side clearly showing this. No point in asking anymore I guess. It is what it is.
  5. I went on the lotus official website and the photos they have in gallery do indeed show the exhaust button. Did they simply decide not to do it anymore? My car goes into production this week and I really would like to know if they are gona put it or not. I'm gona ask my dealer to verify this. Found a couple of photos online of 430's and they too don't have the button. Weird.
  6. Is it quiet like a 350 or 380 exige in normal mode when flaps are closed below 4.5k rpm?
  7. My 380 Cup!

    Ah ok got it @mark248am Just wondering how safe these bars (as opposed to lotus OEM A-Frame) are incase of a collision on track. Don't want to assume...anyone have an idea?
  8. My 380 Cup!

    Looks good! Not sure why the seatbelt has to be removed while using the harnesses (didn't read much into it) What's this hardware they forget to send? I thought it was just for the seatbelt to it doesn't chime when not in use.
  9. True. I was told factory can supply and ship with the car but has to be fitted by the dealer.
  10. My 380 Cup!

    Looks like I'm sticking with Essex blue. Also I don't think there will be many in Essex blue seeing that now it's a paid option @stephenwhyte Technically I didn't copy you. I ordered the 380 cup in Essex blue, so I'm just ordering the same colour again ? @mark248am
  11. My 380 Cup!

    I certainly think the 380 cup wins in the looks department as I've told u many times @mark248am Hoping the 50bhp difference will help me get over it The 430 is nice in it's own way. Just like how the 350 and 380 have their own unique look. All great cars!
  12. I think the lack of carbon side skirts, the smaller end plates make it appear to sit higher. The end plates on the 380 cup curve down and make it look not so high. The side skirts make it look closer to the ground.
  13. @alias23 totally agree with you on that. I guess have to see it in the flesh to decide. Didn't realise the 430 wing is higher. However, the wing itself is carbon, but I don't think the end plates are - they look plastic to me
  14. @alias23 i guess that could be an option. I'll see when mine arrives and go from there. Thanks!
  15. Ok good. If they are stickers I can just remove them then upon delivery ?