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  1. I think that was the “other” type 25 here in the UK, the one that ended up on Collecting Cars. Mine was sold as new by Bell & Colvill here in Surrey.
  2. The first thing I noticed was how familiar the steering and interaction with the road feels at speed. It’s obviously less analog but the paddle shift is very rewarding. A few weeks in I don’t miss the Exige as much as I feared I would. The Cup 430 still holds a dear place in my heart but the 570 is a worthy replacement and an equally impressive piece of automotive machinery.
  3. I’ve bought a McLaren 570s Spider. I did have a deposit down for an Emira but fancied a change (and something with a removable roof!). :)
  4. My car. Miss it already.
  5. Makes complete sense if you slap that on a side of an i4 Emira.
  6. Would be interesting to know at what point an evolution of one model becomes a new model that requires all this time consuming and costly validation work. Considering how closely related to the Evora the Emira is, I wonder if they ever considered an evolution (S3) instead of starting again, pretty sure they could have mapped the design of the Emira on to the Evora underpinnings and then upgraded the interior. The only thing I can think of that would have proved tricky is the change to the tub width.
  7. I find it bizarre that the cars have existed at the factory in different colours (and also the yellow one in China) for some time, yet no official press photos have been released, posted on the website or distributed to deposit holders.
  8. Great looking car. Better looking than the Radford IMO. However not keen on all the screens used within the interior.
  9. Spotted you passing through Hartley Witney with some other very lovely cars and then followed you to Alton. Your Exige sounded great, I was in the Type 25 Exige Cup 430.
  10. 6k more than the 2018 yellow cup 430 with just under 10k miles!
  11. I paid 85k for mine a year ago before 2nd hand prices shot up but this is much lower mileage.
  12. You have absolutely nothing to worry about with the engines in these cars.
  13. Yea that one at Autostore is mine. Number 22. The number of times I watched that video before collection! 😂
  14. Only differences are cosmetic but the cosmetic differences are a very nice touch and well executed. Pin striping beneath lacquer, 2 piece alloys, wooden gear knob, decals, interior build number plaque etc. I’ve pimped mine out with a proper audio system, Hell Slow mirrors and the OEM cup holder for more comfortable long drives.
  15. As far as I know only two in the UK. You are right though there are photos of a green car with UK plates along the line of ‘whoosh’ on Google images. I wonder if that was a prior plate.
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