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    Lotus Exige 430 Cup (Type 25) Previously: Lotus Elise 220 Cup, Lotus Evora 400
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  1. Saw you pulling off the A329 and pulling into Jennetts Park in Bracknell... local?
  2. Have had the Exige out a few times this last week. Had forgotten how much attention it demands, highlights have been a security guard at a petrol station asking if he can take photos, an old lady at the side of the road smiling and waving frantically and a teenager doing the “I’m not worthy” from the side of the road as I approached. 😂
  3. Would happily take them off your hands if they still work well.
  4. That’s on my mod list so would be interested to hear how you get on @Mark030358.
  5. Some great photos of my car taken by @Malcolm Feth.
  6. Lately everything I have heard only reassures me that Lotus have no interest at all in delivering a new car which appeals to current Lotus owners. It makes sense... I get it... the money is elsewhere. I just hope that there is a short run Cup variant of these new cars which completely strips out the unnecessary bells and whistles to give us something to cling on to.
  7. Saw you driving through Bracknell. Was in my boring family car so I didn’t flash or wave. Your Evora sounded great. @JayEmm’s old car I think?
  8. Some fascinating details on that profile...
  9. Surely this is not the announcement but the announcement of the announcement... otherwise they'd be pimping it on the main Lotus Cars acc too. Exciting as it is, I doubt anything is going to tempt me away from my Exige.
  10. Even more impressive is that they sold more cars in Germany than the US and the UK!
  11. Just saw a black Exige 380/410 passing through Bracknell. Yellow wing uprights and callipers. Anyone here. Number plate starting LJ I think though didn’t see it straight on so not sure.
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