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  1. Surely this is not the announcement but the announcement of the announcement... otherwise they'd be pimping it on the main Lotus Cars acc too. Exciting as it is, I doubt anything is going to tempt me away from my Exige.
  2. Even more impressive is that they sold more cars in Germany than the US and the UK!
  3. Just saw a black Exige 380/410 passing through Bracknell. Yellow wing uprights and callipers. Anyone here. Number plate starting LJ I think though didn’t see it straight on so not sure.
  4. Audio i had done last month, looking to get the aluminium cup holder anodised black next.
  5. Haven't done much tinkering yet though have plans to replace the mirrors with help from George in the new year.
  6. Can’t wait to see this. The colour will make it pretty unique.
  7. Whomever it was, possibly visiting Steve Williams sports cars. I post every time I spot another Lotus but I swear no one checks this thread.
  8. I quite often overhear young children exclaiming "Look it's a race car!" as I drive past in my Exige. When I had the yellow Elise I would often hear young children shouting "Look it's bumblebee!".
  9. Not seen a thread along these lines here. Evora chat has one and I thought I’d add one here as I certainly get as many great reactions to my Exige as I did my Evora. So to kick this off... on the way back from picking up my Exige 430 Type 25 I had to pull over for petrol. As I got out the car I hear somewhere screaming “Where did you come from!?” And I turn to see a petrol station employee running over arms aloft and an expression of absolute delight on his face. He then proceeds to excitedly tell me that he and his colleagues had just been discussing their favourite cars and he’d sa
  10. Had a look, couldn't spot it... how many minutes in?
  11. The more I think about it the more I think it was a dark metallic silver anyway so it must have been another short custom plate and not 2VXT.
  12. Must have been a different plate then, only saw it momentarily in a line of traffic.
  13. I saw what I think was “2VXT” coming into Cobham today but could have been wrong on the plate. Either a dark metallic silver or black Evora 400/410. I passed you in my Exige Cup 430 (racing green with yellow stripe).
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