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  1. Sorry, totally missed this and I was busy in the end. Did you go?
  2. The McLaren F1 wasn't available in left OR right hand drive.
  3. Was it your first choice for the job? I’m not sure how spreading the load led to teacup and saucer.
  4. Most intrigued by the purple teacup...
  5. Retrofit a front lift? Not sure if that’s even possible on an Exige...
  6. You should try the Carlton while you are there! Much more luggage space!
  7. I got B&C to swap out the head unit for a CarPlay compatible one... car already had the front PPF'd. Beyond that I think it's just down to personal preferences, interior and exterior colour (min was racing green with yellow brake calipers and badges and a black leather interior). I think pretty much everything else about an Evora 400 is standard beyond the forged wheels and rear seat delete. I personally prefer the look of the forged wheels.
  8. Yea I bought an IPS (well 'auto' as they call it in the 400). I really loved the paddle shift, as I've mentioned elsewhere and others will no doubt tell you, it's rubbish at low speed in touring mode but the simple solution is to just always drive it in sport mode. The gear changes get progressively faster the harder you push it and it's great to fire through the gears and the auto blip on downshift is lovely. If you do take a visit to Bell & Colvill then I would recommend trying both manual and auto. I personally don't get on with the long clutch on the manual (feels very different to the Elise which has a much shorter travel) but there are a ton of people that love it so perhaps I'm just weird.
  9. If you’re in Berkshire go to Bell & Colvill they currently have a 400 (Manual and auto) and a few 410’s all in and around your budget I think (though all black/grey). Only a quick squirt down the M3 and round a bit of the M25 to get there and Jamie will sort your kids your with Lotus biscuits.
  10. Hi @Gin_Man, are you looking for an auto or manual? Much like you I started out looking at NA’s, then the S then ended up hankering after a 400. Ive driven a few 410’s too and IMO you won’t notice the difference unless your some kind of track champion. From my experience of owning a 400 the rear seats are super handy in terms of additional baggage space, also perfectly usable even by my two youngest on short journeys (12 and 13 at the time). Its a stunning car in all of its guises and I would thoroughly recommend ownership. If it’s not the car for you then just swap it out for an Elise and you’ll have half the running costs and just as much fun.
  11. Saw you in your metallic blue s2 Elise. Sadly I was not in my Lotus but exclaimed “L O T U S !” When I spotted you.
  12. Hi @Stef quite possible I won’t make it tmrw. May daughter had surgery a few days ago and is still very much in need of some TLC and so not keen to leave her at home tmrw morning. I’m away this week but back for next weekend so perhaps we could meet then weather permitting?
  13. I doubt an Evora with 86k is anything to worry about. I think those Toyota engines are bullet proof. Diff engine entirely but I had a Toyota MR2 roadster than had done 120k and drove just as well as the 2nd one I had which had only done 30k.
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