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  1. A run for their money on looks for sure. It’s super car looks for sports car money, that’s the USP Lotus can leverage over the likes of Porsche.
  2. Hmm, Bhp for v6 not declared there. Would be lovely if it was 430.
  3. The car on display (blue) is for photos only, not a runner. The dark grey left hand drive car is the first runner. A Lotus person there told me i4 def the lighter car so performance would be nigh on identical between the two.
  4. Some other possible reasons for launching with the V6: 1) Lotus have a long standing relationship with Toyota and probably have a better margin on that engine than the AMG so they’ll want to kick of production with the more profitable option. 2) As others have said, minimise unknowns in the launch car, they can be confident not only that they can reliably mate that engine but also servicing is established so no additional work to do there immediately. 3) From a media perspective the launch reviews will be of the higher powered car with the better sounding engine and (likely) a manual. Those first reviews stick and that’s the review they want people to see. 4) By launching with the V6 they mitigate all the moaning about lack of character from existing Lotus owners!
  5. V6 is straight from the Evora 400/410 but only delivering 360? Car magazine also quoted spring for V6 at 60k and i4 later in the summer. Leading with the lower power car seems an odd choice.
  6. Pretty sure all the controls in the new Ferrari’s are capacitive so really not any better than a screen and certainly not as usable as a real button/dial.
  7. Unless this is truly a variant of the Evora with a facelift then surely the V6’s appeal (sound) will be hobbled by particulate filters anyway, that begs the question as to what this will really offer over the 4 pot for road driving if it doesn’t have the V6 howl?
  8. I was hoping that the V6 would be a wide body variant too but then apparently it was too costly for Porsche to continue doing this with the 911 so not much chance of Lotus doing it.
  9. I’d like to see that too, or a nice large sun roof which rolls right back over the engine bay.
  10. Part of the reason I enjoy lotus ownership so much. It feels like owning a supercar because you don’t see one at every junction.
  11. I’m looking for a trolley jack to use with my Exige 430, I have side sills so wondering if this will have enough reach?
  12. Saw you pulling off the A329 and pulling into Jennetts Park in Bracknell... local?
  13. Have had the Exige out a few times this last week. Had forgotten how much attention it demands, highlights have been a security guard at a petrol station asking if he can take photos, an old lady at the side of the road smiling and waving frantically and a teenager doing the “I’m not worthy” from the side of the road as I approached. 😂
  14. Would happily take them off your hands if they still work well.
  15. That’s on my mod list so would be interested to hear how you get on @Mark030358.
  16. Some great photos of my car taken by @Malcolm Feth.
  17. Lately everything I have heard only reassures me that Lotus have no interest at all in delivering a new car which appeals to current Lotus owners. It makes sense... I get it... the money is elsewhere. I just hope that there is a short run Cup variant of these new cars which completely strips out the unnecessary bells and whistles to give us something to cling on to.
  18. Saw you driving through Bracknell. Was in my boring family car so I didn’t flash or wave. Your Evora sounded great. @JayEmm’s old car I think?
  19. Some fascinating details on that profile...
  20. Surely this is not the announcement but the announcement of the announcement... otherwise they'd be pimping it on the main Lotus Cars acc too. Exciting as it is, I doubt anything is going to tempt me away from my Exige.
  21. Even more impressive is that they sold more cars in Germany than the US and the UK!
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