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  1. I don't have a garage for my 400 so the car lives under a pair of covers. Using a car cover wasn't good for the red paint used on the '400' emblem and the last of it finally flaked off a few months ago after 2 1/2 years. Probably a tinted lacquer so that the chrome finish would appear through the red color. As we know, lacquer is rather low on durability. I'll keep it un-red for now. I definitely prefer the raised 3D emblems over painted on graphics, they have 'that extra something' that appeals to me.
  2. well, it's obvious.. the actuarial tables clearly tell them that the Alfa will actually be in the shop and not on the road for 1/2 the time that it is insured.. nyuck, nyuck, nyuck.... On a more serious note.. my older Chevy Volt is insured for liability only.. it's cost about on par for the cost of the newer fully insured Evora400, so you might want to check around some more.. Also, I have a friend with a Giulia, he likes it a lot.. but then, he's more of a luxury car kind of person rather than a sport performance car person..
  3. " And when the manufacturer warranty isn't worth anything, service costs are high since everything is out of pocket. .." I'm not sure at what period in time this was true ? My 2017 Evora400 has had 3 warranty repairs all done in a very timely fashion: 1. Serpentine Belt ridges coming loose at first service (< 1000 miles), time till repaired: 2 days. I'd read a few other instances of this, probably a bad run of belt production, no problems since @7000 miles. Had to wait a day for part. 2. Right Paddle shift broken. Time till repaired: 2 days. Had to wait a day for parts. 3. Right door panel coming loose. Done with #2. I've not had any problems with getting things repaired under warranty. Since the replaced parts haven't failed after 1000s of miles of use, I'm not concerned that the particular failures are systemic or chronic which are the ones that one really worries about, e.g.: my Honda CBR1100XX SuperBlackbird that broke 3 cam chain tensioners in 70,000 miles, I finally gave up and just came to accept the chain noise on deceleration along with any slight valve timing deviations...
  4. oh, engine bay access panel. I'm going to have to go and have a look at that ! This must be how they got access to change out my serpentine belt a while back.
  5. For example: one internet meme that is emerging are people who have 'cancelled their GT500 deposits for the C8'. Getting a 'Ford' person to want to have a 'Chevrolet' is a bit of a coup in some circles. On paper it's quite compelling, a mid-engine v8 that is probably a very good car for relatively so little money. As some other person had put it: 'who would want to get a new Toyota Supra when the C8 is in the same ballpark pricewise ?' (the market price for the car remains to be seen for sure). Styling wise the C8 it's totally not for me. IMHO going to the new engine layout they could have had a free hand to design a really beautiful car, but were are bound by their own traditions to have to have parts of it come from earlier corvette styling. The 'transformers' tail in particular does not appeal to me. If Lotus did add scissor doors it would appeal to some that would not have considered the car before and that means sales growth, something that they need in order to remain in business. I wouldn't get one with scissor doors myself, I like the Evora400 the way that it is. For a while I toyed with the idea of fabricating a roof scoop for it to force more air into the engine bay, but IMHO it would ruin the look of car.. The scoops do look good on the Exige though and make it look better in addition to helping out with cooling. Different strokes, etc..
  6. They're not 'traditional' but if Lotus did this, sales of the Evora would probably increase because factory doors like this scream 'special car'. Lotus doesn't need to convert the faithful, they need to reach the undecided or better yet convert the naysayers. Probably like the mid-engine Corvette is going to do for Chevrolet.
  7. Driving a previously owned Lotus Evora S - 2014 Driver's Review
  8. oh, look at some those beautiful extruded aluminum brackets... it's a shame that they have to be hidden. I'm relatively new to this world and have wondered how in the world to disassemble parts of the car for service, can the Evora Service Manual be ordered from the factory/company ?
  9. I noticed this old thread and thought I'd volunteer the bicycle carrier solution that I went with for the Evora. A SeaSucker Komodo that vacuum mounts to the rear glass. It was the only ready made thing I could find that kept everything off of any painted surface. It's been working out well for last couple of months and is way more convenient than removing both wheels, covering the area of the rear seats in towels and carefully getting the frame in and out of the car without scratching any of the painted exterior panels (ugh). (I just noticed from the early posts: this rack is for Road Bikes only For Off-Road Bikes the other carriers vacuum mount to the roof but I didn't want anything touching any paint)
  10. As with aus-exigent above, my Evora 400 had it's belt coming apart the same way: the ridges tearing off of the base of the belt, at about 1000 km. The dealer service caught it when I brought the car in for break-in service. The car is at about 6500 miles/ ~11000 km(?) now, no problems with the replaced belt so far. There must have been a bad production run of belts or something.
  11. A Lotus of any kind is a rare thing to come across randomly around here, so what is the probability that I'd see another Evora 400 like mine with the same Orange colour and Black Pack option coming at me on the other side of the highway (see dashcam photos) ?! On California Pacific Coast Highway 1 outside of the seaside city of Gualala.
  12. I just got a new Evora. There's no garage space so I'll be keeping it in the driveway under a cover and with a Battery Tender solar trickle charger. I have a BMW z3 that has been kept in a similar fashion, in my driveway for 15+ years. Before covering, I use 'quick detailer' to remove any debris. The paint on the car still looks like new today. My concern about keeping the Evora this way is that I've come to understand that the car is painted with lacquer and not enamel (if that is wrong someone please say so !). Since lacquer is not as durable as enamel, I'm wondering if I will have any paint damage from storing it this way..
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