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  1. FWIW, I've been using Meguiars Ultimate all wheel cleaner quite often for 3+ years now on my gloss black wheels without any problems. I'd note that there is a little rash on 2 of the wheels which I occasionally touch up with black brush on enamel. I haven't had any problems with these exposed areas starting to weaken or flake off so far..
  2. When I took my '17 in for an oil change 1.5 years ago to the local dealer, the price was about $850 US. It sounds like you have it relatively cheap over there. I am debating whether to consider a local independent shop but lately the only one around has started getting the occasional bad review after the 'star' owner started not doing the actual work. I dread the upcoming cost of a complete coolant change in a year or two.. I don't have a garage else I'd attempt it myself. After the warranty is up, simple oil changes I *will* do myself.. $850 US for an oil change is just too much
  3. Thanks, that rounds out the picture with my 2017 delivery situation. In the long run, I wonder how much more it cost Lotus to have the PPF installed piecemeal like this, but I'm glad that they made sure that it was taken care of.
  4. ".. my "factory" ordered PPF was applied at the port when the car arrived in the US. So, maybe 4 weeks or so after final build." Now, *that* is interesting ! My 'factory' ordered PPF was applied a few weeks after I had taken delivery. The dealer notified me that PPF had not been applied to my car and that they would arrange to have it done (which they did).
  5. oh, believe me, we've got plenty of curves where I live and the Evora gets to taste them quite often ! It's just that occasionally there is the long drive on a boring straight interstate. The kind where the audio system actually gets used. In these cases a cup holder is a nice thing to have and is sorely missed when there isn't one !
  6. Thanks ! I'll check out MossMiata for this. I'm located in California. Some of our UK readers may poo-poo the whole idea of having a cup holder in a performance car, but I'd volunteer that on the occasional long drive on an interstate freeway, in which the front wheels are kept nearly straight for 8 or more hours of continuous driving (barring the turns to get in and out of petrol/gas stations) having a cup holder is a marvelous thing :-).
  7. Clean. I like it ! ummmm.. is that textile looking loop next to the fire extinguisher meant to serve as a cup holder ? That was another accessory that I've wondered about adding without having to permanently modify the interior of the car.
  8. Thanks ! Same idea: mount to the lower seat adjuster bar, but this is definitely a step up from using velcro straps to secure the carrier to the bar.
  9. I've searched the forum archives and didn't find anything so I'll ask: Has anyone found a good way to mount a fire extinguisher that does not involve any drilling of holes or welding/bonding or otherwise permanently molesting the car's interior ? The best I can imagine is securely velcro-ing a fire extinguisher carrier to the seat adjustment release rail at the front of the driver's seat. Might cause the seat to move during a collision due to fire extinguisher inertia releasing the catch but that's a risk I think I'd be willing to take. (I already use the passenger seat adjust
  10. My wild uninformed guess: it's pooling on the topside of the aero-undertray that seals the underside of the car from air (except for the forward facing gap in the rear that I understand is there to force more cooling air into the engine bay). The water is probably entering through the front grills. If that's true, nothing to be done about it really.
  11. I don't have a garage for my 400 so the car lives under a pair of covers. Using a car cover wasn't good for the red paint used on the '400' emblem and the last of it finally flaked off a few months ago after 2 1/2 years. Probably a tinted lacquer so that the chrome finish would appear through the red color. As we know, lacquer is rather low on durability. I'll keep it un-red for now. I definitely prefer the raised 3D emblems over painted on graphics, they have 'that extra something' that appeals to me.
  12. well, it's obvious.. the actuarial tables clearly tell them that the Alfa will actually be in the shop and not on the road for 1/2 the time that it is insured.. nyuck, nyuck, nyuck.... On a more serious note.. my older Chevy Volt is insured for liability only.. it's cost about on par for the cost of the newer fully insured Evora400, so you might want to check around some more.. Also, I have a friend with a Giulia, he likes it a lot.. but then, he's more of a luxury car kind of person rather than a sport performance car person..
  13. " And when the manufacturer warranty isn't worth anything, service costs are high since everything is out of pocket. .." I'm not sure at what period in time this was true ? My 2017 Evora400 has had 3 warranty repairs all done in a very timely fashion: 1. Serpentine Belt ridges coming loose at first service (< 1000 miles), time till repaired: 2 days. I'd read a few other instances of this, probably a bad run of belt production, no problems since @7000 miles. Had to wait a day for part. 2. Right Paddle shift broken. Time till repaired: 2 days. Had to wait a day f
  14. oh, engine bay access panel. I'm going to have to go and have a look at that ! This must be how they got access to change out my serpentine belt a while back.
  15. For example: one internet meme that is emerging are people who have 'cancelled their GT500 deposits for the C8'. Getting a 'Ford' person to want to have a 'Chevrolet' is a bit of a coup in some circles. On paper it's quite compelling, a mid-engine v8 that is probably a very good car for relatively so little money. As some other person had put it: 'who would want to get a new Toyota Supra when the C8 is in the same ballpark pricewise ?' (the market price for the car remains to be seen for sure). Styling wise the C8 it's totally not for me. IMHO going to the new engine layout the
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