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  1. Did not stay long in your showroom that one !
  2. You know that the Cup R spoiler means you drill holes through the clamshell to get it chassis mounted ?
  3. Any pictures of these o2 sensor cables in question ?
  4. Ok ok, well it looks like I will go on the class road then ...
  5. So, I would like to get my steering wheel re-trimmed in alcantara, this was good in the caterham that I want the same in the Lotus now .. Do you know a local professional in the midland up to that job, or then a place where I should send it ? I know about the research function, but always good to know opinions !! I might just go with alcantara, red stitching, and a middle bar on the top, just cause it looks cool ...
  6. It is like 5 or 6 clics out of the switch, I had the same issue, actually bought a new one which would not work fine, so I just changed the setup of the old one ..
  7. Honestly, I do not think you will see an other 42k Cup soon ...
  8. Right.. So what about the Exige v6 ? How come yours have one ? And about the original topic, limited access to Cup cars now, none worth being to start a project like this ... all being over 50k ( which is ok for the 360, I guess..)..
  9. Ah ok, good to know ! Well it is what I mean, never the same then ... what do you call proper ? Have you a picture maybe ?
  10. You forgot the different ARB on the Cup, and definitely the seats indeed ... As said the Cup will hold its value. Better to just empty your car before doing anything else, specially suspension and geo I guess. Also aftermarket exhaust will remove some good kgs, and get an airbox ( SSc system equivalent on the Cup), adds up to the urge feeling of the cup. Price of the car + all your mods, you will definitely get to a Cup car price range, at last a V6s Cup... Now the most effective would be to start from a v6s Cup and upgrade toward 400+bhp Cup spec, as from there you would have a CUp car close to higher version like 380 cup, but for a lot less money (and not many things needed really to get there ( but again shifter will be the difference) ... Also, I heard in the past that the CUp had a different clutch plate ? Stronger than the one on regular V6s ?
  11. Interesting, the major difference with mine is the fact there is no addition of rigid structure between the shifter it self and the console all along with the cables going through.
  12. Just saw this.
  13. Weather forecast is pretty awful around here for the next 2 weeks ..
  14. Same, take it down the street after cleaning.. I had an mx5 parked for 3 months without being driven, it took a while to get the pads and discs plane again ..
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