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  1. I had an S2 NA with stage 2 exhaust, then a S260 S with Gt3 tubular exhaust, and now the v6 with tubular exhaust, by far the loudest and the better note, if there is one thing you won't regret from the s2 Exige, it is the 4 cylinder note, whatever the exhasut, the v6 just sound extremely good. I enjoyed driving my S2s, but the v6 sound with the tubular is just insane.
  2. To maybe add something, I was from a 260 S, and moved to a normal V6s, which I would have kept anyway, but with the v6 CUP I have for sure no desire to go back, so myabe in your case a 410 would check more boxes anyway. Bit it is down but what you like in a Lotus anyway ...
  3. Not exactly the best place to ask if anyone has regrets, and no, I have none 😂 I have seen your post on seloc, have you driven a v6 ?
  4. chumaxa


    I do share that feeling, I have always hated the pirelli, and that's on Lotus/Jag and others... Yes they are much better brand new, but after that, such a bad feeling you get from these ...
  5. It is not due to the limited factor that the car is not much driven by journalist, but because Lotus does not give it to the journalist .. As ligth the car is, and as powerful the engine is, it does not have the grip or composure of a Porsche, pretty sure it would be faster than a Gt4 in the hand of the same pro driver.
  6. They are legit, you can talk directly to Jason Fung on facebook, he is very reactive. I am sure he can tell you directly how muh and for what.
  7. It looks like the power of your car is following the general markets inflation !
  8. Yes and no, yes these are only visual changes, but it will carry a premium ... you can replicate, does not mean this edition is worth the same as standard, or the standard modified would be the same as the special edition, and yes people sometime pay extra for nothing more, even sometime just for some gold painted wheels and a track layout embroidered on a seat, LF1 editions ... These are the only special editions ever based on the V6 cup in all forms (360 cup being just a mix with the 350 stuff) , so yes it should still be at the top I suppose.
  9. That brake light switch is 20 quid on eliseparts, not sure why it is so expensive on seriouslylotus, it was not this much when I bought one 2 years ago, I think ..
  10. Sytner in warwick indeed, around the corner for me, I could be wrong by the way, but it caught my eye as it is vaguely similar to my car visually, I could confirm tonight as I will drive around the shop again !!
  11. I think I have seen it yesterday, I saw a pewter grey CUP like car in the sytner showroom, and I can not see any for sale in their current online catalogue, so might be yours.
  12. chumaxa

    Lotus Emira

    Yes, I only just saw the last posts, everything turning into an Emira topic anyway. And Bibs, believe what you want.
  13. chumaxa

    Lotus Emira

    I hardly see where a Cup version would be much better, not much you can do for the weight, exept expensive carbon parts ... Engine wise, well Lotus stopped at 430 with the v6 in its current form, the 4 pot go get more maybe, but 500, that is a big step ... it will be sharper ok, but they won't have the budget Porsche has for a gt4 or gt3 version ...
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