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  1. chumaxa

    Exiger35 Komo-Tec EX390

    I wonder how many people gave up on buying their products because of the customer care ...
  2. Do you plan to send your comments to inovative ? Would be good for next buyers ....
  3. I can not help for the color code, but if your car is red maybe you should go for the carbon without the strip ? Personal taste, but the red stuff looks a bit too much sometimes, again, just my taste. I do not understand why Eliseshop do not inform about the weight of their parts.... Carbon parts for that price, you need to know the weight ..
  4. chumaxa

    Big Wing V6 - Register

    Specially when not chassis mounted right ? But it is more about the look, the Exige just screams for a proper wing ..
  5. chumaxa

    Uprated Drivetrain Mounts

    Same here, before going inokinetic, would be good to know how much this improve the shifting ..
  6. chumaxa

    Harrop TVS1900 video

    Most people think making the supercharger faster with the smaller pulley is a bad thing with the higher stress, from there the 1900 conversion makes sense. And again it is easy to buy, fit, have fun, unbolt, sell, and sell the car standard. And you do not push the original parts to their limits, you actually make everything feel more relaxed if I can say. What do you you mean not as proven ? Looks as good as komotec to me, maybe with less stories about dyno results (not in order to restart that discussion). Like you said, it will cope better with temp, even if everybody won't get the hp decrease while driving, it is good to know that it is likely going to happen less often ... Gearbox issues, well that's a negative on any solutions .. And tell me if I am wrong, but Komotec is way cheaper than before right ?? I remember the 430 kit being way more than that, so I will thank SSC for that, competition is great still do not know which one I would gor for .. As a negative, I would maybe add the fact that it is possibly heavier ??
  7. According to Elitech, on the full boot cover (380 style, so with the part supporting the spoiler), in grp, they go from 19kg to 5kg, I am a bit sceptical .. If it is true, I guess it is a must to do then ..
  8. chumaxa

    Harrop TVS1900 video

    The tvs is less intrusive than the komotec kit, and sounds safer, simple to get back to standard as well. I am pretty sure they use the SSC induction with the tvs 1900 kit ..
  9. chumaxa

    Harrop TVS1900 video

    I would says the same rougly, which is actually what has been measured by people already having the 1900 ... Anyway, that's mega, even if indeed, gearbox will deserve attention .. but stupid question, that SC placement and cooling, engine bay might be cooler then maybe ?
  10. chumaxa

    Lotus Exige Cup 430

    Defintely a problem, would love to use them for regular service, but a good specialist with be around 200 for a normal service ... Around silverstone you can use Steve Glugielmi in Daventry, Dan at HPE south of birmingham, or Jon at Legacystorm in Leicester.
  11. Stupid question, why did not you go for the full 380 panel ? Will you get the light front access panel ?
  12. chumaxa

    V6 S/CR vs. 350 Sport !

    Some of it does not make sense to me, so take off the diffuser and engine panel, and they made the body panels 12kgs lighter ? Thanks for the list !
  13. How many clicks do you have on your 380 ??
  14. I am also thinking inokinetic gearshift, I know it has been done in France on V6s, which I could get more comment about it ... Are you still on that option ?
  15. chumaxa

    V6 S/CR vs. 350 Sport !

    Specially when the 50 kg is actually hiden behind stuff you can take off your V6 S, such as stereo, Ac, and so on ...