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  1. Same, take it down the street after cleaning.. I had an mx5 parked for 3 months without being driven, it took a while to get the pads and discs plane again ..
  2. I had a start of a crack in mine, as a stone got traped between the belt and the poulie, so definitely need to be careful ... is it just me or it looks like 1 cm is missing from it ?
  3. Cool ! Have you decided on the rear diffusor ?
  4. Definitely, it is something like 2kg, he one I got for my lithium battery was 300g or so (from memory) .. how is mounted our screen ? It seems to move a lot .. and great sound capture
  5. the z4 seems to not be used, so probably not a problem ! What red Exige are you thinking of ??
  6. I did that for mine, I would not pay the guy the balance of the finance .. is it to replace the aston ?
  7. Small clip of how behave the shifter at low speed
  8. Depend on what you call normal use, my normal use is week end drive , fun on b roads, for that I much prefer the cup car, I sold my V6s with 3 ways nitron suspensions for that.
  9. Same, not sure what you refer by the 350 cup term .. Being a 2014 I guess you mean a V6s Cup car, so based on the 345bhp version.
  10. How can you actualy crack the gearbox like this ? Sorry for you.
  11. That's brave, I would not dare to try to lift there ..
  12. There is one in the v6s Cup, so surely you can fit one.
  13. Picture from a friend a couple of weeks ago.
  14. Just got mine 2 minutes ago, good news is it will take me no more than 5 minutes to install it, can not wait
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