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  1. DId you get to try a bit the LSD on the road after or before ?
  2. The differences are between a V6s cup and a 350, all the additional stuff from the Cup over the 350 would make me choose the Cup definitely, feels more Motorsport pedigree than a 350, but it is just my opinion, gear shift is one thing, but there many good things from a Cup ... Now v6s vs Cup 380 is a big gap ..
  3. The guy who use to track his Cup car ( Dr Pitsomething, sorry I do not remember the full name) wrote an article about v6 s Cup vs the 350, the 350 being better than the v6s for the reason we know, the cup is still more engaging than the 350, so if you what you want is the most engaging and pure ( if I may) experience, go for the Cup. ( I also on a personnal note agree to this, the cup is the sharpest tool).
  4. Well, if at least this was the first time his behaviour was criticised ... Knowing the full context or not, he is well known for some ofthe good stuff he does, but also for this kind of treatment, if you go on the playground you will find a couple of people who had problems with him ... Of course you never have a problem when all goes well, but that's when all goes wrong that you see the real face of people .. Anyway his stuff is usually mostly good, if you put aside the common stuff such has the recurrent valve problem, I hope you can get it all fixed smoothly
  5. The sound difference is not big, unless you open the window .. as mentioned, the throttle response is the main improvement.
  6. Well, Lotus is not going to help you, they coded this on purpose, so as mentioned, new ECU ...
  7. I can not imagine picking up a new car and not driving it for the first time on the way home ! If you want to clean it properly after just take of the wheels and give it a good clean
  8. Mine has had a new one after 3 years, was not dead at the time, but was showing some wear. Definitely, 4 years is the info I have heard from different places, and also the period you see in the service book I think ..
  9. Looks like the nitron, you won't be able to change the rebound without removing the wheel .. Great thread, interested to see how the IPS is going to behave with all the mods !!
  10. That's what I am trying, but I had rather use someone you has done something similar before ..
  11. No uk similar product indeed, people here just buy the one from SSC.
  12. Yes I know Asphalte is doing it, but that is a long drive ... even for a french !
  13. Hi, I was wondering if there are shops selling and installing the inokinetic shiftr in the uk ??
  14. ?? what are the Cup R settings ? are they actually using the same nitrons as the Cup ?
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