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  1. I had a look and could not locate this one, can you show where it is coming from maybe ?? The source of it might help.
  2. Same here, 2.5m wide, I get the car very close to the left side, and I can actually get in and out without any protection on the driver side, I mean I should but I never had a problem, also with 2.5m you can still walk next to the car or you know move stuff aside it ... so go for it !
  3. The good cars will sell, I bought mine that time of the year... but with covid, yes wait next spring ...
  4. This guy is well known for fixing many Lotus, he is proud of his work, so you can expect a good job
  5. 40k for a 2014 roadster is just crazy, there should not be any pre 350 roadster above 36k for sale. You would normally get the coupe from 37k I believe, these guys benefit of the fact that there is no cheap coupe for sale right now, but 40k anyway, way way too much.
  6. Anything recorded with an app from a phone will be wrong ..
  7. I am not sure to see in what case such an upgrade would make sense, maybe on a cheap used 430 cup, otherwise it is not worth it ...
  8. The other update about this project is that the car is for sale in germany, an healthy 170k euros ...
  9. I would chase possible over rev instead the mileage itself ..
  10. there are some cheap 410, I would go for that .. if you can afford new, probably do it, but I would not .. I believe this is brand new 350 money. Also there is nothin new between these used cars and the one you would get right now from factory.
  11. Look at who is selling it, good luck to negotiate this one !!
  12. No chance no, 45k would be a normal cup from a private seller, like the blue and yellow one lately, and even at that price they were advertised just for a couple of days ...
  13. I did not wanted to be rude but I think exactly the same, although the LF1 is a V6s with a nice color scheme ( also it does not celebrate a particularly successful era of Lotus), it is not worth more .. this is reflected in the used market, that LF1 for sale at silverstone, will dramatically drop in price before being sold .. and definitely, it is not worth more than any 350. I would buy a 350 and just paint things to make it like an LF1 if you really like than color scheme.
  14. I think these values are extremely optimistic ...
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