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  1. @Gerorge, very timely video for me as Iā€™m also looking at the Aim dash & SmartyCam šŸ˜€ i wonder if you could say how you plan to wire in the Channel Expander? i was thinking of using two Datahubs - one in the front dash attached via an extension lead to the 2nd Hub positioned on the rear bulkhead. Then connect the SmartyCam & Channel Extender (placed in the engine bay) to datahub 2. My thinking is this will give the maximum flexibility. Thoughts?
  2. Another Excellent video - keep them coming šŸ˜€ This & your earlier posts have are inspired me to plan my own adventures in my Lotus. The first will be a trip to Mendig in April to install EX460, LSD & Kobra Big Brake kit, followed by a tour around the Black Forest šŸ˜€
  3. @Bibs, thanks for the recommendation - a few people have recommended David Pittard & Jack Layton. Any idea what they would charge for a day at Donny & how many people would make up the ideal group - 2 or 3? There's no point me having an instructor to myself for the whole day as I'm only a novice & there's only so much my old brain can absorb No worries if you'd rather not say on a public forum & I'll drop David an email. I would be looking to do something mid April when I get back from Komotec with my souped up car šŸ˜€ Pretty much finalised the upgrades with Daniel now - EX460, Quaife & Kobra brake kit (Nitrons, Baffled Sump, Gearbox cooler, ARBs already done). Sure is an expensive hobby, but hey you only live once šŸ˜€
  4. Komotec are now offering to retrofit the larger Edelbrock compressor (1740) fitted by Lotus to the 410/430 cars, which they are calling the he Work490. Link here it's expensive, but does give the option to upgrade power even further at a later date albeit it with an engine rebuild to include forged pistons & rods. Apart from the price, my concern is whether the gearbox will be reliable with the extra torque, 535 vs 490 with th EX460 kit. The EX460 has been out a while now with apparently more than 160 units fitted with minimal gearbox issues. The clutch is the weak item, but I had mine replaced with the updated one used on the 430 when my original failed after only 7k miles! Luckily after a bit of a wrangle with Lotus I managed to get it replaced under warranty.
  5. Hi, i have a 2017 Exige 350 which I've been fortunate to own from new šŸ˜€ The car's used as my daily driver, although I'm home based so that doesn't mean too many miles, & for track days at my local track Donington Park. Now that the warranty's almost up, I'm going to visit Komotec for a power, brakes & LSD in April. Just can't decide whether to go for EX460 or Work490. What do you think? in parallel, I will be looking to share an instructor this year at Donington Park, so please let me know if anyone else is interested? All the best for the new year, Dave
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