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  1. Fitting a DAB head unit and want to fit a new aerial then a splitter at the front near the head unit, anybody had to do this? Or anybody knows what route it takes, I.e. through a sill or something and how do I remove sill covers etc.?
  2. It is indeed. It's been sat in a garage unused for 3 years after a minor bump. Starting to go through it a bit at a time to tidy it up. Seats are the worst, been quoted extortionate prices for recovering, think I'll be replacing it myself!.
  3. Cheers Bibs, I'll have a gander and see if I can find it
  4. Hi just bought an Elise S2 135 Sport and it has come with no alarm fobs. Can but new ones but they want the alarm serial number to get the PIN so I can reprogram. Where is the alarm located for a start?
  5. Hi Enfield, I've got a similar issue in that all gears are a little difficult to select, are the bushes available commercially and where from? Thanks Neil
  6. Hi, new to this as just purchased a 2002 Elise 135 Sport. Just wanted to say hello and looking forward to learning more about the car an dhow I can improve it a bit. 1st job, just had to order a new expansion tank and cap as there is a leak (hissing) from a crack in the tank :-( so..............................Hello to all
  7. Hi, new to this as just purchased a 2002 135 Sport. When the fan is not switched on, cool air comes in from the outside even when the heater setting is turned up to full. I would have expected to feel some warmth even without the fan on? Also when the fan is switched on it overheats the cabin within a few seconds, this is even when the heater setting is at it's lowest. WIf the heat setting is turned up it doesn't seem to make any difference? Because you need the fan on to work the aircon, this seems like the heat generated, (even with the temp set at it's lowest) is overpowering any cold air generated by the aircon so it's almost useless! Do they all do that sir? !!
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