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  1. @s4simon I will purchase them from you once you are ready to sell. Thanks. @ramjet That's what I did for the german MOT for now. Still, I think the amber/clear are much classier than the clear/clears.
  2. @sailorbob Do you have contact details? I found two sellers on ebay with either clear/clear or amber/amber lenses. Neither is called IIRC.
  3. @superdavelotus that's a great tip. Do you know a coating colour, which would be suitable?
  4. Hi guys, I am looking for a pair of front amber/white indicator lenses for my S4s. Does anybody know, where I could find these? I don't really like the all-white ones. Cheers
  5. Does anybody know where I could get the original glass roof for my S4s?
  6. Thanks guys for the warm welcome! @The Pits Jep, I am in for a hunt after the OZ Futuras.
  7. Good morning, I was already active in this forum during my extended search for a fitting car. Finally, I have found my '95 Lotus Esprit S4s in British Racing Green with cream-coloured interior. I am attaching the first pictures that I have taken when it arrived to Munich. As it was located in Sweden (first registration in Germany though) the re-importing procedure was quite hard and time-consuming. Anyhow, this week the car (I call him Edward) will be ready and I can drive him home through the misty Bavarian November weather. Maybe I will wait for some sunshine to pick it up. I
  8. Same question here @Loose Cannon: Any left-overs from the stickers? I would like a set, too! Cheers
  9. Thanks for the info @CaptainSlow!!
  10. Dear @Captainslow, do you know if one of these workshops also does pre-purchase inspections? Thanks
  11. Thanks @Dan E and @stephenwhyte for your help! @Tocus, you got mail! @johnpwalsh, can you maybe help me with my search?
  12. Hi, I am new to this forum. I am Sebastian from Munich (Germany) and I have been looking for a Lotus Esprit for a longer time now. I do have some special requirements: - Esprit S4 or S4s with 2.2 liter engine - MY 1994 - 1997 - original LHD - accident-free - all original parts - low mileage, if possible < 50.000 km - complete service history with understandable mileage Do you know a car with these requirements? Any help is gladly welcome! Thank you. Sincerely, Sebastian Signer
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