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  1. scratch that, got the VIN decoding wrong..... its a K series after all which is what i first expected to be.
  2. very interestingly i have just done a check of the compliance plate and searched the VIN and appears the car is actually an R model with the VVT-i engine!
  3. Thanks Simon, wasnt sure which forum to start with, and this one featured high on google so hence my post. Not picking the car up until Saturday but will post some pics after then. cheers.
  4. Hi all, Im a new Elise owner here in Melbourne having just purchased a 2004 111 and im looking for someone who may have some knowledge on the particular car I have purchased. From what I have been able to understand the 111 I have purchased was brought into Australia for a race series that apparently did not eventuate, the cars were in a form of race spec and were either sold or placed into storage, with the the unit I have purchased and few others placed into storage. After a while they were brought out and made road legal and sold off. Would anyone here abouts be able to help me un
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