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  1. I'm contemplating selling my 2012 Evora S IPS. In order to free up some cash. I really don't want to though. I bloody love this car. And I have no idea what I would replace it with... just wondering what everyone would replace their Evora with if they had an approx £17,000 budget? And how do you defeat depreciation? Maybe I should just own a car for a year... then sell it and buy another one?
  2. Ordered a new door handle. Going to attempt spraying it myself to match the Starlight Black! Ordered the paint and the laquer! I'm guessing taking the door apart and replacing the door handle is a garage job and probably something an amatuer like me should touch!?
  3. Managed to fix the window myself! The garage said it was a faulty window motor control unit and that i need a whole new regulator for £300! Thought I'd check the fuses myself... googled how to open the panel in the passenger well, swapped a couple of fuses around for the passenger and drivers windows... and pow, they both work. Can't believe my local garage didn't check the fuses!!
  4. Are the left and right door handles different? This may sound moronic, but could I use a passenger side exterior door handle on the drivers side??
  5. So my drivers side door handle no longer works! My local garage says it needs a new handle. I've looked on ebay for a black one... no luck yet. Any ideas where I should be looking? My drivers side window also no longer works! It moves up and down when you open and close the door, but they said it needs a new window control unit/motor! Can't find one of those either!
  6. Thanks guys, OK.. Will take it for a long drive...see what happens... Then take it from there!
  7. OK, update... They got the sensor talking to the car... But the low pressure warning light won't go off! So they cant pass it!!
  8. Trying to get my MOT done on my Evora S 2012. One of the tyre sensors needed replacing. Garage did that but can't get it to connect to the system. Attached is picture of sensor. It's the same as the one it replaced. Any help would be much appreciated! My nearest Lotus garage is quite a trek away.
  9. Hey guys, my Evora is coming up to it's MOT and and yearly service. First time since buying it. Anywhere around here that members would reccomend or should I take it to a Lotus approved place to get that Lotus official stamp?
  10. Ha! Tried to make these ones SFW.
  11. Using the Evora on set for filming today!
  12. Long commutes! Coffee is a must!
  13. Black leather. And yes, red piping and stitching. I even added some cupholders with similar faux stitching! Fits right in I think.
  14. Thanks guys, I'll see what I can do. Hoping the casing just clicks off and on.
  15. Ok, found one. In the right colour too. Should be here on Thursday!
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