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  1. What I meant was to see if the engine is loose (turns freely with a spanner). Then FIRST CHANGE THE BELT AND THE SPANNER !! BEFORE starting the engine
  2. If the engine turns loose, start with fresh oil and filter, and don't wait to have a new timing belt (and all the other belts, plus that 'roll' renewed). Later, change all the other fluids (t start with)
  3. Okay, so, finally the long awaited S4 was delivered to my door.
    After having all the belts renewed, and fresh oil and filter, I already took part in a tour with the local classic car club. 
    The car behaved perfectly, oil pressure and temp, and water temp were okay, even when that tour was in hot weather, and at low speeds.665916579__86(15).jpg.9abdc122617152746d327bf2ecae9713.jpg472309854__86(17).jpg.0370213308923a246edfaec4f1bed69f.jpg

    $_86 (16).jpg

  4. Hello good people. My S4 is still in the company that will homologate it for Spain. The car has been to ITV (Spanish technical control), who refused it because there is no catalyser on it. I plan to put a sportscat on it, but for now homologation is my first concern. Since the car is at a spot where I am not allowed to travel (thanks to the COVID regulations), I can not measure anything. I mean tube diameters, and dimensions, since there is not a lot of space there. SO, if anybody can give me the dimensions, or better a brand that sells one that will fit (and is homologated), or even better.... if some of you would have a standard one lying around, and is willing to send it to Spain, I would be one happy Lotus owner. With all you people having a sportscat on their cars, there must be some lying around. Thanks beforehand..
  5. Hello all. I recently bought a very nice S4. Due to the bad weather in NorthernEurope it's not here yet. From the pictures I noticed that the front spoiler lip is missing. So, I could buy such a lip from a Sports 300. Lip has arrived, but I still need the metal parts (19 and 20 on the picture). Can't seem to find them, but I wouldmake them from a sheet of aluminum. To do that properly, I would need the dimensions. Anybody can give me those (metric if possible). Also, where do they belong? Under the lip, or in the body (spoiler)?
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