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  1. Thanks guys. It wasn't an easy decision leaving such a great business but very excited about my new venture and I won't be a stranger
  2. Hi all I just wanted to post a quick note to say today is my last day at Hofmann’s but you are still in safe hands. My good friends/colleagues Chris Butterworth and Chris Randall are still here and they know the same if not more about Lotus than me Randy has set up a fantastic business here and it is by far the best dealership I have had the pleasure of working in over my 20 year motor trade career! It’s been a pleasure meeting some of you and being part of this fantastic group. I'll still be looking on here so be nice please On to pastures new now in the world of self employment and car detailing!
  3. Bibs I had your bacon rolls and a few more We raised £92.50 from donations so well worth it! Thanks all for braving with windy weather. Next one to be announced soon.
  4. Only 5 days and counting to our first BBQ of the year!!! As always the BBQ food will be free but for this weekends event we are putting a donations bucket next to the BBQ to help raise funds for the Alex Cripps Fund. Please let us know in advanced so we can get enough food in! .. taZGu2t8YAzFLtlLa-WY_ZAaaUDjVs
  5. Car's and breakfast at Hofmanns... It's that time of year again when sales manager Chris Marriott gets itchy fingers and desperately wants to show off his BBQ skills... So to stop Chris from going mad we are holding our first 'Hofmanns Breakfast BBQ' of the year on March 9th from 9 till 12. Everyone is welcome to pop down and see some lovely cars, play on our simulator, have chat and most of all try one of Chris' baps.... To help us get an idea of how many people to cater for we would ideally like it if you sent [email protected] a message to confirm you are coming along. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on March 9th.
  6. The running in period is 600 miles, during the first 600 miles it's important not to overload the engine and to control the amount of engine heat generated. For the first 600 miles (1,000km), use no more than moderate throttle openings (about 50%) and do not run the engine continuously at engine speeds over 4,000rpm. Occasional short bursts at wider throttle and higher engine speeds will help the engine. After 600 miles full throttle and maximum engine speed may be used for short periods but do not exploit full vehicle performance until service has been done. The first service can be early on miles, it doesn't impact the warranty or strength/performance of the engine. The service intervals are 9,000 miles, same applies it's not going to cause an issue if it's serviced at 8,600 miles rather than 9,000 miles etc etc. If you completely miss the 1st service then it's a different story. Hope that helps.
  7. @Chris Onelevenr do you mind if I share this photo on our social media page?
  8. Crikey sounds like you need to come here on Saturday to be safe!!! No worries re the test drive. Just give me a call and we can go for a blast!
  9. Only to people who don't buy from me but i'm not bitter!
  10. Note to self. Fill @london_v's air vents with hole punch waste when next in for servicing.
  11. You need to move to Henley on Thames! A developer has just built new flats next to our showroom, who wouldn't want to be woken up every morning with the sound of Lotus' and many other noisy fast cars!
  12. A 410 in the area that wasn't bought from me No worries, just let me know the dates etc. We're having an open day here on Saturday. All welcome, Exige 410, Evora 410 and Elise 220 available for driving (pre booking required).
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