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    Andrew Philbey
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    Lotus Elan +2S 130/5, BMW 330D Touring
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    Spyder chassis and suspension, electric headlight lifters, Tony Thompson CV joints
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    SW London (car based Norfolk)

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  1. Hi everyone, fantastic to see the thread, brilliant car. The car with the original Marina door handles was the motor show car if I remember correctly? Back in the early 90s pretty certain it was for sale at London Lotus centre in Chiswell Green. We knew the MD of the dealership from the village pub and I loved lotus so much I did my A-Level business studies project on the dealer and ended up working there on reception during school hols while ther receptonist was on leave, which as a 17yr old surrounding by Esprit was obviously great. Pretty sure it or another sport 300 was displayed so sold a
  2. Name: Lotus Elan Click to view: Lotus Elan
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