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  1. Correction to my quote above for the record. Peterson took HNG 669L around Silverstone (not Brand Hatch). The occasion was a JPS promotion day for the Press. The JPS prototype +2 was also at the event. HNG didn't go to Gold Seal Sportscars to be sold on.
  2. The car with Chapman is HNG 669L which featured in a few road test reports and Ronnie Peterson took it around Brands Hatch. Motor where they recorded a 0.60 in 6.6 secs. The car finished up with Gold Seal Sports Cars, New Cross London before it was sold on.
  3. Name: Lotus Exige Click to view: Lotus Exige
  4. Name: Lotus Europa Click to view: Lotus Europa
  5. Name: Lotus Elan Click to view: Lotus Elan
  6. Name: Lotus Elan Click to view: Lotus Elan
  7. New to this forum but not to Lotus. I've owned them since 1976 and I currently own the three 'Big Valve' classics plus an S2 Exige. I'm attaching a photo of my +2 taken at Castle Combe in May where Club Lotus were celebrating the 50th anniversary of this model. I had the car repainted and trimmed by the Lotus Service Garage in 1982. Colin Chapman had a good look round the car before I took it away. Jim, London
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