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  1. Lovely colour. But then I would say that. My 70s Elan +2.
  2. Sorry, that's all I have. I know that Lotus kept the very last 430 FE for themselves and I believe Bell & Covill had the second to last in Monaco White, Tartan Trim as a nod to the S1 Esprit which is now sold.
  3. Information I have received from Andy Graham is that the last UK build 420 Sport Final Edition came off the production line on 29th October 2021. This was in Pearl Yellow, black matt delete (except the rear transom panel and headlights) with exterior accents including the carbon roof. This was the 5th from last 420, the remaining 4 being exported to UAE and New Zealand. There were only 34 UK 420s.
  4. Thanks. That's right but officially 'Cup Special - Pearl Yellow'.
  5. Last UK build Exige 420 Sport Final Edition. My purchase.
  6. The car had a modified chassis and the bodywork from the rear bulkhead was extended by circa 6 inches. The car was at Castle Coombe a few years ago. Jim
  7. The factory lists the decals in the twin cam service parts list starting with AO74 U 0062Z and ending with AO74 U 0081Z. There were 9 decals listed. These days you can buy the 3M gold pinstripe in rolls. Just need to get the right width and take care in doing the corners especially the rear boot where the corners are tight. Need a warm temperature when applying. Jim
  8. The wheels can't rust so far as I'm aware. From my Exige experience have never come across wheels bubbling.
  9. Correction to my quote above for the record. Peterson took HNG 669L around Silverstone (not Brand Hatch). The occasion was a JPS promotion day for the Press. The JPS prototype +2 was also at the event. HNG didn't go to Gold Seal Sportscars to be sold on.
  10. The car with Chapman is HNG 669L which featured in a few road test reports and Ronnie Peterson took it around Brands Hatch. Motor where they recorded a 0.60 in 6.6 secs. The car finished up with Gold Seal Sports Cars, New Cross London before it was sold on.
  11. New to this forum but not to Lotus. I've owned them since 1976 and I currently own the three 'Big Valve' classics plus an S2 Exige. I'm attaching a photo of my +2 taken at Castle Combe in May where Club Lotus were celebrating the 50th anniversary of this model. I had the car repainted and trimmed by the Lotus Service Garage in 1982. Colin Chapman had a good look round the car before I took it away. Jim, London
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