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  1. Hi Lee, I could be interested if you have an S2 Elite for sale. Would you contact me on [email protected] Thanks very much. sorry. Typo. Email should read. [email protected]
  2. Thanks for the comments. It is good. No issues, mechanical or electrical. Smooth, and since exhaust work quiet. I'm sure any buyer will be suitably impressed. Also now advertised on E Bay Classic Cars.
  3. Have decided to sell my 1981 Dry Dump Turbo Esprit. Fresh out of winter storage 3 weeks ago and now with a new MoT. Just not using it enough with just 300 miles completed since last MoT, and 700 miles since I bought it nearly two years ago. 79k miles, PNM brakes, huge history file of bills, invoices MoT's dating back 30 years. Loads of spares including front Compomotive wheels, hubs, body parts, cams, belts etc. A/C removed at some time, not sure what parts. Beautiful condition but light micro blistering on bonnet and roof, unnoticeable from a few feet. £2k engine out exhaust repair last year. Serviced and dynotested at same time. Cambelt change Jan 2017 at 78k miles. Asking £22,500 but open to offers. Time to move on. [email protected]
  4. Thanks guys for your compliments, yes it is a fantastic car, and very happy with it. Decided to have one last blast tomorrow before it goes into winter storage. The main garage is full now so the Lotus will have to go in the Carcoon. Fortunately it's an outdoor unit double skinned, under shelter and de-humidified. Hopefully I can squeeze the Yam in also as the Carcoon is big and the Lotus small. Dry tomorrow so already itching to go and looking forward to spring already. Happy motoring everyone ? Howard
  5. Hi Guys, for what it's worth I also think Dave sold the car too cheaply. This is my third but I think many people have an inflated idea of the Esprit's worth. Dreamers with no money believe they're worth a fortune, and some owners who would like to think they're worth more than they are. Usually led on by the trade and showrooms who hike up their prices just to try it on.....and sometimes it works. My reasons for advertising on the Piston Heads site are genuine and accurate, the car really does deserve a better custodian than me. Dave took great pride in his car and it shows. Me, I'm a bit lazy when it comes to attentive detail. Don't get me wrong, I love the car and am chuffed to bits to own it. For sale due partly by an advertiser on "carandclassic " who claimed his dry sump was the only one in the world for sale.....and at Fifty Thousand pounds. Too tempting a challenge to resist. If mine goes, I'll be happy and I'll see Dave alright. If it doesn't I'll still be happy, just have to discipline myself to be a bit more attentive. True value ? Somewhere between Dave's price and mine. Market forces will decide, and the passage of time. Meanwhile, enjoying the buzz having the occasional drive. Great cars.
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