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  1. All this talk of black wheels brings to mind a recent thread on PistonHeads: and from someone else's ... Mine (wearing its stickers for Le Mans the other year):
  2. Catching up on old threads I met up once for a breakfast hoon with the previous owner of your car @nigeninja - and this photo is one of my regularly-cycling desktop backgrounds: This road is the B4494 from Wantage - Newbury. It's so well sighted that the locals drive like madmen - I once was overtaken by a Nissan Nivara who must have been well into 3 figures...
  3. Coming late to the party - I've just registered for the 4th Oct, Evora 400.
  4. I think the Evora driver was backing off when behind the Megane - IMO, the Megane driver should have / could have got the hell out of the way a lot quicker without tripping over anything.
  5. Solved it myself I yanked off the A-pillar trim and that let the roof lining flex enough to shove a tile wedge in (which I had in a drawer of car stuff, which had been shoved into gaps in trim in other Lotuses to stop them squeaking 😂). Using an old kitchen spatula as a "Spudger" and it was a cinch to tuck the wire in ...
  6. hi all - a friend has given me a fairly nice dashcam for a long term test, and I'd like to run the power up the A pillar and along the headlining (in my Evora 400) so as to keep it kinda tidy. There's no real give when pulling the headlining down so the idea of just shoving the wire in doesn't really work. Does anyone have tips on how to loosen the headlining off enough to tuck cabling in, without removing the whole lot. Do I need to remove the sun visors? cheers Ewan
  7. That's interesting - the news just said that from 1 July 2018, 400,000km of roads would reduce to 80kph - are you saying that it only applies if it explicitly says 80 is the limit?
  8. Verr Nace. I was at the Hotel de France in mid June; it was a tad busier for some reason. Saw Jacky Ickx standing at the bar - I don't expect he needed to put his hand in his pocket...
  9. Lee - just saw this on the news tonight; it was great to see the girls looking so pleased, and well done you for getting the story out. Alex would, I'm sure, have been very proud of you all.
  10. I too have an auto 400 and actually find touring mode gets gearchanges wrong more often than I'd say it gets them right 😉 For me, it's touring mode until the car's warmed up then into Sport. And to my surprise, it's left in auto for the majority of the time... Dear Geely - how about putting in climate control and a decent satnav/stereo/speaker setup in your next £80k car?
  11. Wait until you see the interior
  12. Is that on both the coupe and the convertible, or just the first one?
  13. Thanks for the advice, chaps. Car's gone back into the dealer and they've found a broken exhaust heat shield bracket. Shame they didn't spot it the last 2 times that car's been with them for warranty work
  14. hi all I was driving a few weeks ago in heavy traffic on the motorway with no music playing, and really noticed a clattery / clanky noise coming from the engine bay, on the passenger side. I've talked to a dealer (who's had the car in a couple of times for other fixes) and they say there's nothing wrong, but... a) I don't remember it making this noise when I got it; it's ex- @Neal H and picked up from Silverstone in September. b) I don't like the noise and presume it's not a case of TADTS. It sounds like there's something loose and metallic rattling under certain vibration cond
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