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  1. Too bad, David - I picked up Neal's green 400 Auto on Friday
  2. Props to Mike Kimberley
  3. Vehicle: Lotus Evora 400

    Name: Lotus Evora 400 Click to view: Lotus Evora 400
  4. Lotus Evora 400

    Lotus Evora 400
  5. New car!

    Well, I think the steel bollard took the brunt of it, so they won't need to rebuild the workshop wall, much
  6. New car!

    I saw your car being reversed into the workshop yesterday when I was picking mine up - looks really good!
  7. Talk to me about 400 Autos please...

    Ha ha - no, I was just trying to convince myself
  8. Evora Picture & Video Thread

    Settling the Green Monster into the other driveway companions
  9. Talk to me about 400 Autos please...

    So I bit the bullet and picked up my first Evora today Automatic, of course...
  10. The green 400 auto might have lasted a little longer
  11. Well, it appears that Evoras sell in a day or two at Silverstone
  12. Talk to me about 400 Autos please...

    ... and Lotus may ask them to take a readout of the ECU on the first service, to make sure it's not been >4.5rpm during the running in period...
  13. Talk to me about 400 Autos please...

    Did you notice any difference, Neal?