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  1. ewand

    Lotus Emira

    By the time the v6 manual non-FE comes out, it's likely that 2016 Evora 400s will be starting from the high £30ks - low £40ks, meaning the cost to switch up to a new architecture*, better-built** and nicer-looking*** car that is otherwise fairly comparable, would be in the £40-50k bracket, probably. Then again, they'd be chopping in a 7-year old car for a brand new one. * I don't completely buy the "it's all new" argument; yes, sure, it's not the same architecture as the Evora/Exige but it's hardly light years ahead in construction or anything, is it? I mean, we're still talking bonded/extruded aluminium tub, and the engine/gearbox and steering/suspension aren't going to be all that radically different/better, are they? ** Of course, it remains to be seen if it is better-built. When watching the C4 documentary that followed the British GP, am I the only one that was wincing a little at the idea of shifting seamstresses with a lifetime of experience in stitching leather, into engine assembly... without introducing the risk of quality control problems? *** I think the Emira is a cracking-looking thing, but I'd love to see it parked next to a Evora GT410 just to see if it has really moved the game on as much as you'd think. IMHO, the blue colour (and maybe the lighting) on the Goodwood show stand made the crease that leads to the air intakes look a little less defined than in various photos. I think the Emira will be quite colour sensitive when it's on the road...
  2. I heard much the same thing from the guys at GFoS timing-wise (Sept for specs; first production prototypes will be for crash testing etc; journos won't get to try one until March; first v6 customer deliveries from April). i4 to come out 3 months later. They said deposits placed via dealers would be entered into the queue "as long as we receive them in time", along with the £2k ones they were taking online and on the stand. When the spec/prices are unveiled in Sept, then the queue of depositors will become a more firm build slot / order type thing as people confirm their choice (and some people might be put off by the price (if they decide they want the V6 FE for example, but are expecting to pay £60k), so the later news that all build slots for 2022 are sold out must be making an assumption on the number of deposits... Anyway, if there are no test drives until March or later, but the order book is full... so what?
  3. I'd be surprised if they start having test drives on what are basically pre-production cars; the GFoS guys said production between now and Feb/March would be crash test and environmental testing; journos won't get to drive until ~March 22, with first customer deliveries taking place in April. Maybe it would be a bad idea sending punters out for a "test drive" in something that's unfinished, ie in Sept. Maybe you'll get a passenger seat ride with the disclaimer that this is car #1 etc...
  4. From what they said on the FoS Stand, to do the more advanced ADAS functions like lane departure assist would require electric power steering - so in other words, Hydraulic for a couple of years until they're forced to implement ADAS then it's electric...
  5. At this rate there will be thousands of Emiras on the road in the UK, but hardly any Evoras... a future classic eh I honestly can't see them shipping the base model v6 Emira at a little over £60k; if people want to pay that, they'll buy an i4 and for maybe not much more outlay to produce each car, Lotus could easily slap a premium on the V6 manual. I wonder if there will be any visual differentiators between the two, other than the shifter in the cabin, the look through the glass and the noise that comes out the back.
  6. Well, if you listen to VBH's interview with Matt W, she asked if the plural of Lotus is Lotuses or Loti, and he said the plural is simply "Lotus".
  7. I reckon base edition V6 would be £75k, so first edition V6 will be more like £85k
  8. The blue one on stand at Goodwood was a non-runner with an incomplete interior - I asked if they could pop the boot but they said it wasn't operational. On the topic of build slots and deposits; the guys I talked to said they were going to produce something like 87 test cars and the grey one was #1. Deposits being taken from dealers and online / on the stand wont get a build slot yet - pricing will be released in Sept, with first press car tests in Feb 22, dealer and service training in March and series production starting for April deliveries, of the V6. They said the i4 would be 3 months later. The point of build slots was that people with a deposit will likely be given the choice of whether they want V6 or i4 after pricing is released and that would then drive actual build slots. So best case for early depositors is they'll be approached in Sept and could lock in their spec for April delivery of V6 (£75k+) or July for i4 (£60k+).
  9. ewand

    Lotus Emira

    Euro 7 won't come into force until 2025 at the earliest but won't even be defined until the end of this year; the EU is looking at all kinds of speed and emissions enforcement so it may be that they delay until 2026 or 27.
  10. ewand

    Lotus Emira

    On the FoS stand today, the two guys I was talking with brought in a lady who presumably knew more about the exact spec; I was asking about the exhaust note on the V6 - unlike the Evora there's no switchable valve or anything; she said it is just below the legal limit all the time. The guys also made the point that in a few years, Emira will need to switch to electric PAS due to ADAS and lane departure requirements. They also said the V6 was planned to be in place for the duration of the model life; wouldn't say how long that was going to be...
  11. cheers guys, I think I will take it to a PPF specialist first. I presume the factory plastic sheet is a bit thicker than your average PPF but I'm sure a specialist could tell me if they can deal with it. As to whether the paint is damaged or not, I guess I'll only find out when the film comes off. It may need a bit of touching up... An yes, @Bravo73 I was going down the M40 yesterday afternoon The offending access way - there was an Audi A5 cabrio in the car park whose side was all scratched and a bit caved in, looked quite fresh... and someone else had a big doof on their OSF bumper, also pretty fresh looking...
  12. hi all Unfortunately, I was manoeuvring my 400 gingerly through an entrance to an old coaching inn, and though I had cleared the wall on the nearside... until I heard a scratching/crunch type noise... clearly I wasn't quite as clear as I though 😬 Damage is pretty minimal and I think the paint more-or-less survived, with the Paint Protection Film doing its thing. Looking at DeRoure, a new bit of film is going to be £175, and I'd expect fitting at a Lotus dealer to be about the same again. Is it something that any reasonable garage should be able to do, or is there some special process that means it needs to be done at a Lotus garage? cheers Ewan
  13. All this talk of black wheels brings to mind a recent thread on PistonHeads: and from someone else's ... Mine (wearing its stickers for Le Mans the other year):
  14. Catching up on old threads I met up once for a breakfast hoon with the previous owner of your car @nigeninja - and this photo is one of my regularly-cycling desktop backgrounds: This road is the B4494 from Wantage - Newbury. It's so well sighted that the locals drive like madmen - I once was overtaken by a Nissan Nivara who must have been well into 3 figures...
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