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  1. Any changes to Evora 400 for MY2018?

    Is that on both the coupe and the convertible, or just the first one?
  2. Thanks for the advice, chaps. Car's gone back into the dealer and they've found a broken exhaust heat shield bracket. Shame they didn't spot it the last 2 times that car's been with them for warranty work
  3. hi all I was driving a few weeks ago in heavy traffic on the motorway with no music playing, and really noticed a clattery / clanky noise coming from the engine bay, on the passenger side. I've talked to a dealer (who's had the car in a couple of times for other fixes) and they say there's nothing wrong, but... a) I don't remember it making this noise when I got it; it's ex- @Neal H and picked up from Silverstone in September. b) I don't like the noise and presume it's not a case of TADTS. It sounds like there's something loose and metallic rattling under certain vibration conditions I tried to capture what I'm on about when I was creeping along my driveway - it's a gravelly lane about 150m long, a bit bumpy (but not enough to cause the clattering you can hear): when I heard the noise I hung my hand out behind the passenger seat with the phone recording. Video here - (click on play to hear) Am I being paranoid? Has anyone had a similar noise? thanks! Ewan

    Nicely done, @Bibs - good to meet everyone this morning, and thanks to Chris, Chris, Chris and everyone else at Hofmanns for opening their doors to us all

    If anyone fancies a convoy from the west of Reading over to Henley in the morning, I'm going to be leaving from the Sainsbury's car park just north of M4 J12 at about 0830, so meet there for 0815 if you feel like joining in. Bring 60p for the little toll bridge at Whitchurch too
  6. Saw a black (or very dark grey?) Evora S burbling up towards Theale from Burghfield the other day; might have been Sunday afternoon. And what I'm pretty sure was the same car turning onto the westbound M4 at J12 this morning about 8am, looking like it'd come from the Reading direction. Anyone here? In fact, I might have seen the same car heading south on the A4 at the A340 Pangbourne roundabout, a few weeks ago...

    I'll be there Chris! cheers, Ewan
  8. Too bad, David - I picked up Neal's green 400 Auto on Friday
  9. Props to Mike Kimberley
  10. Vehicle: Lotus Evora 400

    Name: Lotus Evora 400 Click to view: Lotus Evora 400
  11. Lotus Evora 400

    Lotus Evora 400
  12. New car!

    Well, I think the steel bollard took the brunt of it, so they won't need to rebuild the workshop wall, much
  13. New car!

    I saw your car being reversed into the workshop yesterday when I was picking mine up - looks really good!