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  1. I 'am happy that Lotus developed such a beautiful and amazing car as the Emira - smart move and if my Exige would be damagend or stolen and no comparable Exige would be available I would seriously consider an Emira as replacement if KomoTec could prepare it for trackday use..... For now there's just nothing left to be desired with my wonderful Exige 350 (EX460) Vivid Green - the most fascinating thing I ever owned, every time I see and drive it I'am just exited that such a wonderul thing is really mine!! The picture was taken before I left for a Pistenclub trackday at the Nürburgring GP circuit yesterday - next week I will drive with friends at the wonderful circuit in Zandvoort - to be followed by Bilster Berg and Circuit de Charade near Clermont Ferrant in August .....
  2. to be honest, I'am disappointed by the Emira. Looks good, but low weight as former essential Lotus feature with 1.400 kg transformed to the contrary assisted stearing (at least hydraulic) V6 still with the outdated manual gearbox and not available with DSG After all it's calming that all the KomoTec power upgrade options can still be applied. I expect the aerodynamic drag to be mch lower than with the Exige (0,45) and therefore I'am curious how the Emira will perform on track.
  3. I look forward the new Lotus Emira - for sure it will be an amazing car. Lotus ended 3 model ranges to be replaced with with just 1 new model - they are not suicidal, it will be a great car for sure. I for one hope that my wonderful Lotus Exige EX460 Vivid Green will be with me for many years (and trackdays) to come and that there will be no necessity to replace it with an Emira.
  4. The KomoTec IDS from my point of view is the far better option. The knob with Lotus Logo in the center console looks great and a Wavetrac LSD is included - I'am still waiting for a test drive
  5. Sorry if I was wrong in this regard I'll check that with KomoTec - but anywy, if that's so the Exige 390 is definitly the sale of the year and would have saved me about 8.5 K€ 😨
  6. I ordered my Final Edition Exige in Vivid Green last year and while I still don't regret the timing of my order in the face of the Exige 390 I have to admit that the Exige 390 is a tempting offer that would have saved me a few Euros.... The Exige 390 is offered with the watercooled chargecooler - certainly that is the most important feature. I would have upgraded to the KomoTec EX460 anyway but that upgrade would have been 6 TE less expensive than applying that upgrade to the Exige 350... BTW: The clutch of the Exige 390 is not upgrated and there's no oil cooler included but there's a digital AIM display which is great!! I got the MX2 Strada from KomoTec which works perfectly with the AIM Smartycam HD - I seriously doubt that the OEM digital display offers that kind of compatibility. Concluding: The Exige 390 is a great offer with a nice stearing wheel and if you could order it in Vivid Green (?) it would be almost perfect disregarding the rear lights.....
  7. In my first Exige Sport 350 I pondered between the "Close Ratio" and the "EX460- Kit" - given that I had bad experience with modifications at the exhaust line with a Porsche I previously owned I decided for the "Close ratio" option. Downside: apart from the expense there is noticiable increased gearbox noise Benefit: sunstantially better torque and speedup, car feels much stronger and agile, not only in 5. und 6. gear. BTW: the gear range from my perspective is not perfect for track use (3. gear - 146km (154), 4. gear - 187km (202) Here you can see the (limited) advantage compared to an equally powered Exige without "Close ratio" gearbox Conclusion: In my new Lotus Exige Sport 350 I decided for the EX460 Kit and against the Close ratio - without power upgrade I would have installed the "Close ratio" again.
  8. When I saw the JUBU Promo-Videos for the first time I was tempted, so I reflected the issue- but after aa while I decided basically against it, not only for the matter of price (which from my point of view is ridicilous...). I love my Lotus for what it is, so there's no need for more gearbox-comfort on B-roads. Seeking better performance on the track, I would opt for the KomoTec sequential Gearbox with paddles - durable and heat-resistant on track which I do not expect for the 7 gear DSG VW solution. In spring 2021 hopefully I will testdrive the supposedly 6 gear KomoTec DSG solution - I'am really curious and look forward the test drive, but I'am sure I will not change my mind.....
  9. In August I drove my new Sport 350 EX460 Vivid Green Lotus first time in Zandvoort at 36° and unfortunately two times the water temperature exceeded 100° and I had to take a break.... (no harm done) I was advised to switch off the AC which helped to keep the water temperature at 96° - good advice but a sweaty experience..... So, preparing my Lotus for the 2021 trackday season two weeks ago KomoTec assembled the bigger radiator - I hope I'll help to keep the water temperature below 100° under any condition.... Additional they assembled the "Uniball Upright-Bushing-Kit „KT-Track“ -
  10. Congrats - the car looks awesome! Is the color Italian Flag green? Have fun!!
  11. This is why I decided against a 410 and got myself a 350 exhaust noise (to noisy for trackdays) carbon tailgate (ugly to my eyes....) tail lights (ugly....) manifolds (kats) are the same as with the Sport 350 carbon seats (too narrow) no LSD Michelin Cup2 tires
  12. Yes, I did - but please keep in mind that my modifications are based on a 90% track use profile... Chassis: Nitron 46 2-way (great for track use but very noisy at low speed on B-roads, for street use I would recommend the very good and low-noise Ohlins "road and track" chassis) Transmission Oilcooler (track) Quaife LSD (track) KoBra 4-4 brakes (track - for road use maybe just the front axle if at all...) Forged wheels (track and street - just looks great and feels better) Exige Sport 350, EX460, Ohlins Road and track chassis. forged wheels - nothing left to be desired!!
  13. If you want to track your Exige keep in mind that the 380 exhaust exceeds the noise limits of most tracks - besides, no watercooled charge cooler... Therefore last year I decided for a new Exige 350 (Vivid Green) and applied the KomoTec phase EX460 upgrade - perfect decision!
  14. the DCT double clutch gearbox by JUBU is amazing - the first DCG I saw in an Exige at all. I just wrote an E-Mail to KomoTec to check if they meanwhile offer a DCG too. BTW: The JUBU pricetag for the gearbox is impressive as well: 25.000 Euro
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