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  1. I would favor the KomoTec close ratio final drive over any power upgrade without chargecooling - feels like a significant power upgrade. So if money is an issue my essential Sport 350 modifications are the suspension, transmission oilcooler and PFC brake pads whereupon for road use I recommend the Ohlins because they are not as noisy as the uniball-joint fitted Nitrons. If that's done and still money left go for the final drive or the chargecooled EX460.
  2. I'am heartbroken to tell you that unfortunately there is no redundant set of original forged wheels , the car was ordered with the forged wheels. BTW: The delivery of the radiator for the EX460 Kit is delayed so I'am happy if I can test drive for the first time before christmas
  3. I did exactly the same thing - I traded in my MY 2016 Exige Sport 350 in mettalic grey for an Exige Sport 350 in Vivid Green a few weeks ago and I'am so happy I did it regardless all concern I had if that's an a priori justifiable decision. It is! My impressions during the run in period were exactly the same - you forgot to mention the altered and improved hood release lever! Now the run in period is over and I look forward to collect my wonderful new Lotus from KomoTec Tuesday next week with subsequent listed modifications applied: EX460 Upgrade MXS Display Nitron chassis 2-way KoBra Big Brakes Quaife LSD Harness bar and 4 point harness uprated clutch transmission oil cooler forged wheels This car definitely is the most beautiful and most exiting thing I ever owned! I'm thrilled and can't wait to pick it up!
  4. Before my first test drive in a Lotus Exige at KomoTec 3 years ago I searched for an instrction how to get in and out of a Lotus - fortunately I found this video and to this day I get in and out my Lotus exactly the way subsequently described
  5. the Radio is a Navgear Street Mate - it was not available anywhere since 2018 but actually there is one refurbished offered for 177 Euro - a bargain;jsessionid=jDAB21422F51680F2924D1F29E74D2EB4?vid=917&wa_id=40&wa_num=5116&utm_source=googleps&utm_medium=cpc&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIpO_-s5uv5QIVmcmyCh0rtw1uEAQYASABEgJUgvD_BwE First the running-in inspection has to be made then the EX460Kit will be fitted.
  6. Today I collected my new Lotus Exige Sport 350 in Vivid Green in Mendig from KomoTec - unsuprising I'am still overwhelmed and just totally happy Beside the cool colour above all I'am exited about the AIM KomoTec MXS Strada Display - the quality of craftmanship conducted by KomoTec here is outstanding - regard how their control buttons for the MXS are intergated in the cover of the steering wheel! Awesome!
  7. BTW: here you can see how overly tight springs impair the mechanical grip of your chassis, that's the reason why KomoTec replaces the OEM springs of the nitron chassis with a slightly softer version Unfortunately this review is only available in german as well, but it's entertaining and informative anyway:
  8. 2017 the Exige V6 was tested again with a lot of KomoTec upgrades applied (EX460, Öhlins chassis, close ratio final drive, Drexler plate taype LSD, Big brakes) - the lap time was a striking 1:48:80 Unfortunately the review is only available in german as well, but it's entertaining and informative anyway:
  9. Years ago the Exige was extensivly tested by "Fast Lap" and their professional race driver Christian Menzel - he experienced and criticized exactly the same behaviour that you described: oversteer under breaking that turns into understeer exiting the corner. Characterization of the problem starts at 01:08 The reason for the annoying switch between understeer and oversteer while breaking and accelerating: the springs are too soft. The solution: Get yourself a Nitron or Öhlins chassis with stiffer springs (perfect solution is offered by KomoTec with springs a little softer than the Nitron OEM)
  10. Baseline: I suspect the Evija is the prologue for what has to be expected from Lotus in the near future. I bought my first Lotus in 2017 – a Lotus Exige Sport 350 in metallic grey recently with about 24.000 km mileage after 2 ½ years… Regardless I experienced inconceivably annoying rattles and squeaks in the early stages of ownership (fixed by KomoTec) this car is the most exciting car I ever had the pleasure to drive and I don’t want to miss that in the years to come. I basically decided to get myself a new Lotus from the current line-up as a long-term investment and pondered extensively if it’s a Sport 350, a Sport 410 or a Cup 430. Finally I decided for a Sport 350 in Vivid Green that will hopefully be delivered within the next two weeks by KomoTec in Mendig. Subsequent you see how I configured my amazing new Lotus Exige Sport 350 MY 2019 Vivid Green and Black Pack Forged Wheels Black Calipers KomoTec Upgrades Phase EX 460 Suspension Nitron "NTR 46 Pro-2way" KT Version Brake Kit Ko-Bra 4-4 Limited Slip Differential Quaife Uprated AP-Sport clutch and flywheel Transmission Oilcooler Kit Tow Eye Kit rear AIM MXS (Strada) Display with Smartycam HD Harness bar and 4 point harness Price : more than 100.000 Euro (about 91.800 GBP) Delivery expected : hopefully Saturday 12.10.2019 at KomoTec in Mendig End of run-in period : we’ll see First Trackdays : Imola and Mugello March 2020 The lowest priced Cup 430 in Germany is offered at the price of 126.990 Euro (about 113.000 GBP) – that’s an extra charge about 11.000 GBP for a car that’s less capable and less attractive than the Sport 350 I ordered. Insofar from my point of view the sales figures for the Cup 430 outlined above are not that bad at all…..
  11. you are right, it's Pflanzgarten 1 - cars take off if driven fast here, so there's no problem with the downforce - the Exige is just fast.....
  12. is this a part of the Nürburgring Nordschleife - and if so which corner?
  13. beyond words, you have to see it in real - overwhelming to my eyes...... but definitly not everybody's liking. When I showed the picture of the Vivid Green Lotus to my Mom she said "You'll have to keep that car for a while cause there's no secondary market for a colour like this...."
  14. Looks great! I recently traded my incredible Lotus Exige Sport 350 in Metallic Grey for a new Exige Sport 350 in Vivid Green (I was bewitched by that amazing colour at first sight....) - when it's delivered by KomoTec I'll certainly post pictures! The picture of the Sport 350 in vivid Green was recently taken in the show room of BF Sportwagen in Villingen, Germany, that's not my future car, just a good example for the the stunning colour. The picture from my former Exige was taken before the handover to KomoTec a few weeks ago.
  15. Squeakwise I suffered exactly the same fate with my Sport 350 from 2017 - meanwhile that horrible noise was removed by KomoTec - it was so annoying that at that time I seriously considered to sell the car, unbearable. I don't know what KomoTec did, but - as for me - that squeak is gone for good. To deliver a car in 2019 in that price range with disturbing noise like that is simply inexcusable, an infamy. Hopefully Geely will sort that out.
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