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  1. the picture is great - thank's for sharing! To my knowledge KomoTec offers the Nitron 46 2-way and the Ohlins suspension with softer springs than the OEM-version to improve the handling on track - I'am afraid the spring rates have to checked with KomoTec
  2. Trofeo R - 205 and 265. Lotus forged rims
  3. I bought the spacers at KomoTec, although the spacers apparently are not offered in the shop. The spacers come with extended Lotus wheel bolts - the set was sold for 129 Euro. 5 mm each side was the smallest available size. BTW: I'am still exited about the Vivid Grenn every time I see may car, it's just perfect!!
  4. The gearbox oilcooler is applied, but even so the gearchange from 3 to 4th gear was far from perfect to say the least..., KomoTec ventilated the 240 mm sport clutch, but I doubt that the real cause of these problems is identfied yet... The noise you can hear at 7:38 was very disturbing to me and sounded much worse in real than you can hear it in the video - given that repeated breaking from 250 to 50 calls for dependability of all parts it was an annoying fault that unfortunately could not be located on the spot by the KomoTec mechanics. A few days later the car was checked by KomoTec in Mendig and it turned out that the rear wheels have touched the inside wheel-house plastic-casing on that bumpy part of the track under heavy breaking - I guess that's due to the adjustment of the Nitron 2way chassis... The suggested solution: I will fit 5mm spacers at the rear next time on the track (02.08. Hockenheim again...) and hopefully the spacers will fix the problem.
  5. Of course due to the Corona Pandemic all Trackday Events 2020 have been cancelled - 25.05.2020 was the first time I could experience my new Lotus Exige Sport 350 (Vivid Green, KomoTec EX460, Quaife LSD, Nitron46, 2way) on an racetrack at the Hockenheimring. I achieved my previous best laptime in Hockenheim 2012 with a Porsche 997 GT3 MK2 (435PS): 01:58:199 My new Lotus felt trustable, handled perfect and was pure joy to drive (except the partially truculent gearbox....) and my best laptime was a 1.58.20 in lap 12 and lap 15 - so unfortunately no new personal minimum time but a lot of fun in troubled times.
  6. according to findings in the german TV show "Fast Track" the OEM springs are just much to soft - so the car dunks under heavy breaking (oversteer) and releases the front axle under acceleration (understeer) which resukts in a handling that's to some degree unpredictable Conclusion: from my point of view a competent applied chassis ( "noisy" Nitron 2- way or "unobstrusive" Ohlins) and an transmission oilcooler are mandatory - anything else can be done later (EX460 Power Kit by KomoTec, Quaife LSD, brakes etc.)
  7. I gave some thought to the same question - last year I decided for a new Sport 350 in Vivid Green with KomoTec EX460 Kit, and we lived happily ever after..... My advice: do the same...
  8. when my 3rd gear started popping I asked KomoTec for help and it turned out that this is a well known issue - they overhauled the gear box (amongst others a shifting claw had to be replaced) charged 2.600 Euro and everything was fine, compared to what i would have been charged by Porsche in a similar case a real bargain.
  9. To my knowledge Quaife ATB differentials come with a lifetime warranty whereat track use is explicitly not exluded - so if it's a Quaife differential (i thought you had a Drexler plate type fitted) I would contact them
  10. A plate type LSD (Drexler 50/60) has a fundamental impact on the handling of the Exige and I never considered it to be as an improvement although I drove my best lap times with the Drexler LSD applied (eventually got used to it.....). My second Exige is fitted with a Quaife "LSD" and although due to the Corona epidemic I could not give it a try on track (actually today i would have been to Imola in beloved Italy ) on public roads it feels perfect and by far less intrusive than the Drexler LSD. Even with the KomoTec EX460 Kit (460 HP and 491NM) ,the Quaife LSD and the Nitron chassis applied my Lotus Exige 350 feels friendly and reliable with Race Mode turned off - anyway, on track I would start with race mode on.
  11. My advice: Remove the harness bar, replace the panel with a new one and fit the harness bar offerend by KomoTec instead - no rattles or squeeks at all in my Exige with that setup. Last resort: Transfer your car to KomoTec, Germany and let them fix the problem, in my case they proved to be kind of "squeek-whisperers".
  12. Lotus Vivid Green in every day life.....
  13. Wonderful cars..., the Lotus is almost like mine! Great picture of an impressive collection!
  14. My recommendation: Chargecooled EX460 Kit from KomoTec and Quafe LSD to get the power on the street - this setup is perfect for me, I can't think for anything better! I would not do any powerupgrade without adding a chargecooler. If the EX460 Kit for what reason ever is not an option consider to apply the close ratio final drive from KomoTec instaed.
  15. Seriosly...., whatever to plan to do with your Lotus , ask KomTec what they recommend! These guys are the best thing that can possibly happen to anybody owning a Lotus! I will pick up mine on 20.02.2020...... (459 PS, 491 NM)
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