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  1. the DCT double clutch gearbox by JUBU is amazing - the first DCG I saw in an Exige at all. I just wrote an E-Mail to KomoTec to check if they meanwhile offer a DCG too. BTW: The JUBU pricetag for the gearbox is impressive as well: 25.000 Euro
  2. If you consider a power upgrade go for the EX460 with the watercooled chargecooler - otherwise I recommend the close gear ratio over an upgrade prone to heat soak like the phase EX430 or smaller Apart from that: I would always choose KomoTec, they are the benchmark and their solutions are proven reliable
  3. Amid the loosen up pandemic restrictions I could finally take my Lotus to my beloved Zandvoort at 11.082020. – alongside Imola, Mugello and Spa my favorite track and for me one of the most miraculous places on earth at all. The Formula 1 related modifications of the track turned out to be an improvement, the track maintained it's character and is still a lot of fun to drive The exciting new steep wall curve is much steeper in real than the video can show, I reckon the track is about 2 sec faster – hence lap-times are not really comparable insofar. My minimum time was 01:55:61
  4. matt black looks really cool and somehow menacing too - a perfect trackday tool......
  5. Second Trackday this year under strict Corona-restrictions with Pistenclub at the wonderful racetrack Spa Francorchamps. Weather condtions were perfect, Lotus in prefect working order, given the power of the EX460 Kit fortunately I accomplished a new personal minium time (02:48:42 - to date 02:49:93) ) and apart from that had a lot of fun keeping up with a 500 PS Exige with sequential gear box
  6. I use this mount which provides a firm connection with the bulky slats of the Lotus ventialtion nozzle In addition I use this USB adapter which makes it much more comfortable to attach the charging cable when needed.
  7. the picture is great - thank's for sharing! To my knowledge KomoTec offers the Nitron 46 2-way and the Ohlins suspension with softer springs than the OEM-version to improve the handling on track - I'am afraid the spring rates have to checked with KomoTec
  8. I bought the spacers at KomoTec, although the spacers apparently are not offered in the shop. The spacers come with extended Lotus wheel bolts - the set was sold for 129 Euro. 5 mm each side was the smallest available size. BTW: I'am still exited about the Vivid Grenn every time I see may car, it's just perfect!!
  9. The gearbox oilcooler is applied, but even so the gearchange from 3 to 4th gear was far from perfect to say the least..., KomoTec ventilated the 240 mm sport clutch, but I doubt that the real cause of these problems is identfied yet... The noise you can hear at 7:38 was very disturbing to me and sounded much worse in real than you can hear it in the video - given that repeated breaking from 250 to 50 calls for dependability of all parts it was an annoying fault that unfortunately could not be located on the spot by the KomoTec mechanics. A few days later the car was checked by KomoTe
  10. Of course due to the Corona Pandemic all Trackday Events 2020 have been cancelled - 25.05.2020 was the first time I could experience my new Lotus Exige Sport 350 (Vivid Green, KomoTec EX460, Quaife LSD, Nitron46, 2way) on an racetrack at the Hockenheimring. I achieved my previous best laptime in Hockenheim 2012 with a Porsche 997 GT3 MK2 (435PS): 01:58:199 My new Lotus felt trustable, handled perfect and was pure joy to drive (except the partially truculent gearbox....) and my best laptime was a 1.58.20 in lap 12 and lap 15 - so unfortunately no new personal minimum time but a lot o
  11. according to findings in the german TV show "Fast Track" the OEM springs are just much to soft - so the car dunks under heavy breaking (oversteer) and releases the front axle under acceleration (understeer) which resukts in a handling that's to some degree unpredictable Conclusion: from my point of view a competent applied chassis ( "noisy" Nitron 2- way or "unobstrusive" Ohlins) and an transmission oilcooler are mandatory - anything else can be done later (EX460 Power Kit by KomoTec, Quaife LSD, brakes etc.)
  12. I gave some thought to the same question - last year I decided for a new Sport 350 in Vivid Green with KomoTec EX460 Kit, and we lived happily ever after..... My advice: do the same...
  13. when my 3rd gear started popping I asked KomoTec for help and it turned out that this is a well known issue - they overhauled the gear box (amongst others a shifting claw had to be replaced) charged 2.600 Euro and everything was fine, compared to what i would have been charged by Porsche in a similar case a real bargain.
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