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  1. Used Evora prices are stable here. '17 400s are sold at high $60Ks to $75K while '18s go for a little more although milage, equipment and condition are more important than vintage for 400s. But for the time being it seems like Evora prices are at a bottom. Now, for better or worse the used Evora population is so small that demand has started to meet or possibly even exceed supply. I get the impression that the Evora has finally made a dent in American car consciousness. I think Lotus sales were up near 40% last year. We know that's not really all that many cars but as a relative met
  2. This is just the beginning disappointment for him. The Proud Boys were expecting a bunker scene wherein he and Melanoma poison the dog and take considerably more dramatic steps rather than grudgingly consent to the communist victory. But they didn't get that. He just flew off to Mara Lago....that's the bunker for now..... to lick his wounds. He's going to have a rough few months and I think it will get worse before it gets better for him. Even the city of Mara Lago is fighting his presence. It sucks to be him today. It's only fair. I can see him with a future on drive time radio
  3. Some good news from DC for a change. The adults are now officially in charge. Biden took the oath 21 minutes ago. Goodbye Donald. May your next government funded housing include three meals a day, chipped beef or turkey all king on toast followed by a one hour exercise period in the yard. America can now resume its place alongside the world's other democracies, a position abandoned for the last four years. Biden may be just the man for the job. And how about Lady Gaga? Not an easy song to do well, but she crushed it.
  4. It isn't good and no man should have such unrestricted power. I wonder if that will ever be addressed. That's a constitutional power which means it would require an amendment to alter the scope of the thing. Nobody expects The Spanish Inquisition....or such a feckless and corrupted president. Big wake up call.
  5. Not only did I see the movie, I read the books and can sing along with the anthem.
  6. Sorry about that. It sounded just like you and from here it's hard to see much difference. Please forward my message to Barry if you'd be so kind as he said he won't be making any more contributions here. I'll be just as pleased to be corrected about Mandela from him if he can find some evidence. Now go back to your moaning chair, have a seat by the fire and a nice hot cuppa. With my ever so sincere apology of course.
  7. I believe he can be kept from office if he is convicted in the Senate, where the trial is actually heard. The impeachment (as I understand it) is the formal declaration and levying of the charges. I'm unclear if that alone keeps him from running for office in the future. Open to correction as always, of course.
  8. That's true in that the Senate Majority Leader (Chuck Schumer) will be in charge of the procedures but unfortunately, the Senate requires a 2/3 vote to convict. A simple majority won't do. If that were the case (simple majority) there would be no question that he would be convicted. Since the Senate is split 50/50, the Republican party will be required to provide 17 votes to convict. Are there 17 honest Republicans in the Senate who will openly consider the evidence and actions that lead up to the riots and sedition in Washington? That's far from clear. Hey plumber, ever f
  9. Eldon's post gets it correctly. Neal's question is answered in Eldon's post, but to address it clearly, the law regarding the value of presidential self pardons is untested or at least unclear as to what protection Trump obtains if he pardons himself. So that remains to be seen. As mentioned, anyone receiving a pardon is obliged to answer all questions pertaining to the issues and connected issues without the protection of the fifth amendment. The penalties for lying in this way are severe. However, if someone other than the president himself is pardoned for a specific crime, it really
  10. I don't think he did. We've been in touch outside The Lotus Forums as I follow him on LT and I have not heard any news about making this swap. He does have a KomoTec tune so the power part of the equation has been uprated on his car.
  11. ^I had a dense aunt. She's not with us anymore and even though I, my sister and all my cousins weren't fond of her, the funeral was very sad. I found out that we all really wanted to like her but each had trouble with her in different ways. Even her kids felt that way. That was something I didn't know until we all talked about it. I thought I was the only one that had a problem with her. But as I said, she was thick and never got the point and always argued about the littlest things. Like just picking at the turnips in the margins of the plate instead of digging into the roast. But
  12. Look, fellas. All rioting sucks. Criminals should be punished. I don't know how Brits feel about Gandhi, Mandela or MLK, but all of them espoused non violence (not against protesting, just counter violence). So you didn't find me in any of those crowds and you won't find me saying other than punish Antifa looters and rioters wherever they are guilty. If anybody has a grievance and they want to air it publicly, feel free, just don't enter my house and break my stereo or crash my storefront. Say your piece and move along. And same same for this Trump mob. There is one caveat on the Trum
  13. Here you go. Here's another one for you, a real American radical.
  14. When did Nancy Pelosi break into the Capitol Building again?
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