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  1. Disagree, but we rarely see eye to eye on the details. Obama will be remembered with fondness especially compared to the Trump years which will be seen as ushering out the last of America's integrity and any remaining moral authority we might have had. As has been mentioned, Trump's economy, the thing he claims for himself, rides on the back of Obama's successes. These days it's a major achievement to leave office with the respect of the people that voted you in. Obama achieved that. Who in Europe will achieve that today? Will Boris? Well, by one measure GB is not really Europe anymore
  2. With this gang in the White House, it's impossible to divine the truth but something we do know is that steroids make you feel great until they don't.
  3. Regarding Komotec, I have installed their 435 tune in my 400. It is a more powerful tune with better throttle response than the factory version currently being delivered in our GT versions. I have no way to compare it to the 430 factory tune that has been available to you in the various 430 iterations available outside the USA, but I suspect it is more powerful than that as well. It makes a real difference you can feel and elevates the car from "quick" to genuinely fast. I installed it myself, and I am far from computer savvy. KT also returns the stock tune and a 91 RON to th
  4. This news further polarizes opinion, I'm sure. I only know what I surprises here, the man is criminally irresponsible and willing to break all moral and ethical rules to his own benefit.. He games everything and everyone, putting his greed on display for all to see. The tax scandal is but one more straw that will be ignored by his sycophants but adds weight to the case against him. I can assure you it won't be ignored if the government changes hands in November. The notion that all our leaders have always been as dishonest and incompetent as Trump has proven to be is si
  5. I'm shocked(!)....that nobody has brought up Trump's delicate condition yet. Probably our time differences. In the event the news hasn't yet made it your way, Trump is in hospital, Walter Reed Medical Center to be precise, with CV-19. Speculation, as you can imagine, is running rampant. I have my own notions. Melania has a dose too. Many in the administration are testing positive. I suspect Trump's is at least a moderately severe case. He hasn't tweeted for almost 17 hours which was when he tweeted that he had contracted Covid 119. By the way, that tweet got t
  6. They have taken the Golden One to Walter Reed Medical Center, the Army's premier hospital. It depends who you are what you make of this. If like me you find the irony overwhelming, you're in a better position to capitalize on any humor potential. If you're a die hard, it's somebody else's fault, probably antifa or Obama's. There are very few undecided people left here by most accounts. It's not that they're unimportant to a victory either way, quite to the contrary. But most of them are single issue voters. Abortion, what we call Row v. Wade, is the big one and that's almost a
  7. Love my 400. I think when I consider the excitement and joy I get from just driving it, it has to be the best car I ever owned. I just made an abbreviated list of cars I've owned for another thread and it reminded me how fine the 400 is at doing what it was designed to do. I think that's the way you have to rate your experience: did the car do what you bought it to do, and how closely does it match your expectations? In that respect, while perhaps not the best finished car I've ever owned, it has met its promise to me as well or better than the rest. Here's to me and many hap
  8. If you're old and like cars, this gets to be a long list fellas. I got my first car in 1967 while still at college. It was a hand me down '60 Ford Falcon....bought it from my Mom. Mom wasn't terribly keen on caring for cars and as I'd been away at school I wasn't there to help her out with it. It was worth more than $50, but not much. I reduced it to a smoldering heap and traded it in plus $400 to a questionable used car dealer for a fixer '61 TR3A,. It was used up but it was a car I wanted. Out of school, I acquired a fine '66 TR4A. I bought it from a friend when he decided to go to m
  9. The ownership experience I had with a Volvo Turbo cured me forever from considering the marque again. The closest I've come to Toyota ownership has been with my 400. Of all the things in the car, I consider the running gear and chassis to be the highest quality items and actually, two key reasons that allowed me to buy the car. What I have hoped Geely's investment would bring to new Lotus models is industry standard fit and finish and, of course, buying power. As a Lotus enthusiast I don't look forward to future models adapting existing Geely and Volvo hardware aside perhaps for thei
  10. The 'surprise factor' of the Evora is probably what hooked me. I was looking for a late 997 Porsche Turbo and also had my eye on the C7 (C8 wasn't out yet obviously) and stumbled across the 400 by chance while checking out a used 991.1 C2S at a our local dealership. I had no thought to buy a new Lotus, furthest thing from my mind, really. As we walked past the chrome orange '17 400 that was the dealer's demo, I chanced a closer look and found myself interested to learn more. I thought it was more excitiong to look at than a 911 (or the last GT4) or the C7 (a car which I like) and being
  11. I think your forum handle wonderfully and accurately expresses what seems to be your world view. Well done. There's no point dragging this out further, we'll just have to disagree about most everything but mutual admiration for Lotus. We can perhaps return to happier discussion in Evoraville. See you there.
  12. I hope not to get enmeshed in further arguing my following observations. I really wish to state my opinion and be moving on so I am not addressing the following to anyone in particular, rather to a more general audience. I hope!!! I think many of you are not keeping up with what is going on in the USA or are relying on questionable sources for your data. I also think many who have commented are either unaware of how oppressive the situation is for people of color in this country or don't really care. It's easy to disparage the "protestors" in sum but doing so suggests ignorance of
  13. Indeed, he can legally only serve two terms but the damage he has done to the institutional bedrock is already enormous and another four years would see that tripled. It's the structural disaster he has foisted on the institutions, (courts, environmental policies, international relationships and just as damaging, the ruination of our dialog) that is the overriding concern. Even a change in leadership will not reverse the effects of his hubris and greed for years. Via the medium of Kushner, Trump has even threatened to delay the national elections. He doesn't technically have the l
  14. You know what's even sadder than Trump's utterly porous, puerile, prurient, pompous peabrain all topped by a generous layering of guile and misanthropy? The fact that 60,000,000 Americans will never realize what a pissant they voted for and are prepared to vote for him all over again! (Also our entirely fooked electoral system doesn't help). And then, you know what's almost (but not nearly) as sad as that? That the Democratic Party, which I will nonetheless support, didn't muster anybody more appealing than Joe Biden who's a great guy and all that but is older than me! And I am very old!
  15. It's flattering and true but how could they omit the C8 from mention?
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