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  1. The 'surprise factor' of the Evora is probably what hooked me. I was looking for a late 997 Porsche Turbo and also had my eye on the C7 (C8 wasn't out yet obviously) and stumbled across the 400 by chance while checking out a used 991.1 C2S at a our local dealership. I had no thought to buy a new Lotus, furthest thing from my mind, really. As we walked past the chrome orange '17 400 that was the dealer's demo, I chanced a closer look and found myself interested to learn more. I thought it was more excitiong to look at than a 911 (or the last GT4) or the C7 (a car which I like) and being a Lotus, I reckoned it was good to drive. But to buy and own? In America? Too silly thinks I but might as well explore it. On a whim I asked the sales guy if I might have a test drive in the thing. I expected it to steer and handle well but be rough and rattly. Well, he produced the keys and I had the universally ubiquitous experience of trying to start the car with the immobilizer on. We got the car started with the needed instruction and everybody knows how that ended. What got me was how smooth, fantastic and unique the drive was. It was everything I thought it wouldn't be. Tight, composed, complete, as a package, good aircon, comfy seats, fun to shift, light clutch, great feel. In short, many things I thought a Lotus wasn't. I liked driving it better than any comparably priced car and I thought it was better looking too. It was a big surprise to me just how together the Evora is. The lack of "features" that I thought were essential in an upmarket sport car, (heads up display, power seats, rockin' stereo, and all the rest gave a moment's pause, as did the lack of a fleshed out national support network but damn, that drive! It took me a few months and two more test drives to talk myself into the car but when I thought about what I REALLY wanted, the Lotus hit every mark. No regrets and sure enough, the surprise factor is overwhelming. You just need to love driving and somehow find yourself in the seat with the wheel. It is unique in the market.
  2. I think your forum handle wonderfully and accurately expresses what seems to be your world view. Well done. There's no point dragging this out further, we'll just have to disagree about most everything but mutual admiration for Lotus. We can perhaps return to happier discussion in Evoraville. See you there.
  3. I hope not to get enmeshed in further arguing my following observations. I really wish to state my opinion and be moving on so I am not addressing the following to anyone in particular, rather to a more general audience. I hope!!! I think many of you are not keeping up with what is going on in the USA or are relying on questionable sources for your data. I also think many who have commented are either unaware of how oppressive the situation is for people of color in this country or don't really care. It's easy to disparage the "protestors" in sum but doing so suggests ignorance of the scope of the events. Actually, the Floyd situation is quite common, happens weekly and has for years. For decades such events weren't even reported or were whitewashed and filed away. Being black in America means you will get stopped and searched because a cop doesn't like your taillight. If he finds your weed or anything he doesn't like, you go to jail. Consequently it's common as chips to meet a perfectly fine black man with some with some sort of record If you're white, you won't get stopped or be sent off with a warning to fix the light. As a black youth, you are five times more likely to end up in an institution than a white person. The stage is set very early. This is known and has been accepted as reality but was equally ignored by the law for generations up to and including my own. There is much reason for anger. Of course nothing excuses destruction of private property and it's regrettable, also criminal. But who to blame?   Assuming this latest mess, including the criminal behavior of the mobs is all a result of left wing agitation is a gross simplification of the problem, not to mention naive regarding the state of our union. There is so much misinformation on this thread that it's hard to know where to start given the complications, the fake news and different reactions in various parts of the country. Meanwhile, Trump's administration only pours gasoline (this is America....we don't have any petrol at all but lots of gas) on this smoldering dumpster fire. And he both creates and promote lies, some of which have been repeated and even seconded or applauded in this thread. I say many of you aren't seeing the full picture. And just as frankly you must understand that the legacy of slavery is alive and well in this country. Changing that is going to be painful and always has been. In the process, much china is broken. There is so much more to say but I truly hope somebody else will say it. I don't even know where to start with some of you guys!
  4. Indeed, he can legally only serve two terms but the damage he has done to the institutional bedrock is already enormous and another four years would see that tripled. It's the structural disaster he has foisted on the institutions, (courts, environmental policies, international relationships and just as damaging, the ruination of our dialog) that is the overriding concern. Even a change in leadership will not reverse the effects of his hubris and greed for years. Via the medium of Kushner, Trump has even threatened to delay the national elections. He doesn't technically have the legal authority to do that, but he does have the power to significantly alter the dynamics of the election. I am not heartened by the notion of "only" another four years.
  5. You know what's even sadder than Trump's utterly porous, puerile, prurient, pompous peabrain all topped by a generous layering of guile and misanthropy? The fact that 60,000,000 Americans will never realize what a pissant they voted for and are prepared to vote for him all over again! (Also our entirely fooked electoral system doesn't help). And then, you know what's almost (but not nearly) as sad as that? That the Democratic Party, which I will nonetheless support, didn't muster anybody more appealing than Joe Biden who's a great guy and all that but is older than me! And I am very old! There are no surprises left to come from Trump's behavior. We know exactly what is "on" (in, or around) his mind all the time. He tells us what he really wants to do but he doesn't actually tell us what he has done. He is simultaneously entirely transparent and completely opaque. What a tragedy for the world at a time like this. It really hurts to have this on the mind all the time. So much so that light hearted discussions about frivolities (own a Lotus, like Japanese knives??:)) coupled with eating foods starting with s or i (sushi, steak, ice cream, Indian food) are the best part of living these days and there isn't much else. (Well, I guess there's sex but I'm married). Thinking about the future? Um...let's not do that unless it's the future of Lotus. You think I'm kidding? I'm not kidding! Living here and seeing Trump, hearing Trump, being bombarded with Trump hour after hour will make any normal person mad. I offer myself as irrefutable evidence of a functional human being laid to waste by our current state of affairs.
  6. It's flattering and true but how could they omit the C8 from mention?
  7. They're sauerkraut now! They never knew what hit them! A merciful end to a pointless existence....pointless for the cabbage, that is. Quite meaningful to me if I'm enjoying a sausage for lunch!
  8. It's changed my life more than getting the car did. I can honestly say that. But truly, the Lotus was integral to the promise I made myself to get a bit fitter and more comfy in my own skin. I started on a proper dietary program the day I drove it off the lot and that was announced to my wife when I bought the thing. I reckoned her help and approval would be useful on both scores As for getting the carbon, I've been doing that to the extent possible! Rewards are justified with the money saved by not eating like an American.
  9. Since buying my 400 I have lost 40 pounds of flab from the car and 70 pounds of flesh off my body. When I bought the car I made a serious vow to lose my excess avoid du pois in celebration of owning a Lotus and as the only sensible thing to do in the event. I'm not just a bit proud to say I've achieved 70% of my goal since getting the car....which proves Evoras are good for your health! Need more good news? It is actually cheaper to lose personal body weight than it is to maintain it which helps save money towards a Ti exhaust and Li battery! For my personal butt weight program, every bit of cake I eschew, each baguette I don't buy and every Scotch I don't drink saves me money! The bad news? That's only if it comes off my personal ass. Losing it off the Evora's is getting more expensive! Losing the first 35 pounds on the Evora cost $3500. More bad news? I still have 30 pounds to carve off my rump and a lithium battery and Ti exhaust to buy for the Evora! (actually getting the battery and the exhaust and losing the last 30 pounds will be good news so there's a bit of wash there). If I was buying a GT and had to chose between the Ti exhaust or the carbon pack, I'd be somewhat at sea but I suspect I'd get the carbon first because I could add the Ti after the fact but you can't do that with the roof. On topic: To repeat ad nauseam: Lotus has not much future here until the things that need to change actually do change. Hopefully that will accompany the truly new vehicles they give us. As desirable as I find the GT, the situation here is at best only marginally better than it was a few years ago. Without investment nothing will change.
  10. Like knives? I do! I got a present from my wife yesterday. (Konosuke 210mm YS wa gyuto).
  11. Hi Paul, Just for the record, my system is as follows: Revel Salon2 mains and JL Audio F113V2 subs mated with a JL Audio CR1 analog crossover. The crossover is just below the C52 preamp in my photo all on a Salamander rack. The power amp is an MC452 and the Oppo 105D you also recognized is used as a transport. I use Audirvana on my Mac and the Oppo streams Tidal natively of course though I have other options with the computer. No turntable though. Some of the other stuff includes a Sony TC158SD (pro cassette recorder, not a hifi piece per se) mostly to fill the shelf but infrequently used to play old demo tapes from the days when we made such things. On the far side next to the amp on the lower shelf is a Denon AV receiver I don't use that, like the Sony is pretty much there to occupy the shelf for now. I'm hunting for a DAC at the moment but the rest stays as is for now. The TV is a 75" Sony. My system is actually quite simple as you see but perhaps with more attention paid to room acoustics and mains power supply than is usually the case. It has a dedicated panel which you see above the TV and of course attention paid to first reflections and some bass traps to help tame the room a bit. The room as usual is the weak link. Looks like you are having fun building rigs for folks. I enjoyed my time doing it for sure! (Most of the time!)
  12. I agree with you. I like the Europa (hard not to) but I simply don't fit in them and I'm not all that big. It's the Achilles heel for me. I see the Elan as the Lotus of the era for me. Mark, your Sprint is fantastic!
  13. I saw that when it first came out as I follow Harry. He makes you feel good about owning an Evora, but then, moat reviews do. The most beloved, least successful car ever made. Someday people will wake up to these things. Until then it's our little secret.
  14. This is by far the best compact, truly portable 12V inflator/compressor I have owned, and as a motorcycle rider of over 50 years I have owned a few. LINK I've had this one for about 15 years and it still works as it did when new although I haven't needed to call on it more than a handful of times. Regardless how little or much use it gets, it always works even if I haven't touched it for five years. Nothing is as useless as a device you may only use a few times but fails at just the moment it is called upon. This is the most most compact yet reliable unit I've found that can ride in the pannier or tank bag of a motorcycle and absolutely be there for you when you hook it up after it's been thrashed in your riding luggage for ten years. They ship worldwide but I don't know what the freight is to the UK. If you want the "Lotus of 12 V compressors" I think this is the one. I also have a ViAir (looks very similar to your 'new Ring' unit) that I have used as a small on board compressor that I pressed into marine duty. It is of equal quality. It's so similar to the Ring you might think they are made in the same factory but the form factor of the "Best Rest" is better for my on road needs since I prefer a unit that takes up as little space as possible. My reply comes a bit late in this thread but I mention it to add another option for those looking for the smallest, lightest yet still reliable unit (especially well suited for motorbikes) who might be well served by a more compact device. It's likely my post has more currency for North American drivers and riders but I thought I'd throw them into the mix anyway. .
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