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  1. Try these guys:
  2. Removed the seat runner and riser washers. Drilled some new holes in the floor, about 3 inches behind the factory ones and bolted the seat directly to the floor. Back of seat is right up against the rear bulkhead. Result!. My knees no longer get jammed up under the dashboard, I can extend my right leg all the way straight into the footwell, and I can now see all the gauges better. Have to guess speeds over 65 mph. Cheap fix and keeps the car original. Actually makes for a rather comfortable driving position. I’m 6’2” and long in the leg.
  3. Thanks for the comments guys. I’ll try removing the seat rails first.
  4. Would they fit? Looking to gain more legroom and headroom.
  5. You could plum a PSI gauge in the line from the pump to the carb and get a true reading on the fuel pressure. Low pressure electric fuel pumps are cheap but I would install a pressure regulator just to be certain the pump doesn’t over pressurize the carbs.
  6. The combination of square teeth and the fixed tensioner was the reason for the belt slips on the early Jensen Healey engines. The auto tensioner was introduced to resolve the issue. To convert to a fixed tensioner correctly would mean replacing all the cam belt sprockets to HTD.
  7. Hello Jim, same problem here. Although I have an S3 / Turbo Momo wheel fitted. I can’t drive the car with the original wheel, my knees get in the way. I’m tall, 6’2 and long in the leg.
  8. Welcome..congrats on acquiring 505H. Hope they send you the Cali tag, nice to have in the history file. Keep the updates coming.
  9. So how did it go Iain? you have a huge beaming smile?
  10. Hello Peter, congrats on your 88 purchase. I liken the Stevens design to the S1. Flowing lines with no unnecessary scopes or wings / spoilers. I am fortunate to own both models, when side by side you can really see the purity in each design. My 88 is currently undergoing recommissioning but my S1 is fully sorted. The little I have driven my 88, maybe 50 miles, you just know it’s all round a much better engineered and constructed car. Night and day in-fact. Good luck with the car, just remember in time of frustration they all have their own eccentricities and once sorted are so rewarding to own.
  11. The body seam has been ground down. I don’t know, but I would think this would compromise the bond between the two body halves. I recall reading that the Stevens body eliminated the seam line by the upper body half overlapping the lower.
  12. If you are really concerned, disconnect the electrical sender unit and connect a manual gauge. If it reads good then you can adjust the way you read the dash gauge accordingly.
  13. On my S1.....startup cold...takes about 3 seconds to register, needle goes almost to maximum. Once warm and at idle the needle sits mid way between minimum and halfway. Driving....the needle sits just under maximum pressure.
  14. gtookey


    I really like that color combination. Unusual for a Stevens?
  15. From what I understand...keep the auto tensioner because you have a square toothed belt / sprockets. The early Jensen supplied engines were fitted with a manual tensioner and a square toothed belt / sprockets, it is this set up that had belt jump issues. The auto tensioner was the solution to this issue. It was only when Lotus started using the round toothed belt / sprocket that the manual tensioner was reintroduced. The rounded tooth design is way better and unlikely to jump as long as the correct tension is applied. Even loose belts will not jump...I know from experience.
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