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  1. gtookey

    Momo steering wheel

    My understanding is the two spoke Momo was introduced on the S3/Turbo cars. I have that wheel on my S1. Took me ages to find it. Got the wheel with crash pad off fleebay in the U.K. and the boss from SJs. Boss cost more than the wheel. I purchased them years ago and back then they were like rocking horse poo.
  2. gtookey


    Very sad to learn of John’s passing. The Lotus world is full of genuine enthusiasts and I think it touches us all when we learn of a death in the family. RIP John.
  3. gtookey

    My Esprit S1 import finally arrives!

    With the SJ polly mounts I wouldn’t have thought the engine stabilizing rod would be required. Nice heat shield work by the way. Been following with much interested. Keep up the good work Lez.
  4. gtookey

    Celebrating 21 years with this Old Girl

    Some great photos there Peter. I think after a certain time the cars become part of us. I now when I got 165H back it was truely like bring reconnect with an old friend. Congrats on the 21st Anniversary, if a little belated.
  5. I used white lithium grease when I rebuilt the motor on my Stevens. I couldn’t find anything saying not to use it.
  6. The crankcase breather hose from the block would also have originally gone to the air box for emission purpose. Previous owner many many moons ago installed the catch tank.
  7. gtookey

    Adjustments for elevation.

    EuroCarb and Tim Engle have been helpful with suggestions. Obviously the air is less dense at 3200ft, so in the current setup the fuel to air mixture is way off with the fuel ratio being too rich. So smaller idle and main jets are required. Starting point will be to reducing the idle jet from 50 to 45 and the main jet from 160 to 155. I mistakenly posted I have spec 9 carbs which is wrong. I have no idea why I did that. I should of posted the setup was spec 5. Will update on what effect the new jets have.
  8. Hi Peter, the crankcase breather hose goes into the catch tank and the tank vents direct to atosmpher. I left the vent pipe going into the airbox from the cam cover installed. I did a bit of googling about and found that it is beneficial to the health and performance of the engine to maintain some positive crankcase ventilation.
  9. I have a separate catch tank on my S1 for crank ventilation. So is the vent pipe from the intake cam cover to the airbox needed?
  10. Anybody have experience in rejetting for elevation. Where I Iive is 3200ft above sea level and I know the thinner air is handicapping the engine power. Set up is currently Spec 9 Dellortos.
  11. Looking at an original Federal S1 Owner’s Handbook tire sizes are ..... front 205/60 14 rear 205/70 14
  12. Nice to see an Esprit featured but totally the wrong car to do it in my opinion. Missed opportunity.
  13. Pump....anyone have anything to report on these?
  14. Hello Chris, enjoyed reading about your car and thanks for sharing. Please keep the updates coming, I’ll be most interested to see how things progress.
  15. Wow...that looks nice Peter 👍