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  1. MBP came off today and the mains have similar wear to the big ends. Big red flag when removing the oil draw came out way too easily. Further investigation revealed no olive. Unbelievable.
  2. I not sure, but if the engine is out and on the stand then I would slacken them all off. Then your totally safe. Your not disturbing anything that lies beneath so just re-torque once done. If it’s out it’s a good time to check rods and mains. please remember to install a new plastic olive before you close everything up topside. Failure to do so will result in low oil pressure and or starvation.
  3. Damn...looks like sand. Is that blast beed matter?
  4. I hope so. I was hoping to just get away with a belt service but alas not. Fingers crossed nothing horrible presents it’s self during the strip down and cleaning process.
  5. I believe this is damage from the dried crumbled sealant that was used to seal the oil pan to the MBP. There was a considerable amount of sludge in the pan that was non metallic and was gritty. When picking at the sealant residue on the flange it breaks away from the flange really easy and crumbles really easy. Steve, I decided to buy this ‘ recently ‘, miles wise anyway, refreshed engine instead of repairing the original damaged block and crank but unfortunately it appears I have caught a bit of a cold with it. As long as the block, MBP and crank are good I think I will be ok.
  6. Need a little help interpreting the wear on these bearing. The engine was ‘refreshed’ approximately 3000 miles ago. Crank ground to .010 under. The journals on the crank appear to be ok. Could this wear result from oil starvation at the initial start up after the refresh and/or dirt contamination trapped between the surfaces during reassembly?.
  7. Your all good was Fridge that thinks it looks a bit rubbish from the arse. Enjoying the thread!
  8. JAE has the plugs for the air injector ports. Rather than just plugging the injector, with theirs you remove the injector and plug the threaded port in the head. I hardly think my S1 ‘ looks a bit rubbish’.
  9. Still has the ‘ Unleaded Fuel ‘ stickers on the petrol tank caps. I can see lots of original items that normally get lost and/or discarded over the years, that and the lack of corrosion certainly points to a sympathetic previous owner(s). As Roo says, the Armstrong shocks are a big plus, I have a NOS set on my S1. Nice find Dave. Best of luck with the refreshing. Will be watching with much enthusiasm.
  10. I have your car’s twin...
  11. Travis, yes... front thrust washer was bent over in the sump...
  12. Steve, I believe my issue is the result of the circlip failing on the Citroen transmission input shaft and the subsequent load being placed on the crank. The crank being then pushed forwarded resulted in milling the MBP and the rear thrust washer. Once there was enough float the front thrust washer got spat out and ended in the sump. I have have owned the car for 2 1/2 years and driven it maybe 200 miles in it during that period. The PO had paid $6000 for work that included a new input shaft as a result of a ‘grinding noise’ . The car had paper on the repairs so I figured all was good. Test d
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