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  1. Running some juicy fuel (99RON+) will help but you’ll be relying on the cars knock sensors as the temps rise for sure. Hope it works Imran, I’m dying to get more power from mine but past experience tells me the temps are the first thing that have to be controlled otherwise mistakes get very expensive.
  2. With a chargecooler I would say that would be perfect and probably add 40HP or so but if the IATs start climbing at and AFR of 11.5-12.5 it’s going to knock it’s tits off.
  3. Silly money really Arun (£160 delivered) but it was easier than sending my old one to someone to copy.
  4. Haha .... I like that, might have a bash with my old one.
  5. can I get away with wood with the quilted leather.
  6. Morning Dave, is it possible to buy the 370/390 For DIY install and what would the costs be? trying to decide between these and the 2bular EPK.
  7. Thanks Dave, it’s more eurotrips than track work for me. I was looking at the komotec path or TVS1900 but not with the limiter issue.
  8. Bummer ........ at least I have heated, quilted leather eh! will a coupe ECU be plug and play or will their be coding needed as well?
  9. Hi guys, I’ve spoken with Komotec today who say they are unable to remove this. Does anyone know of anyone who’s successfully had this done. Do the new roadsters still have it?
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