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  1. They just got painted as trying to replace would be too difficult due to the three dimensional shape. I had brush painted them before but it was really time consuming and there was always the danger of the grill scraping the paint off the brush into a blob which drips. This time I masked up all the surrounding paint work, gave them a good wire brushing and then painted using a small foam emulsion roller. As long as you don't overload the roller the paint goes on really nicely and it takes a fraction of the time.
  2. Having sorted the grills on the top of the car I started looking at the front bumper. I repainted one of the small side ones but still wasn't happy. I also knew that eventually I would have to do the whole thing again so looked for an alternative that I wouldn't have to keep repainting. Found a plastic version on Amazon which whilst not being the highest quality moulding looks pretty good on the car I think, definitely more modern, and lighter too. I need to sort the cut out for the towing eye but the front of the car is coming apart again soon for a new radiator/bumper bracket repair so can either do it then or just carry a set of wire cutters and if I ever need to use the towing eye cut the hole. For anyone interested it was under £18 for enough to do the whole front bumper.
  3. Got my order a couple of weeks ago and finally managed to do my drivers seat. Very impressed and despite having done the whole seat have plenty left. They kept my sample on file so anyone asking for Oyster for a Lotus Evora should get a good match.
  4. Hello Resurrecting this thread to confirm it is totally possible to remove the sidelight board without dismantling the headlight as described by rabidh above. I repaired mine a couple of weeks ago. I had two failed LED's which I replaced with ones from RS, 703-1212. They are a bit brighter so I ended up replacing all 10, then as that sidelight didn't match the other one, replaced all of those as well! It's fiddly but cost a total of £5 to have all the LED's working and a bit brighter too. To get the old ones off the board I found it was better to cut them just above the solder on each side diagonally down to the board with a sharp knife and then remove what was left with a soldering iron. Trying to un-solder them intact just wasn't working and I was in danger of damaging the board. Hopefully anyone with failed LED's that is handy with a soldering iron can try this fix, alternatively complete board are now available to buy I believe.
  5. So the radiator in the link I posted has a 34mm core whereas the Evora one is 42mm so that's not going to be any good. Might have to bite the bullet and order from DeRoure, £480 is a lot though.
  6. That would be ideal but as the car is my daily driver I can't have it off the road for too long. It would be a nightmare to take the front of the car off only to find it doesn't fit and have to put everything back together only to repeat another day. But as you say a massive saving is if does fit.....
  7. Not sure exactly but this looks similar. Also I don't know the dimensions of the Evora one to compare.
  8. Hello Did anyone discover if the radiator is the same as a Vauxhall Frontera? Is there any sort of visible part number on the ones people have removed? I need to replace mine and would have gone for the all alloy Elise shop one but Brexit is going to make it fairly pricey, albeit cheaper than the standard Lotus one and it running cooler might be an issue as my Evora is my daily driver and is used all year round. Looking at images online one model year of the Frontera radiator does look identical and is a hell of a lot cheaper.
  9. Hello, you do know that you have to double press the unlock button for the passenger side? They don't both open at the same time. Just in case you hadn't realised and the time it did work was an accidental double press.
  10. Does the dash mimic show that the door is open? I had similar window behaviour and it was the door latch. The car thought the door was still shut. A good squirt of WD40 and operating the latch with a screwdriver a few times cured the problem. I could also make it do the strange window jumping behaviour by closing the latch slowly, it reached a certain point and would go crazy. A cheep fix and much better than hundreds for a window regulator, good luck.
  11. I did most of the grills in the car with a sponge roller and Wickes satin black metal paint. The roller gives a kind of 'crackle' finish which I think looks good and can help to hide any imperfections as it isn't shiny at all.
  12. Thanks for the info Dave. I spoke to Karen and it appears they don't keep a colour record but work from samples. I thought they might use RAL colour charts. As they returned your sample with your order I will send another to get the colour match. I will ask her to keep it on file as Lotus Oyster so hopefully anyone who contacts them in future will be able to quote that. I will report back with before and after photos when the order arrives.
  13. That looks great, need to do pretty much my entire drivers seat as it looks like it was re-coloured by a previous owner and the colour match isn't very good. Do you have a colour code or any ordering information so that I can get exactly the same stuff Dave? Cheers. Craig.
  14. Top left, door lock Middle left, glove box release Bottom left, instrument dimming Top right, boot release Middle right, passenger heated seat Bottom right, drivers heated seat. I personally would struggle without the heated seats. The Evora takes so long to warm up in the winter the heated seats are a life saver.
  15. I use my Evora as my daily driver. Round trip commute is around 50 miles depending on which route google sends me off of the M25. It lives outside in all weathers, currently has winter tyres fitted (swapping back next week), Hankook icept EVO which I have to say I have been very impressed with. Everyone's experiences are different but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Evora as a daily.
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