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  1. Hello The vents are not removable without taking the dash out I'm afraid. There are small spring tabs which pop out when you push the vent (part 13 above) into the cowel (part 15), you can't then push them back in from the front so can't remove the vent . With the dash out and the bottom air handling plate removed you can access the back of the cowel and with some suitably sized plastic or metal fingers you could push the tabs in to release the vent. It wouldn't be easy and probably quite frustrating to get them all pushed in at once. The front screw (part 25) would then be accessible. Th
  2. You have to replace the whole latch assembly as the switch is buried inside. It's not cheap as you can see on deroure. Have you tried WD40 to try and free it up? it worked on mine, it was the other way round though, the car didn't know the door was open. Do a search for door latch, there are whole threads about it with various things to try.
  3. I had the Alpine 505r with the removable 'blackbird' hand held Sat Nav. The aerial you spotted plugged straight into the head unit. I swapped for a Pioneer Android auto unit so the phone now does it all. The old Alpine weighed a ton so good to get rid.
  4. The reversing camera on the Evora gets it's power from the reversing light circuit. Therefore it is only powered on when the car is in reverse. The head unit override will work all the time but there will be no video reaching the head unit unless the car is in reverse. Craig.
  5. Only a few thousand to the magic number, don't forget to take another pic. This was in a Subaru Legacy which went on to 156000 before I upgraded to the Evora which now has 60100 on the clock.
  6. They go into holes in the fiberglass moulding below the windscreen. If you look at the pictures in my original post, particularly the fourth one down you can see the holes. In the dash are metal pins with a rubber covering cap. Two of the caps on mine had split at the end so I ordered replacements. They will go on as part of the final refit in a couple of weeks. I should really buy a commuting car then I could get all this stuff done and not have to worry about the Evora being out of action. I would miss driving it everyday though I think!
  7. Apologies for the delayed reply, been away on holiday. I didn't break any clips removing the dash. I bought a set of trim removal tools online so had all the correct levers to get under the clips and pull them out. If you are just removing for investigation you should be fine. I had to strip the dash for it to be recovered and discovered that the face level vent brackets had all gone brittle and disintegrated. It is not possible to remove the vents without either breaking the brackets or pulling the screws out of the dash. The adjustable vent part clips into the cowling after the co
  8. I don't think you can see it no, the angle is wrong, you definitely can't get to it. I will be able to give a better answer in a couple of weeks when I take it apart again.
  9. Hi Sellman The down side of enjoying the Evora as my everyday car is that I cannot be without it. It took over six and a half hours to get the dash and door cards back in and it wasn't easy. The leather was a different thickness (so hopefully harder wearing) but this made everything tighter so I am still not happy with the fit. I basically got it back together so I could use the car but it all needs to come back out so I can spend more time fitting it better. I just haven't had the time recently. In a couple of weeks I have some days set aside to do it so can post some pictures then.
  10. Collecting all the parts tomorrow so let's hope I can get it all back together again. You always have some screws left over though right?
  11. The air bag cover was the only part of the dash that hadn't lifted. The clips were in good condition and released easily from below. I have my suspicions the dash has been out before as a lot of the fixings were loose so they may have been changed already.
  12. It took about two and a half hours, the worst bit was the brushed aluminium trim panels. The most delicate part of the dash is held on with the strongest clips! You can get to the back of the lower clip on the panel to the right of the steering wheel by removing the lower leather trim panel and push it from behind. That made it a lot easier. I basically just followed the description in the service notes for the whole process. I was very cautious with the passenger air bag, disconnected the battery before I started so it all had time to discharge before I touched it.
  13. Just in case anyone is curious about whats under the Evora's dashboard, here are some pics. I have removed mine and taken it to be re-trimmed. I recently swapped the old Alpine for a new Pioneer head unit so am taking the opportunity to tidy up the wiring and remove the hidden Alpine bits, there is a lot of excess wire bundled up. If anyone wants any specific info or particular pictures let me know. It's all going back together on Wednesday.
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