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  1. New 1200 RS looks mega - congrats!! Happy with it so far??
  2. I was wise beyond my years and got a KTM 890 Duke R instead.
  3. Hi Martin - if you want info on the Nitrons - call Nitron themselves (they seem very happy to chat) or speak to suppliers like Meteor Motorsport, Seriously Lotus or Back on Track in Guildford. I have the one ways per my other thread - Back on Track fitted / set them up for me - I went up two clicks when wheels were off for a tyre change and the are perfect. I am not planning to change them again.
  4. Matt - what is your exhaust spec - would down pipes / cat etc be same as 430 Cup?
  5. I fitted one way Nitrons in their ‘fast road’ spec to my 380 Sport’ (actually fitted and set up by Back on Track in Guildford) was immediately happy with the change vs standard Bilstein suspension - in standard settings you get a lovely flowing suspension feeling on the road. 2 clicks up (meaningful difference) and you have fantastic control on track and still an improvement on road damping quality vs stock. Was running with a 430 Cup and 410 Sport and didn’t feel I was missing anything in the corners vs their 3 way Nitrons.
  6. Call Nitron and have a chat. I have one ways on my car and nitron told me that the suspension is no different unit to unit one ways vs others in terms of performance - you just have more adjustment with the 3 ways. I am not aware of any Lotus supplied ‘race pack’ with anything other than 550/1100 Nitrons (per cup cars, 410, 430 etc) but there seem to be increasing recommendations for 500-500 front / 800-850 rear for road cars that get track use (as opposed to all out track cars) - see Seriously Lotus, Komo-Tec, Nitron’s own ‘fast road’ setup etc
  7. Out of interest, what was the recommendation for softer spring rates? i recently upgraded my 380 to Nitrons and went with the slightly softer than factory settings - l went with the 500/850 rather than the factory 550/1100 - happy with them and note that a few people offer softer than standard Nitrons - Komotec, Seriously Lotus, but also wonder what factory is like.
  8. Thank you - good info - appreciated
  9. Thanks for the bike update, all good info. Congrats on the S1000RR. I have not ridden the 06-07 but did have a 954 and an 09 back in the day. The BMW is obvs a great bike and I’d like to like them - but it feels like a stretch to the bars for me and not so comfortable. looking at getting back into it after some time out of the saddle and wondering which way to go. The Hondas always seemed to fit me well and assumed the Aprilia would as generally considered to be compact. The 06-07 always looked great and is obvs a bit of a deal now. You think one would be a disappointment vs newer stuff or not so much?
  10. Off topic - but how do you find the blade sp? (That might be an SP2?) Thinking about one but also tempted to give RSV4 a try after a number of Hondas in the past.
  11. On earlier cars it seemed that Lotus didn’t really change the wiring - just the external parts. So I heard that the cars equipped with 2 speaker stereos (eg 380) still have the rear speaker wiring. The Elise doesn’t officially come with the passenger side cubby hole charger that the Exige has - however, on my previous car all the wiring was there - you just had to fit the end socket. so you could be lucky - but would need to check I guess...
  12. Vinyl as per Cup 👍 A decent wrapping place should be able to do it. We’re all different but personally I really like the standard 380 Sport Wing.
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