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  1. Some of the UK 3-11 guys have had it done. I had a passenger ride in one at Bilster Berg and the owner was saying that the KT475 (from H111) along with geo had transformed the car to ‘what it should have been from the factory’. They were very complementary about the revised power delivery.
  2. Now that is an update...! Congrats on the work - sounds fantastic. So the RRR update is new ECU plus full 2bular system? Do they change the intake?
  3. I believe the wheels are the same as the 250 - the tyres are just wider. Have seen somewhere online someone had the 260 Cup front vents cut and pasted into a 260 front clam. Am not sure where you get the vents as standalone parts but assume would be much more cost effective than a whole new front clam.
  4. I would expect to get double or triple the number of TD’s from R888R tho appreciate everyone drives differently
  5. Forum wisdom at the time was that the 048 was >10 year old technology. 52 I am not so familiar but seem a bit more of a high performance road tyre than true semi? Happy to be corrected. Most popular tyre at any given track day?? I’d say R888R based on what I’ve seen My understanding is that with a race car and the ££ you’d go ZZR Would welcome any other views
  6. Thx for all the updates. Will be interesting to see this develop... Re tyres - there is lots of forum wisdom in different directions. I looked at Avon ZZR and Toyo R888R. To me, some consistent themes in discussions and online have been that the Avon ZZR has the higher lateral grip capability vs R888R - however, the Avon’s also take fewer heat cycles before going ‘off’. For avoidance of doubt I have no scientific basis for this! i have also found R888R ok in wet conditions whereas I have heard that ZZR Is less so (again, hearsay not science). I’d still be a bit careful on 888 in standing water - but my general experience with them on the road has been pretty good. An Avon ZZS would have improved wet weather performance over ZZR (similar / same compound more grooves). However, when I was looking there was quite a price difference between ZZS and R888R - and wanting one tyre to do everything I thought that was as good a reason as any to try the 888 first. I thought they also looked better - lol. Not disappointed so far.
  7. Maybe dangerous territory to get into a relative performance discussion (...!) but looks like the car was holding onto the ?380/410? Sport and ?380? Cup ok on the straight?
  8. What the world’s been waiting for...! keep us in the loop... Tho I also wonder if you took out the standard v6 cabin gear linkage housing / cover and replaced it with the open shifter outer structure and didn’t actually change any moving parts - how different would it look?? Ok it would probably look cr8p!!
  9. A few weeks ago RLS were showing stock but I believe that the business changed hands since the original owner and supply seems a lot more patchy. I actually bought mine used in the UK. A friend who wanted similar bought the Brodit Lotus Mount - which does the same thing and is a lot cheaper: It says Elise but will also work for Exige. We both use the quad lock system to then attach the phone to the mount. Stick one of these to the mount: Quad Lock Adhesive Wall Mount - Twin Pack Then get one of these and stick it to the back of your phone or a generic phone case: Quad Lock Universal Adaptor Or get a quad lock phone case specific to your phone model. As above, gives a very solid mounting but is switchable between landscape and portrait position.
  10. Looking good. Keeping an eye on the V6 market and would be keen to get one of these kits if I make a deal. However - you guys do realise that you’re all going to need to buy new engine plaques now that the Lotus logo has changed????!
  11. Nice write up. Interested to know what the bum dyno thinks of it,
  12. Appreciating that this might not be entirely in keeping with the title of this thread, even if keeping it within the family... (also Pflanzgarten)
  13. This is part of the 430 Cup spec (and other Cup cars including Elise) and obviously provides some rollover protection in the event of flipping the car. It doesn’t appear to be a part of the 350/410 spec. To me, it would be quite nice peace of mind (without necessarily knowing all of its structural specification). Has anyone who tracks their car thought about retro fitting, or is there a view of necessity etc? It’s item 6 in this DeRoure pic:
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