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  1. You could also check with They do conversions with BMW engines and gearboxes into various cars (among others) and I believe were looking at putting a BMW M3 twin clutch auto into a v6 exige.
  2. As above. Any thoughts much appreciated. a friend is thinking of doing a Goodwood Track day with 98Db static 96Db on circuit limits and is not sure if it will pass.
  3. Many thanks - do you mind if I ask for a ballpark sense of cost?
  4. This might sound like a silly question but are there any car shipping options for places like Portimao? I don't have a trailer!
  5. Pic for inspiration!! (not me unfortunately)
  6. Just booked Bilster Berg 27/7, Spa 29/7 with Lotus on Track. Looking forward to it!! Also have Goodwood in March and Brands May booked with LoT. Yep - the July Spa date last year was mega!! Did Tourist Fahren at the Ring on the previous Sunday evening last time. Will look at that for '19 once the Ring post up TF dates for 19.
  7. Just booked Bilster Berg 27/7, Spa 29/7 with Lotus on Track. Looking forward to it!!
  8. I got this Momo airbag resistor from demon tweeks. any suggestions where it actually goes? and do I cut the horn wires or undo the plug and try to pull them out? any suggestions much appreciated - this is one job where there doesn’t seem to be much on YouTube that is lotus specific. starting to think this isn’t the best job for 10pm on Sunday night and I should retreat to the house... Any suggestions much appreciated!
  9. Ok so I got the airbag out and wheel off. Do I then need to take off the central nut and remove the chunky metal piece with 4 holes or does the B&G screw into those holes?
  10. I went from a Cayman GT4 to an Elise Cup and haven't looked back. Hope its the same for you!
  11. I sat in a MY > 17.5+ Exige 350 sport at Bell and Colvill at the weekend - I think it had alcantara rather than carbon sills, but they felt lower and access was easier. Does anyone know if this is correct (that the dropped sills come in versions other than the Cup carbon)?
  12. is there any perceived difference between the early and late build V6 Cups, or any of the cars generally?
  13. I have only passengered at the Ring in the 8 minute bracket - and it felt v fast! anyone know what the Elise lap record is??
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