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  1. I could be wrong but believe the Lotus track exhaust fits the Evora and Exige - it’s about £2k from Lotus but will get you on most places
  2. You’re alternative is to just stick with the front speakers and add a small powered subwoofer in the passenger footwell or in the shelf behind the seats. Combined with the Focals upfront, people seem very happy with this setup. Check the other threads on the forum.
  3. Great video - thank you. Sequential shift just looks perfect - revs dropping 1k rpm on the up shift. Looks like you’re pulling on the Ginetta on the brakes? Any more info on the car spec - nitrons / Ohlins, Brakes, engine etc?
  4. A competent wrapping place will be able to wrap them for you - no need to mess around with ordering parts or removing seats. i had mine wrapped in my previous Lotus. Helps if you take the roof off for access, however.
  5. When you say extended winglets, do you mean the wing end plates? I wondered why Lotus had changed them for the smaller items - whether its cost / design / aero?
  6. I think I saw a pic somewhere of someone using a socket / ratchet wrench (with arm at 90 degs to the screw head / bit) which would be perfect - but I didn’t have this. Good luck with it.
  7. In summary, I would say that with the standard Clarion head unit and two front Focal 100AC with cups underneath made from Dynamat, the sound has gone from ‘ok’ to ‘decent’. I had previously assumed that I would definitely need a subwoofer- now I am wondering whether I absolutely need this for my use of the car. Will live with it for a bit and make a call. It’s only a small cabin to fill with noise. Certainly, a sub woofer would improve the bass and likely make the setup ‘good’ (to my ears subjectively). However, as is, the tone / clarity is definitely improved and bass is better
  8. I just used the screw head from a ratchet screwdriver kit - maybe 2-3cm long. Mostly the screws could be undone using finger strength alone (2017 Exige 380) - where this wasn’t possible, I used an adjustable wrench / spanner and closed it down to the size of the screw bit and gave that a few turns. I couldn’t use the ratchet screwdriver given clearance under the windscreen.
  9. Focal 100AC fitted. I made cups to sit underneath from Dynamat. I can’t tell really how much difference the cups made - but overall it is a noticeable improvement from the stock 2 speaker setup. Clearer sound and more bass - certainly when stationary. First test drive to follow. You can fit the focal grills - if you screw them over the speakers rather than fitting the speakers over them. They stick up quite a bit like this however - will live with it for a bit before deciding if to go back to standard grills.
  10. Do you notice the 3mm spacer stance wise?
  11. It really depends on what you want. 430 Cup probably about the most engaging drivers car you can buy. Smokes most road cars on track. Will put a smile on your face on the darkest day. 911 Turbo very fast but not so involving unless you get the latest 992. But easier to get in / out of, rear seats, sat nav, free coffee when you get a service. Not really a regular track car. A more premium product in its own way. Evora 2+2 might be a closer comparison to the Porsche, Evora GT430 is special and around this price point.
  12. Another A Mealing (I think) here - Exige 380.
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