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  1. I believe that Elise Racing have or are working on a Bmw DCT option for v6 Exige. They seem to have a number of applications for this box. And if the internet is correct, it’s actually slightly lighter than the stock Exige v6 (EA36?) gearbox.
  2. Thing is, 380 sport with track pack (Cup nitrons and Arbs etc) is now coming into the mid 60’s. Thats got the latest parts plus I think the upgraded Evora 400 clutch and gearbox cooler and 48 litre tank which I guess you’d want to fit to an earlier model sooner or later if tracking and would prolly cost a big chunk of the difference?
  3. Thanks Schnitzel - I am interested in the objective aspects of the Cup cars - hence the question. Re Motorsport - I just meant that where it was made / finished is otherwise not a big focus for me, although I understand that it can be an attraction.
  4. Thanks guys. Would you expect a V6 Cup to have motorsport gear linkage cables from the factory, or would you expect them to melt on track until upgraded? The V6 Cup does have the Nitrons and two piece discs as standard so there is less upgrading required. Is the 350 benefit mainly the cosmetics of the exposed linkage or where there other minor upgrades? Assume that some of the weight saving on the 350 is the non glass engine cover and (I think) a lighter AC system?
  5. Hi All Wondered if there are any views on this - do the upgrades to the original V6 Cup over the standard V6S (two way Nitrons, some weight reduction etc, not sure what else aside from elec cut out) make the car stack up over later models if you want a 50/50 road and track car? Or do people generally end up upgrading / replacing the parts incl suspension anyway, in which case it may make more sense to start with a newer car even say a 350 or V6s? Are the later v6 Exiges any more / less reliable? That something came out of 'motorsport' is not that big a deal for me. Also not that worried whether the car has the electric cut out. Would like something with better suspension than a standard V6S. Budget for this car doesn't stretch to a 380 or 410/430. Anyone familiar with V666 Cup (2013), currently for sale, with KT410 kit? Would welcome any thoughts.
  6. Am not sure if the letter of the law re taking an airbag out of a car that came supplied with one. However, Lotus will sell you a new, road legal Elise or Exige Cup without airbags if you so spec it and not sure how your average MOT tester will know what the factory or your dealer fitted prior to supplying the car to its first owner.
  7. Quite possible that s2 carbon sills fit s3? Tho I’d check with the manufacturer?
  8. Anyone know what model and spec they are? (Thinking about retro fit potential)
  9. Thanks Neal - you’re running the A048’s in 195 and 225 front and rear widths?
  10. Have an Elise 220 Cup on Standard Bilsteins and 175 front tyres (factory AD07s). It’s a decent factory compromise but a bit rolly on a trackday compared to other more focused stuff. Anyone have any recommendations for tyre / suspension upgrades? Tyres - not sure if to go up to Elise 250 cup / s2 Exige sizes (195 front / 225 rear) or 260 Cup (205 / 235) and then something like a ZZS or R888r or Yoko equivalent. Want to drive to track days without swapping wheels so need something that isn’t totally lethal in the wet. Not sure if the bigger tyre sizes make the steering really heavy for parking and if in return you really notice the extra grip. Suspension - some guys I know have gone Nitron 46 one way (there seems to be reducing availability of these so wonder if they’ve stopped making them?). Other options include Nitron 40s or Ohlins as per Lotus Cup spec. Again - looking for something that is good for track days but that doesn’t make the car too useless on the road (I need to be able to get out without being completely stranded speed bumps etc though I appreciate that the level of compromise will move). Have read that Nitrons need regular rebuilds but not sure how fair that is. Any thoughts much appreciated!!
  11. Interested in feedback from those that have owned or driven both. There's pretty much a minimum £10k price differential- which outwardly seems like quite a bit for a nicer gear change and less than a 5pc weight reduction (even less if the 350 is not on forged wheels, two piece discs and has a/c). Does the 350 feel materially better in terms of fit and finish / quality / driving experience / handling / other. interested in your thoughts...
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