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  1. I saw this pic on a Komotec post - your car looks fantastic - great stance... hope ok to post - if not will take it down 


    Do you know what spring rates you have on the nitrons?

    looking to order some for my 380 and wondering what to go for.

    i think standard v6 Cup is 550/1100 but seriously lotus recommend:

    550/850 - fast road / track or

    850/1100 - track day 


  2. How do you remove the Standard number plate holder?

    i have a 380 Sport.

    There are two rivets in the face of the holder which I have drilled out.

    however, there are 4 underneath between the bottom of the clam and the splitter that I can’t easily get to. Don’t want to damage anything.

    im looking to just remove the outer plate holder face and leave the original support piece in place - in order to run a lower profile front number plate.

    in this DeRoure diagram I am basically looking to remove part number 1 and attach the plate to number 4.

    any thoughts appreciated.

  3. I recently bought up a late 2017 380 Sport with approx 2.5k miles.

    The car has a meaningful amount of interior squeaks - they seem to emanate from around the general area of the seatbelt mounts.

    I absolutely love the car but this is driving me nuts.

    For avoidance of doubt, I lubed the roof seals - this was not the issue.

    The car was with my friendly local Lotus dealer for some jobs recently and their simple message was that despite the car still being under factory warranty, Lotus Cars would not support investigative work of this type on a car more than 1000 miles old (not sure if this is correct??). The car did not come from them. At the time I picked it up from them, it was getting late and I needed to be somewhere so did not fully argue the toss.

    So I took a slightly closer look myself. The car has a harness bar fitted by a well known Lotus specialist (for previous owner). The rear cabin plastic panel (where the rear speaker holes / blanks are) has been cut surprisingly roughly around the harness bar (quite big holes that might have impacted the structural rigidity of the panel) and on the drivers side, if you run your fingers around the back, you can feel that the panel touches the harness bar (pic attached - you can see the end of the bar where it mounts on the driver side and the hole cut around it).

    The 380 is fairly firmly sprung, so one hypothesis is that the panel is moving against the harness bar as the car travels over bumps and this is a meaningful part of it. 

    However, this is obviously a relatively difficult location to monitor when you are driving.

    Anyone else have similar experience / thoughts before I go through the somewhat involved job of potentially moving the seats (for me anyway) to look a bit closer?

    I did drive a slightly later (MY 18) dealer 350 sport and that was super tight - absolutely no squeaks or rattles and was expecting this to be the same.




    Exige rear panel harness bar 2 copy.jpg

  4. I was looking at this 410 today at Bell and Colvill - its stance looks better than my 380 Sport - the rear wheels really sit flush to the arches, rather than sitting in.

    The 410 uses a 285 rear vs 265 on the 380. 

    So based upon the above, to get the same look on a 380 Sport, I'd need a 285 and a 3mm spacer?

    And so if the 410/430 use a 3mm spacer - assume it would not be unsafe to fit the same to a 380 Sport and use it on track?

    Thoughts appreciated.


    orange 410.jpg

    road test pic of a 380 Sport for comparison  - tbh it looks as though the wheels sit wider front AND rear on the 410. Can't obviously see a spacer on the DeRoure parts diagrams.


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